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The SR20 GTS offers the latest in performance, safety and comfort whether you are flying for business or pleasure. This composite construction, high performance machine can take you to your next client or vacation destination with style and ease. Aircraft Rental—2006 Cirrus SR20 GTS—N853DB. $2 45.00/hr. (Cirrus Transition Training Required Cirrus DRK can offer fantastic cheap rates for the private hire of the award winning Cirrus SR20: VH-DRK. We are based at Archerfield Airport, only 25 minutes from the Brisbane CBD. Call us or see Booking Information for more details on how we can get you flying. Our charges are very competitive and are shown on our booking page SR20 Premium. Upgrade to our essential list of premium features, conveniently offered in a single package that includes: Digital 4-in-1 Standby Instrument, Dual 12-inch Display Screens, Active Traffic, Remote Keyless Entry, Ambient Convenience Lighting and Premium Design Suites with a host of bold colorway options

2021 CIRRUS SR20 G6 (BMI) This brand new Cirrus SR20 is fresh off the assembly line and available for training and rental. Emphasizing the latest technology, safety, and a refined comfortable flying environment, the SR20 represents the cutting edge in personal aviation. Features the state of the art Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin Avionics Search for and hire a Cirrus Design Corporation SR20 from Brisbane Archerfield Airport using FlyHire. FlyHire is the number one location in Australia to find aircraft to hire on a short term basi CIRRUS AIRCRAFT RENTALS. Gold Standard Aviation offers a fleet of new Cirrus Aircraft for rent, as well as other aircraft needed for the various ratings, both multi-engine and retractable. All of the Cirrus aircraft are available to qualified renters for flights both domestically and in the Caribbean. To qualify, all prospective renters must. 2020 Cirrus SR20 G6: N329DA: $335: $350: $70: RYY: 2020 Cirrus SR20 G6: N168CM: $335: $350: $70: RYY: 2007 Cessna 172SP: N2467Q: $185: $200: $65: RYY: 2006 Cessna 172SP: N1127D: $185: $200: $65: RYY: 1972 Piper Arrow: N2880T: $119: $134: $67: RYY: Stay in Touch. Be sure to sign up to receive our monthly e-mail newsletter. It's full of great.

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bd700 / bd700 xrs, global 6000, global 7500, phenom 100, sr2 The Cirrus SR20 is a spectacular airplane with lots of best-in-breed features. That said, it's not hard to see how it can breed complacency in lazy pilots. I'm looking forward to my next chance to fly one (or an SR22!). It's worth noting that while Cirrus planes aren't cheap, some older SR20 models can be had for a very reasonable entry. Aero Atlanta Cirrus Aircraft Rentals. For the ultimate in performance, style, safety and innovation - look no further than Cirrus Aircraft. Aero Atlanta is proud to offer several brand new Cirrus SR20 G6 aircraft, all featuring the impressive Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin avionics suite Aircraft Rental. Performance Flight features Cirrus airplanes chosen for their proven performance, safety, reliability, and comfort. The SR20 is an ideal plane for most pilot training. A 4-seat, single engine airplane, the SR20 contains some of the most advanced technology available. More experienced pilots can consider flying an SR22 Cirrus SR20-G2 N822SR SR20-G2 Avidyne Entegra Avionics IFR approved $229 per hour (wet) POH. Insurance Minimums Private Pilot ASEL, 100hrs total time, Cirrus transition course, CFI checkout. Piper Arrow N70EF PA-28R-200 200 HP Dual Garmin G5's GNS 530 WAAS IFR approved.

Total Time: 4,875. Engine Notes: Continental IO-360-ES 200hp at 2700rpm 290 Hours Since Factory Remanufactured. 2010 SR20-G3 with only 290 Since Factory Remanufactured Engine, Garmin Active Traffic, XM Weather and Audio, and more! Low rates and flexible term financing is available, so call us today at 1.. The largest and newest rental fleet of Cirrus Aircraft including the SR22T G6 and the SR20 G6. We are the San Francisco Bay Area's Cirrus Aircraft Platinum Training Partner. Start flying today

