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Great Prices On Diamond Willow Walking Sticks. Find It On eBay. Check Out Diamond Willow Walking Sticks On eBay. Find It On eBay Save up to 75% on High End Pearls Free Shipping, 60-Day Guarante Diamond Willow known by the pioneers for its strength and durability, is one of todays best known woods for trekking, hiking or just plain walking. Planning that summer hiking trip in the Boreal Forest or along the Appalachian Trail, bring with a custom Diamond Willow walking staff and watch the other trekkers take a good look. Are you looking forward to day hikes around Lake Superior, or.

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Hand carved. Hand sanded. One of a kind and willing to sell for the right price diamond willow walking staff. Hand Made Diamond Willow Walking Stick/Staff. $325.00. $15.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Diamond Willow (COLORFUL COBRA FLARE) Cane blank, Twisting, Wood Carving, EXTRA. $20.30. 1 bid. $13.95 shipping. Ending Today at 11:25PM PDT 19h 19m. 35.5 Handmade Crafted in Northern Minnesota Diamond Willow Walking Stick Cane.

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  1. Jul 28, 2013 - canes I would like to work on. See more ideas about walking sticks, walking sticks and canes, canes & walking sticks
  2. May 23, 2021 - Unique woodworking craft from Northern Minnesota. See more ideas about unique woodworking, walking sticks, willow wood
  3. WELCOME! Check out my handcrafted diamond willow wooden hiking sticks and walking canes with handles. I pride myself in highest quality work. Several hours go into each stick. DON'T BE SHY: let me know if you need something shortened, custom made, or just need help finding the right fit. I ALSO HAVE MANY NOT LISTED HERE, so just tell me the hand size (sm, med, lg, XL) and height of the person.
  4. Most of our walking stick blanks have been air dried (diamond willow and the twisted sticks may be a little green) and ready for use. Please note that these walking sticks are sold unfinished so you can complete the project any way you wish. Shop By Price. $0.00 - $26.00. $26.00 - $32.00. $32.00 - $38.00. $38.00 - $44.00
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  6. This is my forth diamond willow walking stick that i have made. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/MaskedJoey

Removing the bark from my diamond willows is like unwrapping a gift from Mother Nature. Many carvers like the surprise and feeling of becomingONE with the diamond willow stick when going through the comp lete process of creating a beautiful walking staff or cane. Bid with confidence I sell Diamond Willow in these formats (for lack of a better word): Hiking / walking sticks in various qualities (UNfinished) Hiking / walking sticks FINISHED. Scout Sticks (for Scout groups) Rails etc. Just for fun, here is an UNfinished stick to show you the diamonds in 3D If you get just the right distance from your monitor and try to. Diamond Willow is one of Mother Nature's true gems. It typically grows in northern climates, and ours comes from Minnesota. The diamond refers to willow which has been deformed while growing. At spots where branches begin to grow, a depression or diamond is formed. The wood is white with reddish-brown diamonds. Make a great walking stick by carving or just sanding and finishing. 4-1/2' to 5. New Listing Diamond Willow Walking Staff (STOUT & AMAZING) Wood CARVING blank, Rail, Cane. Brand New. $0.99. Time left 9d 21h left. 2 bids +$11.95 shipping. Watch; 53 Diamond Willow Walking Stick (LIGHT TREKKING) wood CARVING, hiking, scout. Brand New. $29.95. FAST 'N FREE. Buy It Now

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  1. Yoda on Diamond Willow . This amazingly rare raised diamond willow staff arrived in our shop in need of some attention. Already prepped to be a walking staff, but oxidized and hiding its true detail the staff received a new handle, character bust, and rubber end cap
  2. 66 Diamond Willow Wooden Walking Stick This walking staff is a OOAK (one of a kind), handcrafted item made from native northern Minnesota diamond willow tree, sustainably harvested and handcrafted by a local, experienced artisan
  3. imum of 4-1/2' to a maximum of 5-1/2' depending on the stick Sticks will vary in diameter with a

