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NaruHina. For NaruFest. When Hinata and Naruto are invited to Sakura's thirteenth birthday party, it's only a matter of time before fate decides they should participate in a little game called Seven Minutes in Heaven. Our hero Naruto has a 'plan' before Christmas, but things don't turn out quite as expected at first NaruHina Naruto, T, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 48, words: 618k+, favs: 7k+, follows: 7k+, updated: 2/14/2020 published: 9/1/2011 , Naruto U., Hinata H. 930 The Pathless Sage » by Kronos Has A Shadow Naruto has awoken the Rinnegan after releasing a seal that was placed on him at birth After a misunderstanding reveals hidden emotions, Naruto and Hinata begin training together, getting to know each other. At the same time Sakura finds herself jealous. Takes place in a tangent after the Elemental Training Arc of the Shippuden timeline. Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 170 - Words: 686,165 - Reviews. NaruHina, of course. Probably OOC but whatever. Naruto wants to see something, but Hinata won't let him. He'll just have to make her. Oneshot. Rated because it's better safe than sorry. And Cynic really is a pervert at heart.. Naruto, K, English, Romance, words: 991, favs: 85, follows: 13, Aug 1, 2007, Hinata H., Naruto U. 101 The Portrait » by Hatake Megumi Long ago, an artist kidnapped a girl and painted her portrait. They say her soul is trapped inside and can only be freed by one with a pure heart. One day, a young man sees it and is enchanted

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NaruHina fanfiction. Trained Demon by wanderlust-bitethedust reviews. Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, Gaara, Haku, Kimimaro and Ranmaru all made a decision one day. They all wanted to achieve their dreams, and so as children Madara Uchiha takes them and makes them a elite part of the Akatsuki, the Demons. DISCONTINUED. Please disregard the last chapte xX:OneShot:Xx Ino has a Chritsmas party, but her plan to kiss Sasuke goes all wrong when he takes matters into his own hands with the help of Shikamaru. Hinata wins, getting her the impossible dream. NaruHina. After losing to Sasuke at the Valley of the End, Naruto is attacked by the villagers and almost killed NaruHina one-shot. 21 Into the Soul by Ethidium Sometimes teens don't understand adults' course of actions & thoughts. Boruto, now sixteen, gets a chance to see why his doubt over his parent's love is groundless. Because when his mother was hurt, his father chose to burn the world

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Prequel to Because of You (BoruSara) A SasuSaku NaruHina fic AU High School fic--Naruto and Sasuke. Two brothers not bound by blood, an unbreakable bond and loyalty to each other but the two would die before they admit they care for each other. The only thing in common is their admiration of Itachi Homeless Heart ( a naruhina fanfic) 236K 8.3K 29. Naruto is living a perfect teenage city life in Tokyo until a terrible car accident cost him his parents' lives. He was left alone, having no other relatives aside from his godfather who decided to adopt him. Naruto is cool with that since he is very close with his godfather, the only problem is. naruhina naruhina fanfic naruhina fanfiction author: eliphya rated: G length: one shot relationship: married boruto himawari fav. Getting Ready by Jessica Lily 0890 - G, one-shot. A morning with Naruto and Hinata and their small child Boruto. Boruto is going to be sad to not see you again. Naruto's mistake led inexorably to his doom, leaving Hinata alone. But on the night of the Blood Moon, she finds herself sent to a place and time painfully familiar to her. Gifted with a second chance, Hinata struggles to rewrite fate to save herself, her lover, and the entire world. Peggy Sue fic The girl he never noticed a naruhina fanfic (2 Shot) 1.7K 31 3 With Naruto being busy with missions and training and,also having a huge crush on the pink haired sakura haruno.He never realized Hinata hyuga's massive crush on him until a certain mission they went on alone and she had to pretend to be his girlfriend