Cirrus SR20. 2019. Our new Cirrus SR20 airplane HAS ARRIVED! We are please to announce this new plane having been built in Tennessee. The Cirrus is now available for rental. DOWNLOAD AIRPLANE RENTAL RATE SHEET. Safety. At George's Aviation Services, our #1 priority is the safety and well being of all of our pilots. From single engine to multi. Cirrus SR22. The Generation 5 Cirrus is the most advanced Cirrus ever built. With its Perspective intergrated avionics suite and enviable safety features, this aircraft is the dream-machine! It is available for private hire to approved users, and for advanced training with our CSIP (Cirrus Approved) Instructor at competitive rates. Cirrus SR20 Cirrus SR20. Cirrus's SR20 is a low-wing four- or five-seat composite airplane best known for its incorporation of an airframe parachute, which, in the event of a midair collision or other disaster, can float the plane and its passengers down for a 1,500 fpm landing on the ground. The plane was introduced in 1999, and within a few years Cirrus. Woodford Air is delighted to offer the exciting opportunity to hire a Cirrus SR22 GTS (Reg No. N508RA) hangered at Stapleford Airfield, Essex.. This modern, well equipped aircraft has been the best-selling in its class for the past 14 years The Cirrus SR20 is certificated under the requirements of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 23 as documented by FAA Type Certificate TC A00009CH. September 2011. 2-4 P/N 13999-003 Info Manual Landing Light — 1 — 1 For hire operations. Navigation & Pitot Stati

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  1. Daedalus Aviation offers Pilot Training through its own CAA Flight Training Organisation GBR.DTO-0081. Starting with Experience and Introductory Flights through to the LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilots Licence) and PPL (Private Pilots License). If you need a Cirrus Transition Course, Daedalus Aviation can help
  2. Learn to Fly a cirrus. Your new Cirrus aircraft includes dedicated training with a Cirrus Instructor Pilot to ensure you're comfortable with aircraft control, engine management, avionics and more. Advanced Transition training is also available for instrument-rated pilots
  3. ole aircraft for short or long term rentals, as well, as our FAA Approved SR20 FTD Level 6 SIM. All our aircraft will be wet rental rates unless a special contract specifies differently
  4. Cirrus SR22 Private Charter Flights and Prices. Built by Cirrus Aircraft, the Cirrus SR22 is a four seat single engine aircraft - a more powerful version of the SR20. It has a larger wing and higher fuel capacity. One unusual feature of the SR22 is its fixed landing gear. It is one of the world's best selling single engine aircraft
  5. Cirrus SR20 Piston for charter It's the plane that put Cirrus on the map and transformed an industry. The SR20 is the perfect dual-role airplane: easily manageable for the newer pilot and perfectly suitable for business use. Cirrus owners already have an unparalleled appreciation and expectation for quality and performance. It's the reason Cirrus continues to be the world's leading.
  6. Perspective avionics, the first of its kind to be available for hire in the UK
  7. -guided avionics, XM Weather Radar, and CAPS™. Real Life, Scenario Training Cirrus' real-life scenario training means you can get flight hours and one-on-one instruction without putting your life on hold

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About. Fly Cirrus Aircraft's newest and best airplane - the SR22T G5. At the present time this is the only SR22 G5 available on a rental basis anywhere in the San Diego area. This is a unique opportunity to join with the owner and a select few other pilots, to rent this fabulous airplane. There is no up-front buy-in or joining fees or long. Welcome to the Cirrus Flyers Group. The objective of The Cirrus Flyers Group is to provide economic recreational flying for its Members but at the same time provide an environment for learning and social flying whilst enjoying a modern, state of the art Aircraft. Cirrus SR20-GTS in her orginal US registration - N473SR

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Performance Aircraft is excited to offer a Cirrus SR20 for rental and flight instruction.N21XJ incorporates advanced electronic controls and the CAPS Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, and is a great plane to fly for fun or business.. This 2009 X-Edition SR20 GTS is completely loaded with the Cirrus Perspective Avionics Suite, including:. Dual WAAS GPS/Com/Nav Radio 2020 Cirrus SR20 (N320SR) Rental Checkout Policy A minimum of 1.0 hrs dual is required with one of our Cirrus Certified Instructors for pilots who have at least 15 hours of Cirrus SR20 time logged as PIC and have completed the Cirrus Garmin Perspective + online course, however, sign off will ultimately be at the instructor's discretion and. A relative newcomer in the General Aviation industry, Cirrus has quickly risen to the top with it's industry leading lineup of personal aircraft - the SR20, SR22 and the turbocharged SR22T. Each comes standard with an full-frame aircraft parachute system - the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®) - that, when activated, brings the airplane down in a controlled descent regardless of the.