ALASKAN WALKERTM ~ Diamond Willow Canes & Staffs ~ Handcrafted in Alaska by Alaskan Resident David Wilkin Phone: 907.547.2329 E-mail: aurora@aptalaska.net Mail: Po Box 22 Eagle, AK 99738 ~ These walking canes and staffs are the most incredible works of are that I have ever seen in all my travels in Alaska. If you ar This is how I like to finish my walking sticks.Rust Belt Auto shirts and stuff sold herehttps://www.bonfire.com/store/rust-belt-auto/Disclaimer:Due to factor.. Welcome to ITASCA WOOD PRODUCTS Your Little store in the Big Woods. Nestled deep in the pristine forests of Northern Minnesota, Itasca wood Products is a family owned and operated business that specializes in bark edged basswood planks, diamond willow cane, staff, and furniture stock My walking staff is a gift from my brother and is made from diamond willow. It is lightweight and has a unique shape, with about a dozen diamond shaped notches of different sizes on its lovely rust-colored wood. Diamond willow is found in northern Minnesota and North Dakota, and is highly sought after for canes and walking staffs CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE 2021 Get 10% Off ALL Handcrafted Diamond Willow Wood WALKING STICKS and other Land Harvests. Ends midnight on Sat., July 31, 2021. All are OOAK, so BUY NOW before the one..

This is genuine Diamond willow. Two hiking staffs are shown to show variety of styles. Only 1 staff per purchase. This cane is designed for users up to 250lbs. The Tip size on this cane is 18mm. This cane does come with 1 complementary tip on the cane. The approximate weight of this item is 1.85lbs Handcrafted WALKING TREKKING STICK Diamond Willow from Alaska - $25 (Wimberley) DIAMOND WILLOW WALKING STICK from Alaska. Purchase at an estate sale in Soldotna, Alaska. Stained in a Chestnut Stain and finished with 6 coats of high gloss varnish. I call this one a Ladies Staff since it is small in diameter and light weight but very strong and. DIAMOND WILLOW WALKING STICK from Alaska. Purchase at an estate sale in Soldotna, Alaska. Stained in a Chestnut Stain and finished with 6 coats of high gloss varnish. I call this one a Ladies Staff since it is small in diameter and light weight but very strong and in my opinion it is the prettiest. Regardless I think you would be proud to walk with it. 52 long with marks that leave n The Mermaid: This was a special request, a staff featuring a voluptuous mermaid swimming atop a diamond willow staff. Each personalized cane takes on the personality of he or she who bares it. We have no doubt that this piece will attract the specific attention for which our client commissioned it You might want to try Diamond Willow for the wood. In addition to the looks, willow is very strong and hard to break, its hard to even break a stick off the tree. I did a fast Google search and found these images. Here are some of my videos on it that I just recently did

About 3/4 to 1 on the bottom and 1 1/4 at the top on a staff or walking stick. A swagger stick can be a bit more flimsy. Then there are the decorative or display type sticks, that are carried for effect. I've seen some diamond willow walking sticks up to 3 diameter and maybe even a bit larger Diamond Willow | Memory Care & Assisted Living in MN. Home About Us Virtual Tour Gallery Services & Care Locations Contact Us FAQ Careers (218) 625-8488. Scroll. Diamond Willow has Provided Premier Memory Care & Assisted Living Services in Minnesota since 2004. Cloquet