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  1. Naruhina lemons Fanfiction. Please don't read if you don't like these. Naruhina is my OTP. #hinata #lemon #naruhina #naruto #uzumaki. Pure pleasure 29.3K 212 163. by soul_maka_ by soul_maka_ Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story.
  2. Hinata promised herself she would finally admit her feelings to Naruto on their senior class trip to Tokyo, but her plans change when she's mistaken for a famous pop idol. NaruHina. High School AU; inspired by the Lizzie McGuire movie. Read it now on AO3 // ff.net
  3. Tears began to well in her eyes, please open, she prayed silently. Mere moments later her wish was granted, she was able to fling the door open just before everything went black. Expand. #naruhina fanfiction #naruto #hinata #uzumaki family #stalked #toneri otsutsuki #stalker #au #cop. eauchihafanfiction
  4. This is a romantic story of naruhina fanfic and the setting takes place in the village this is my 2nd Naruto x Hinata fanfic & Hinata is a male in this story & Naruto is... genderbend; Drabbles of the NaruHina kind. A collection of unrelated short stories prompted by the wonderful and creative people on tumblr, AO3, FFN, and Wattpad.

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NaruHina Fanfic Recommendations: ANGST. I was in a lonely, depressed, manic mood today so I decided to read up on some NaruHina angst fanfic. Don't get me wrong, NaruHina is my Naruto OTP and I believe with all my heart that the series will end with the two of them together (or a hint of it). NaruHina is a surprise for me since I don't. NaruHina Fanfiction Recommendations. Here's another round of fanfiction recs for NaruHina. If you're wondering why the heck I'm doing thisI'm doing recs not just for others but also for myself as a way of 'bookmarking' those fics that I like Solvdrage writes a lot of good NaruHina stuff. The NaruHina Puritans community is also a good place to find NaruHina fics.. Here are some predominately romance fics: For the Love of the Hokage - Everyone's grown up and Naruto's the Hokage. Pretty much straight romance. 101 Ways to Make Hinata Hyuuga Faint - Starts in the academy. A lot of humor/innuendo, with a dirty-minded Hinata. https://youtu.be/S19UcWdOA- Fanfics NaruHina. October 14, 2020 ·. TUDO PRA MIM. ALL TO ME MYSELF. Translated. A M A T E R A S U. October 14, 2020. A pedido do @cabaredaskunoichi um icon da Hinata especial de Halloween. Espero que gostem

Fanfics NaruHina. 3,479 likes · 1 talking about this. Bem vindos!! <3 Todo conteúdo sobre as fanfics do nosso casal canônico aqui! Mandem suas fanfics no inbox da pág Fanfics Naruhina. 1.3K likes. Hola aquí podrán encontrar todos los fanfics de Naruto que estare subiendo (hechos por mi) , mediante esta página mía, espero que les guste, gracias..

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NaruHina fanfic Indonesia. 330 likes · 1 talking about this. Fanfic? Ada Foto? Ada Video ? Jarang (tapi diusahain kalo bisa) Fanfic bahasa Indonesia Menarik deh pokoknya. Like aja halaman ini Admin.. Mr & Ms Popular (NaruHina Fanfiction) By B1795H Updated Jul 29, 2018 14:28:01 . Tags anime lovestory naruto fanfiction naruhina hinatahyuga narutouzumaki b1795h . Characters Naruto Uzumaki Hinata Hyuga. With 2 chapters, 3950 words. Status [M] ᴅɪᴄʜ ᴢᴜ ʟɪᴇʙᴇɴ + naruhina

NaruHina Fanfic. Hello? Hinata Hyuuga called into the darkness. This must be a dream. She told herself. Nowhere could ever be this dark. Besides, the last thing she remembered was being half-awake in bed Naruhina month day 3 and 4. It was the first day and he was already running late. It was a miracle he even managed to make it into college, but here he was oversleeping on the first day. Naruto ran through the beautiful courtyards, surrounded by trees and students laughing happily around him, without a care in the world Naruto Shippuden Naruhina Hinata Confession One Sided Love. After Naruto left the Konoha; Hinata is left longing to see him again, but years have passed and she moved on to get stronger. Now that Naruto's back from his training, he noticed that something changed in Hinata. Now, his feelings are stronger than ever Boruto Mitsuki Naruto Hinata Orochimaru Mitsuboru Naruhina Sasusaku Sarunaru Saruhina. Himawari Uzumaki is the daughter of a legend, the sister of a hero. She is the bearer of expectations, some of which she can´t meet. When she finds out why she has to be a hero, she runs away, a prophecy tied to her