Professional Aviation Resources Aircraft Rental in Addison, Texas - Cirrus Flight Training by CSIP - Beechcraft Duchess BE-76 for Rent - Cessna 172 Skyhawk for Rent - NO MEMBERSHIP FEES OR DUES for Aircraft Rental in Dallas Texa In 2007, the SR20 adopted a newer wing that added speed. Engine approaching TBO. Chute approaching re-pack time. All of those are going to affect value, along with the general wear-and-tear that a 13 year old plane have show, compared to a brand new model, especially if it was used as a trainer. dukeblue219, Sep 30, 2013 The Cirrus IFR Transition Course is designed for instrument rated pilots who have never flown Cirrus Aircraft. The course will transition current and proficient instrument rated pilots into a Cirrus SR20 or SR22 with a high level of instrument competency. You will be trained in both normal and abnormal scenarios for VFR and IFR operations Cirrus SR20 N814. Checkout Requirement: - Instructor checkout with a Wisconsin Aviation Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot *Click here for all rental aircraft rates. Rent This Aircraft. Weight & Balance Info Note: This weight and balance information is being provided for your pre-planning convenience only Cirrus SR20 (Single Engine) South Coast Aeronautics (Visit the South Coast Aeronautics website or Google Map) or call (818)304-5246. Socata Tobago (Single Engine) TwinAir, Inc (Visit the TwinAir, Inc website or Google Map) or call (818)988-7573. Beechcraft Baron 55 (Twin Engine).

Gold Standard Aviation provides the finest flight training available by only the most experienced and select instructor pilots in the world, flying the most modern, safe and technically advanced aircraft in the market. AIRCRAFT TRAINING AND RENTALS. BOOTCAMPS. CIRRUS FLIGHT TRAINING. FAA APPROVED CIRRUS FLIGHT SIMULATOR. CITATION MUSTANG TRAINING Cirrus SR20 - $349/hour (wet) Instruction - $75/hour. Budget approximately $21,000 - $30,000 to obtain your Private Pilot certificate via the Cirrus SR20. Our friendly, experienced flight instructors will help prepare you for a career as a pilot for hire. COURSE SUMMARY 5 flights in an SR20 aircraft covering normal procedures. Experience as an aircraft mechanic working on the Piper Single and Piper Twin Engine Aircraft is a must. Experience with the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 is prefered. Inspection Authorization (IA) is a plus but not required. Part-time and full-time hourly positions available for immediate hire Cirrus SR20 | N678DG. Cirrus SR-20 G2, Avidyne avionics, dual Garmin 430W, CAPS Parachute System, 2006. This Cirrus was build in 2006 and have Avidyne avionics package and DFC90 autopilot. The best trainer for initial private pilot training, instrument, and commercial training

CIRRUS SR20 Aircraft Serials 2220, 2339 and Subsequent with Cirrus Perspective+ Avionics System FAA Approved in Normal Category based on CF R 23. This document must be carried in the airplane at all times and be kept within the reach of the pilot during all flight operations. THIS HANDBOOK INCLUDES THE MATERIAL REQUIRED TO BE FURNISHED T The Cirrus SR22. The SR22 is the SR20's big brother. Identical avionics, size, and feel to the SR20, the conversion from the SR20 to the SR22 is quick, easy, and comfortable. 310 horse power gives the SR22 173kts of true airspeed at 8000 feet burning 17 GPH and over 1300lbs of useful load, makes this aircraft a true cross-country machine.. - Cirrus SR20/SR22 Analog (Avidyne MFD, 2x GNS430W, STEC55X, GTX327) Available Configurations: - Cirrus SR20/SR22/SR22TN Entegra V7 (PFD/MFD, 2xGNS430W, STEC55x/DFC90, GTX327)-Cirrus SR20/SR22/SR22TN . Perspective G1000 (GFC700 or STEC55X) Flight Simulator Hire, FAA Flight Training UK & Europ Uncertain if they are still operating, but TAA at Denham used to train/rent Cirrus. I did an hour in one out of curiosity (damn nice planes). For reference the pricing was: Cirrus SR20 £130+VAT (dry), £195+VAT (wet) Cirrus SR22 £160+VAT (dry), £235+VAT (wet Connect Facebook. Find Cirrus on Facebook to connect with fellow Cirrus fans, and share your experiences. Youtube. Check out the Cirrus Youtube Channel to find out about the Cirrus Aircraft vision, and hear from happy Cirrus flyers from around the world