Walking Sticks, Walking Canes and Hiking Sticks Whether you're seeking a staff for a wilderness trek, a stick or cane for support, or a one-of-a-kind heirloom quality gift, you've come to the right place. Brazos offers the best. Our sticks and canes are only handcrafted in Texas, from the highest quality trees in the US Famous People Walking Sticks and Canes Wilson Staffs has one of the largest selections of custom carved walking stick and walking cane handles in North America. Ivan Wilson is a master wood carver that specializes in carving dog and cat handles from photos of pets There are several approaches to finishing your diamond willow. What I use most often is some type of polyurethane varnish. I prefer the satin finish over the semi-gloss or gloss. If your stick will be outdoors and wet on a regular basis (maybe you use it to. Unvarnished and varnished diamonds. wade in streams), I would recommend a spar urethane. Spiral Walking Staff. SKU: CA-103 $ 43.00 Add to Cart. 1. 2. 3. →. We have the widest selection of medieval walking canes, staffs and walking sticks. Our walking canes and staffs are fully functional and very durable for everyday use. We have highly detailed walking canes and staffs, that are attractively priced Diamond Willow Trees This is what the diamond willow trees look like out in the grove on our property in northeastern Minnesota. They seem to like the cold winters and swampy areas too, which we have an abundance of on our 120 acres! June is the best time of year for peeling the bark off, supposedly right around the Spring Equinox (June 21st), so this weekend I will be going out to cut some down

Except for the diamond willow walking staffs I work solely with local found woods that are destined for the wood chipper or fireplace. One of these woods is the Hollywood Juniper. This beautiful plant grows to 25' or more in our area and is a wonderful deep rich red to light yellow wood. Other woods include sycamore, avocado, elm, redwood. Hello Everyone, I've been on a diamond willow binge and I now have about 200 sticks. I frequently find a really nice looking stick but it's curved or bent and a little straightening would make it a great candidate for a stick. My best idea so far is to clamp the stick to a 2x4. Does anyone have..

06-02-2004, 01:05 PM. Re: Diamond Willow. Hi gang, I posted a picture on the picturetrail in the walking stick album of a hiking staff I did in diamond willow. I carved 6 woodspirits in the piece approx 5 ft tall. You can see that the diamond willow here has many diamonds in it this stick had 30 plus diamonds in it Diamond Willow Shaft. Swan Head Cane. Beaver Walking Stick. Rattlesnake Head Cane. Green-wing Teal Cane. Cougar Head Cane. Rabbit Head Cane. Hawk Head Cane. Beaver Walking Stick Topper. A Bucky Badger walking stick for a Univ. of Wisc. graduate. Modernistic Bird Head cane. Ruger 1911 cane handle by me, Shaft by owner. A Civil War cane with.

Finishing the Walking/Hiking Sticks All my diamond willow walking sticks are sanded down to a very fine #320 grit sandpaper and are finished with a minimum of four coats of clear varathane. It takes about five to ten hours to complete a diamond willow walking/hiking stick. This doesn't include the time to find, cut and dry the sticks How to find Diamond Willow sticks. See related links to what you are looking for. Saved by Glenn Hawley. 77. Willow Wood Willow Branches Willow Tree Walking Sticks And Canes Walking Canes Willow Bush Willow Sticks Willow Furniture Build A Farmhouse Table August 30, 2020 August 19, 2020 by jrgoslant Categories: Staffs and Hiking Sticks Tags: art, diamond willow, hiking staff, hiking stick, painted, pyrography, serpent, Viking, walking stick, wizard staff Leave a commen

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To inspect any item, please contact Jeff for an appointment at 320-761-3436. Northstar Kimball staff are available most Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We have a forklift and people working to help you load your items. All items must be paid for and picked up on the removal date Above: The Natural Free Form Sassafras Walking Stick with a clear lacquer finish is $23 at Fashionable Canes. Above: Diamond willow is favored for being strong but lightweight. The Unfinished Diamond Willow Hiking Staff is $95 at Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks. Put your walking stick to use: peruse some of Gardenista's Favorite Hikes

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Diamond willow walking stick blank- wood carving. C $47.98. C $21.80 shipping Our line of rustic men's walking sticks is especially rugged and natural looking. Rustic means that you get all the natural characteristics of the wood in your men's walking stick. These walking sticks for men are naturally straightened and lightly sanded to keep the natural wood look What is the best wood for a hiking staff? Strongest, toughest, prettiest, most comfortable, etc. If you were going to build a hiking staff, what would you use? Weight is somewhat of an issue. Ability to hold up while beating down brush and blackberries is also an issue. It would be nice if it would take fittings for bear bells, etc. Thanks, To When you're walking in the woods (where dangerous individuals could be hiding) a hiking pole could be the only way to defend yourself. Benefits of hiking canes include a stronger (metal) staff than regular wood canes, and a pointed tip. Defense Cane Handles. Just as important as the staff material, is the wooden defense cane staff or grip #128365884 - Asian old man with walking stick or staff cane for patient or.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #123492864 - carving diamond willow walking stick. Man making runes on wooden.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #122584818 - mini figure people walking in the office corridor. Similar Images.