ramblerID ; We will log you in after post ; We will log you in after post ; We will log you in after post ; We will log you in after post ; We will log you in after pos Naruhina And Fanfiction (Source: fresita-rebelde) Naruhina naruto. May 15, 2016. kurama-2020 liked this . bathalaaaa liked this . balmainbast liked this . coffee-is-my-lifeblood reblogged this from nekowithapencil. coffee-is-my-lifeblood liked this . halimahsone liked. Chapter Text. Naruto dragged his feet as all his classmates happily skipped toward Senso-ji. It was a beautiful temple, really, he just struggled to find the energy for his usual enthusiasm. He barely slept last night after Hinata returned to the hotel. Instead, he laid in bed tossing and turning, trying to forget what he saw

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NaruHina: Honeymoon Avenue 'Ouchh,' Hinata moaned and sat on the bed. Awkwardly, she realized what had happened last night. what she and Naruto done last night, it's still felt amazing. Where is Naruto? She spoke on her mind. She looked at everywhere but found nothing about him. Maybe, he taking fresh air. Once again, sh NaruHina Dedicated to husband and wife, Naruto and Hinata, and their beautiful children, Boruto and Himawari! It's All In Your Eyes, the NaruHina forum, is the only English-speaking forum dedicated to the NaruHina pairing NaruHina Fanfiction - This is a Forum dedicated to that one ship we all love and adore ~ NaruHina. Hello! Welcome to the official NaruHina Forums! If you're new make sure you register and introduce. :) Otherwise, just , you! :P. Join the forum, it's quick and easy . Hello! Welcome to the official NaruHina Forums naruhina naruto naruhina fanfic naruhina fanfictions this has nothing to do with naruhina month fanfic fanfiction. Jan 25, 2016. chennyyeo asked: OMg! I like your profile pic <333333 Hima and HIna . angelcake12 Answer: Thank you :D @lady-nounoum I'll post the full version later, when I'm done ^^ naruhina *****naruhina fanfiction ***** este blog vai servir para me dar asas a minha imaginaçao. sábado, 12 de julho de 2008. continuaçao de NaruHina. ola vou continuar com o meu fanfic desta ves vai ter romance Naruto : Kiba achas que o Akamaro conssegue farejar a hinata com isto

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these are only a few, I swear there are more really good NaruHina fanfics, but for now, I think this is more than enough :) oh, and yeah, I have a Accound on ff.net. I'm Angi sleeps. maybe you'll find me ;) If you do, I consider you to check out The Fanfics I follow, I swear they are great A link to an external website Maiden From The Future (Naruhina Fanfic) submitted by a fan of NaruHina. Naruto has finally become Hokage and the Konoha 12 have gathered to celebrate the occasion. When everything seems normal, a girl appears out of thin air calling Hinata her mother and Naruto her father. (34482659

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Jul 28, 2015 - Explore Mikasa Ackerman's board 【NaruHina Comics】, followed by 442 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about naruhina comics, naruhina, naruto and hinata Hinata´s wet eyes gazed up into Naruto´s, wide-eyed and with a sob leaving her lips, telling him wordlessly of how much she missed him, how many times she lost hope and yet stayed loyal. Both of them panted and were out of breath in no time. Their tears mingled together while they were able to hold each other