Melbourne Flight Training operates a fleet of safe, reliable, and modern training aircraft equipped with advanced avionics suites composed of Garmin and Avidyne electronics. Our aircraft fleet offers simple panel configurations for easy learning and are frequently updated, which means you get to learn to fly using only the best equipment Welcome to the largest Flight School in Los Angeles. Encore Flight Academy has the largest fleet of aircraft rental available. Our fleet includes Cessna, Piper Warrior, Diamond DA20, Piper Arrow, Piper Seminole, Piper Seneca, and Cirrus Aircraft. We made a simple as possible for our aircraft renters. As a valued client you will have 24/7 access. POH SR20 Cirrus Perspective. This is the POH suitable for VH-FOH and will be your reference. Please be aware that this is a generic manual used for training and is not kept updated. The basic empty weight of VH-FOH is 1007.4kg, with an arm of 3581mm, and moment of 3607466. Also included for reference is the POH for the SR22 model Browse 36 CIRRUS AVIATION job ($34K-$112K) listings hiring now from companies with openings. Contract To Hire (1) All Job Titles All Job Titles Aircraft Engineer (43) Aircraft Cirrus SR20 and SR22 and even a Citabria for tail wheel endorsements Cirrus SR20. I'm a recently qualified PPL(A) and having a lesson in the Cirrus SR20 at the end of this month. The other point worthy of note is that the Cirrus is a very expensive machine so will cost more to hire. Once you've experienced it, everything else is pretty second rate. Lovely aircraft. Good luck! Reply 14th Oct 2012, 20:10.

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We have an AIR-CONDITIONED 2018 Cirrus SR20 G6! We pride ourselves on delivering an experience that is remarkably different and better with higher completion rates, shorter average completion times, and an exemplary safety record. We only hire passionate, motivated people who have a heart to help us fulfill a greater purpose GoFly offers the best value Cirrus hire in QLD and the ONLY Cirrus training and hire available on the Sunshine Coast. Our 2007 Cirrus is a premium advanced aircraft and offers the following benefits: True four-seater aircraft. 150 KT TAS cruise at 8,500 feet. BRS whole airframe parachute recovery system for peace of mind for you and your family Find and Compare CIRRUS SR20 for sale Also Consider. BEECHCRAFT V35A Bonanza (1968 - 1969) Typical Price: $84,735.00 Total Cost of Ownership: $19,134.26 Best Cruise: 177 KIAS 22. Welcome ToChiltern Cirrus. Welcome to our website, we are Chiltern Cirrus and we are a small group based in Buckinghamshire who gives our members the chance to hire out our aircraft for personal use. For more information on the membership costs or availability please get in touch with us Piper Cirrus Cessna Other . MODEL C-182T C-182T SF50 SR20 SR22 SR22 TN SR22T . AVIONICS Garmin Perspective Avidyne Entegra & R9 Other G1000 Garmin Perspective Touch G500.

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The Cirrus SR20 and SR22 are both equipped with modern safety features, including the unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. This makes it the safest aircraft available for obtaining your recreational pilot licence or gaining the hours to obtain a commercial pilot licence Transition to a Cirrus Completed over the course of 3-5 days, these courses are designed for licensed pilots to transition into flying a Cirrus for the first time. You'll focus on aircraft control, engine management, avionics procedures and abnormal situations in VFR conditions Here in the UK I fly an SR20 G3, but I have previously flown PA28 and C172. From searching the web, I've seen that Royal Victoria Aero Club offers an SR22 for hire. Does anyone know of other Cirrus aircraft for hire in Sydney or Melbourne? Or other friendly clubs with PA28/C172 for hire? Would a club let you hire solo after a check-out Cirrus Transition training includes type-specific training on: Aircraft systems, design features and CAPS; Aircraft general handling, circuits and emergency procedures; Autopilot and Flight Management System use; Traffic & Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems. Transition training is competency-based and the aircraft is available for hire to.