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Special Price:$19.95. SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. Aspen has been a favorite carving wood in the mountain states and these sticks are very easy to carve or they may be simply sanded and finished. They carve as easily as Basswood and they are very light and strong. The wood is very light in color with occasional small branches which can be sanded off to. The Diamond Willow Walking Stick The Diamond Willow Walking Stick, Book A Traditional Métis Story About Generosity = Li Kaan Di Sool : Aen Nistwayr Di Michif Li Taan Kayaash Taanishi Aen Ishi Maykihk by Dorion, Lea

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Ashland's Schneider Museum of Art presents Art Beyond, an exhibition of outdoor installations that encourages viewers to lace up their hiking boots. July 13, 2021 // VISUAL ART // Georgina Ruff. An art adventure, Art Beyond moves art out of the white cube and into a variety of scenic locations in and around Ashland, Oregon Oct 26, 2016 - sticks for hiking. See more ideas about walking sticks, wooden walking sticks, walking sticks and canes Ancient Strengthening Technique. Chapter 515 Qing Shui, You Have To Be My Man Walking Along the Blades and Swords To Trigger The Innate Skills!.. A human warrior cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique has transcended dimensions and arrived on Kyushu. Together with twelve ravishing beauties with look Making a Diamond Willow Walking Stick will probably do two things: 1. Give you a deeper appreciation of what Nature offers. 2. Give you a super-beautiful walking/hiking stick/staff which will really make people take a second look. These sticks make you want to hold them, stroke them, feel them, fondle them; they just FEEL good

A little green man that is not yoda - by Stanley D. Saperstein one of my father's folk art style walking sticks with a figure head hand carved with leather ears. Mounted on a diamond will shaft. We've done an assortment of sticks, staffs,..., what you will need wood, lumber, timber, hardwood, | Craftlo 5. Introduction: Various Hand -carved Canes, Walking Sticks, and Staffs. 15 More Images. curly willow, diamond willow, apple, pine-various woods. These are my first sticks I carved. Well, not all of them! I have a big heart, so my first 10 or so were given away as gifts to family and friends. I tend to believe that they in fact, were my best ones Walking sticks and quarter staffs « 1 2 » smoking celt Begining of carving wood spirit carved into Diamond willow Hard Maple Walking stick Bigfoot Widdle man Pat CARVING SHOW 2006 MOUSE IN THE HOUSE DIAMOND WILLOW. Walking Together: Education for Reconciliation before use. It is usually picked in staff, families and community, as well as providing opportunities for students to experience a smudging ceremony in classrooms and Diamond willow fungus is also used for ceremonial and medicinal purposes. It can be found i

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Diamond willows may be found in many areas in the United States and Canada. To locate them, you must know the type of areas where willow trees grow and what diamond willows looks like. Diamond willow trees can be identified by indentations in the bark that are roughly in the shape of a diamond with rounded sides and. General Walking Stick Discussion. Best finish for hiking stick. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 16 of 16 Posts. DanielB · Registered. Joined May 11, 2018 · 15 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · May 17, 2018 (Edited by.