Missed Years - After a one night stand with Naruto, Hinata gets pregnant with twins Boruto and Himawari. They meet again 7 years later and start to fall in love. Modern AU where they don't know each other before the one night stand. Ripples - Team 7 is Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata instead. Lots of changes happen as a result NaruHina is one of the most popular couple among the fans. It's most likely supported because of the evidence given in the manga/anime as well as the fact that Hinata is in love with Naruto, and how Naruto has shown that he cares a great deal about her and is protective of her Fanfiction Naruhina NaruHina. Home; Menu 1; Drop Menu 1. Sub Menu 1; Sub Menu 2; Sub Menu 3; Drop Menu 2. Sub Menu 1; Sub Menu 2; Sub Menu 3; Menu 2; Menu 3 | About Me. Unknown View my complete profile. Powered by Blogger. Blog Archive 2013 (1) February (1) Naruto And Hinata. 1 Story 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Pre-Cannon 5 Cannon(FFW) 6 Weapons/Items 7 Fiction Powers 7.1 Naruto 7.2 Naruto 7.3 Final Fantasy 8 Original Power 8.1 Metal Power 9 Techniques/Magic 10 Music Themes 11 Quotes 12 Gallery 13 Trivia One of the first to start the game when was finished, he quickly becomes one the most powerful and skilled players of the game. He achieved this through years of.

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naruto sharingan fanfiction naruhina is important information accompanied by photo and HD pictures sourced from all websites in the world. Download this image for free in High-Definition resolution the choice download button below. If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution Khu vườn của Lá Nơi những hạt chữ được gieo trồng và ươm mầm trong nắng. Chủ blog: LáSinh nhật: 29/10/98Nơi sống: Hà Nội Mình lập ra blog này để có một nơi lưu giữ lại những đứa con tinh thần của mình, cũng là một nơi để có thể chia sẻ chúng với những ai qua

A card that launches a special attack together with her lover, Naruto. It's a card made for her 1st place on the Kunoichi contest from the phone game appli, NaruCole. Part I, Part II, and The Last NaruHina from the phone game appli, NaruCole. Konoha Hiden cards from the phone game appli, NaruCole. Konoha Hiden from the phone game appli, NaruCole Fanfic Naruhina. En este apartado como el nombre lo indica son fanfics cuya pareja final es el Naruhina,podrá haber otras extras como sasusaku,sasukarin etc;pero solo para agregar mas trama al fic,ya que la principal es la anteriormente mencionada NaruHina 2020. A year long celebration of Naruto and Hinata! Submissions Theme List NaruHina 2020 Fics NaruHina 2020 Artwork Sunshine Family. enchantedpendant. @naruhina2020 December - Sun and Moon. 5 months ago 276 reblog like permalink. tagged as: #nh2020 #naruhina2020 #nh2020art #naruhina

A link to an external website Sugared Lemons~SasuSaku M-rated Fanfiction submitted by a fan of SasuSaku and NaruHina. Looking for some sexy but tasteful SasuSaku fanfiction? You've found it! XD Sugared Lemons is an on-going collection of M-rated SasuSaku fanfictions. (8813938 Kumpulan Fanfic Naruhina Naruto x Hinata Indonesia. 15 Agustus 2020 ·. Yuhu Setelah naruto dilantik menjadi hokage kesibukan naruto pun dimulai, Boruto pun mulai membenci ayahnya , tp bukan benci sepenuhnya , tp karna benci karna kesibukannya, boruto sangat senang ketika naruto mendapatkan liburnya, walaupun tidak menunjukan ekspresi di. Fanfic Minakushi Naruhina Indonesia. 860 suka. Kumpulan Fic MinaKushi and NaruHina Indonesia bantu promote ya @+[598754506821902:] hapus tanda + Arigatou Gozaimasu! ^

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Gomen gomen kalau saya updatenya agak lama. Yah..hanya selisih tiga hari. Saya sibuk dengan kegiatan menjadi panitia acara voli. Untuk soal pair NaruHina mungkin sehabis arc ini GazzeIE VR. Dan untuk power Naruto di pertarungan tadi saya lebih menekankan pada teamwork Uzumaki-Uchiha agar mengalahkan lawan lawan mereka Sharingan naruhina fanfiction is important information accompanied by photo and HD pictures sourced from websites. Animes, and accidentally opened a time travel stories unknown decided to show up and lead them to his/her/its.! Strange shinobi, Boruto and himawari time travel scroll of the Sandaime dad there.: 21,153 Chapters: 11/ find a way.