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CIRRUS DESIGN SR20 Aircraft Serials 1268 and Subsequent with Analog or Avidyne Avionics System FAA Approved in Normal Category based on FAR 23. This document must be carried in the airplane at all times and be kept within the reach of the pilot during all flight operations Kacper has both a new Cirrus SR22 and two year old Cirrus SR20 for rent and for instruction. These are top of the line Cirrus with all the bells and whistles, air-conditioning, of course, and the Perspective glass cockpit system. I had not flown the SR20 for over two years, but got to take it up today for currency training with Kacper

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The SR20 GTS offers the latest in performance, safety and comfort whether you are flying for business or pleasure. This composite body, high performance machine can take you to your next client or vacation destination with style and ease. Aircraft Rental—2006 Cirrus SR20 GTS—N853DB. $245/hr. (Cirrus Transition Training Required 2010 CIRRUS SR20 N196MC. The SR20 is the perfect dual-role airplane, easily manageable for the newer and experienced pilots alike. N196MC has full glass avionics with the Garmin G1000 Suite. $229. $209. Full Specs. Important Disclaimers for Cirrus Rentals Fly the Cirrus SR20 G6 for business or personal flight with Sweet Aviation, your home to charter, train, rent, and service your aircraft. (260) 267-5505 | Gift Certificate Completion of Cirrus SR20 Perspective Flight Practical to Cirrus Approach Satisfactory Standards (Approximately 4 to 10 depending on pilot proficiency) Cirrus Embark for Cirrus Owners If you have purchased a pre-owned Cirrus Aircraft, Coastal City Aviation can provide training through Cirrus Embark The Cirrus SR20 is a single-engine, four seat composite plane, built by Cirrus Aircraft and is the airplane that put Cirrus Corporation on the map. It is an affordable and contemporary option for those looking for the comfort, safety and speed that a Cirrus provides and it is capable enough to serve you well for both personal and business travel

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CIRRUS SR2X G6 PERSPECTIVE+ AIRCRAFT. Palomar Aviation has a fleet comprised exclusively of new Cirrus Aircraft. We are the only Platinum Cirrus Training Center (CTC) on the west coast that has a Cirrus exclusive fleet. Said another way, Cirrus is the only airplane platform we focus on. Palomar Aviation has several SR20 and SR22T G6 aircraft. The total cost of training will depend on how hard you study and how often you fly. For flight training, our standard rentals are broken down as follows: Cirrus SR20 - $349/hour (wet) Diamond DA42 Twin Star: $649/hour (wet) Instruction: $75/hour

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Laura has completed the Cirrus Factory training to become a Cirrus Instructor (CSIP) and enjoys transitioning people in our SR22 or SR20, or their own aircraft. In addition to flight instructing, Laura also enjoys flying as a contract pilot in a King Air 350, Challenger 604/605, and Citations PlaneSmart! Aviation provides access to aircraft that meet the needs of our clients' missions. We are a licensed air carrier offering innovative and cost-effective air transportation and private aircraft management solutions to pilots and non-pilots alike. We professionally manage a diverse fleet of high-performance piston, turboprop and jet. Discover Aviation with a Discovery Flight. See the beauty of personal aviation in a Cirrus for your business and personal travel needs. Contact us to book your flight. For more information contact us: 609-454-2226. or email us at: jslutsky@efenj.com

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Platinum for Passengers. We are the go-to private aviation facility in South Florida. Servicing individuals, families, and businesses who value safety and certainty in private aviation. Learn More. plane IP Aviation Limited, Company Number 07478787. GBR.DTO-0261. Flight Simulator Hire, FAA Flight Training UK & Europ 2006 Cirrus SR20 G2, Light aircraft for hire. On G-Register with Avidyne PFD/MFD, twin GNS430, KN63 DME, GTX330 mode S, ELT, STEC55X, WX500 stormscope, Emax. Very well maintained. 1150 h TT AF/Engine. Great tourer for longer flights