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Diamond Willow is not a species, but instead it is a condition. A fungus that attacks some willow species causes branches to die. A canker forms where the branch once lived, creating a colorful and sometimes concave diamond. The tree grows away from the fungus, sometimes creating superbly deformed diamonds.. A walking stick is a staff used to aid balance while walking. Walking sticks come in an array of shapes and sizes and are often targeted by collectors. If left unfinished, wooden walking sticks will lose their natural color and may warp. You can add beauty to your walking stick and prolong the life of the wood by applying a petroleum-based finish Wrap three tight coils around the top of the walking stick grip area. Tie a loop-knot into the main line after the coils. Wrap, so each successive wrap is directly next to the previous, down the length of the grip of the stick. Wrap down approximately 8 inches. Use scissors to cut the end of the cord or leather strap

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The Diamond Willow Walking Stick: A Traditional Métis Story about Generosity; Li kaan di sool: aen nistwayr di Mi chif li taan kayaash taanishi aen ishi maykihk is one of the finalists for the First Nation Communities Read 2014-15 selection. This children's book is a 48-page bilingual story by Métis storyteller and author Leah Marie Dorion I make diamond willow canes.hiking/walking sticks. They are made from the diamond willow found along the Missouri/Yellowstone Rivers. I carve out the diamonds and hand make the handles. I am the only staff. My wife helps with the paperwork and mailing out of the canes Contact Phone Number: 701-774-8538. Some of the hiking stick and staff making wood is over 6 year old. Remember to cure your wood before making your walking stick and some wood such as diamond willow I would wait a good year before creating a handmade hiking stick

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This is an uncarved diamond willow stick. My diamond willows are rare and greatfor making walking sticks and canes. Carving the blank is easy and fun to do:remove the bark, clean outall the diamond shapes, sand ituntil you see fit,then put on several coats of finish. A super activity for the beginner to the expert A Kentucky Walking Stick makes a great companion, whether you are planning a trek through the wilderness or just around the neighborhood. Vine curled sticks, tobacco sticks, shepherd staffs or traditional walking sticks are sticks I create. I also offer blank sticks so you can create you own walking stick Product Description. Let us design a walking stick personalized just for you. This is one of a kind, individually Hand worked and crafted walking stick. To inquire about a custom made walking stick, please use our contact page. Priority Shipping included. There are no reviews yet. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may.

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I have seen excellent staffs with inlays of polished rocks, crystals, and even other types of wood. A friend of mine has a small liquid compass embedded in the top of his walking stick, perfectly at eye level. I am not sure if it is accurate, but it sure looks impressive. My uncle carved a notched head on his shoulder-height staff Walking Sticks and Canes have a rich history. They were purely functional in some periods while in others they were fashionable status symbols. As time went on, canes and walking sticks began to symbolize power and strength. A well-used country stick becomes a much loved friend and companion. Our hiking sticks and poles are beautifully crafted by local artisans in the USA & are designed to. Year Published 2012. Text Complexity; Lexile Level: Currently Not Available; ATOS Reading Level: Currently Not Availabl This is a walking staff I just finished last week. This is a piece of diamond willow wood that was given to me by Ronnie Payne, a potter at one of the craft shows that I go to. The wood grows in upstate Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. It's pretty expensive if you have to buy it. A piece like this usually runs around $40.00

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walking canes and walking sticks In 1998, our business began with a mission: to provide cane users with a fashionable option when in need of a walking aid. When we started this mission there was a very limited selection available View full details. $49.95. Quick look. Add to cart. Brass Handle Original Bubba Sticks are Handmade and VERY Nostalgic. They consist of a Tennessee Hardwood dowel stained in Ebony, Jacobean, Mahogany, Walnut, Red Chestnut, Honey Oak or Natural Pine tints. This is a very unique walking stick and is always seen and noticed Custom Made Walking Canes One size does not fit all—this fact applies in totality to the niche of walking canes. Every individual is different and acknowledging this, we have an ever-increasing pool of customized canes, i.e. canes that can be altered to suit individual preferences Kelty Strider Hiking Staff ensures you have sure-footed confidence over rough, rocky or slippery terrain. Rubber tip is included to allow the pole to be used on rock, on improved surfaces, or indoors An extended EVA foam handle provides a comfortable grip and a minimalist strap helps to reduce strain on your wrist H