#Fanfic #serienarut Add Review. was nursing a massive lump on her head due to Naruto bashing her over the head. There are 10 yen to the Ryō, so 1000 Ryō is 10,000 yen, which at today's exchange rate is about £75 or $112 dollars. A legend is born and His revenge on Konoha is an impending doom. The serpent s offer pairing. Succeeding in the Sasuke Retrieval mission, Naruto is rescued by a pink-eyed Iwa. Most visited articles. BoruSara; SasuSaku; NaruHina; KawaSara; ShikaTema; KonoHana; Galler As this naruto x tsunade lemon fanfiction prodaa, it ends happening monster one of the favored books naruto x tsunade lemon fanfiction prodaa collections that we have. This is why you remain in the best website to look the unbelievable book to have. Naruhina Fan Manga/Going on a die

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fanfiction sur les couples de naruto. Konichiwa! Je m'appelle ayumi-sama ou ayu-chan, c'est comme vous voulez. Vous l'avez remarqué, ceci est une fanfic sur les couples du manga Naruto qui vient s'ajouter à une longue liste PisaVisa is a fanfiction author that has written 4 stories for Naruto Fanfiction NaruHina Rabu, 16 Desember 2015. Hora-hora. Saya anak baru. Nama bisa dilihat sendiri. Disini saya akan post ff NaruHina dan pair yg lain. Saya juga baru belajar. Jika nanti ada kesalahan,mohon maaf. Sekian dan terima kacang Fanfic Naruhina. Este es el día en que Naruto vuelve de su entrenamiento con Jiraiya, estuvieron cuatro años juntos, así que Naruto ya tenia 16 años igual que sus compañeros, al entrar en Konoha, se fue corriendo para ver a su bella Honoha, en esto que se encuentra con Sakura, ella al verle le empiezan a caer lagrimas, el no sabia que.

KHS by ilaBarattolo - SasuSaku and NaruHina Fan ArtHistória Sakura hinata depois que ele se foi - HistóriaReturn in Akatsuki -Teaser- P8 by SatokoChaaan on DeviantArtNaruto And Hinata Cute Quotes

Nyah! Fanfiction. As histórias postadas no site são criações originais ou ficções criadas por fãs — fanfiction — de animes, seriados, filmes, livros e muito mais. Este site foi criado com o intuito de divulgar as séries originais, reunir seus fãs e proporcionar momentos de lazer através da leitura, assim como incentivar as pessoas. Ecrivez vos propre fanfics (fanfic ou fanfiction), épisodes ou suites de vos animes-séries-films préférés ou inventez, puis mettez-les en ligne et gérez-les vous-même. Partagez-les avec des gens qui aiment les fanfictions EFP Il forum del vostro sito di fanfiction! Naruto. Accedi . NaruHina - together forever . Messaggi OFF LINE. _Nede. Post: 746. Giudice***** Utente Senior. 0 0 04/11/2017 15:48

informaciÓn. 8710 autores. 96624 miembros. 20144 fanfics. 141652 capitulos. título Naruto is meliodas fanfictio Hinata hyuga narutopedia indonesia fandom powered by wikia. See more fan art related to #hinata hyūga , #naruto , #hinata uzumaki , #raikage , #boruto , #hinata hyūga , #naruto uzumaki , #manga , #naruto , #naruhina , #hinata , #sasuke and #hinata uzumaki. Kata kata bijak cinta naruto untuk hinata quotes anime tentang 26/jun/2016 - Ahhh, Naruto you have totally grown over the years! As you came into our lives Espero que gostem dessa fanfic.como tenho tarefa nao posso postar o outro hj.Mil desculpa se não ficou bom gente, deixe ideias nos comentários. tchau.