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Koi. Koi is also one of the most prized fish in feng shui. It usually comes in a wide range of bright colors, including yellow, red, blue, white, and even black. Unlike the Arowanas, koi fish are usually depicted in a group, typically of 9 - 8 brightly colored and 1 black. The purpose of a black fish is to neutralize the negative energy Fengshui Koi Fish Painting represents abundance, luck, wealth and flow of new opportunities. Koi fish symbolize perseverance in the face of adversity and strength of character and purpose. Koi Fish painting is appropriate for both home and office. A painting of nine Koi fish - eight red and one black- is considered to be best in Fengshui If you wish to have luck and wealth on your side, then a painting of eight red and white Koi Fish is ideal. The number eight stands for prosperity in feng shui practices. Red koi symbolizes true love while white on the other hand is a symbol of progress in career. So, a painting with red and white color koi fish will result in perfect balance.

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Place this in the South East or North area of your living room. Other homeowners would want to know where you bought this beautiful Feng Shui painting for the living room. If compare to keeping alive Koi fish in a pond, this Koi Fish Painting Feng Shui is more efficient, easy maintenance, and fits the purpose What Do Koi Fish Symbolize in Feng Shui. Koi can be represented in interior design with artwork such as paintings, drawings, photographs or sculpture. Its placement is said to attract auspicious abundance and prosperity into your home and life and some opt to have multiple representations of this fish

5) Paintings of water in front. Water represents wealth in feng shui. Oil paintings of waterfalls, streams and rivers can sometimes also be breathtaking. So it is no wonder wall art depicting natural water like lakes and waterfalls with koi fish swimming in them are popular among feng shui enthusiasts Koi & Feng Shui Paintings. Most of the Koi paintings are based on the ancient teachings of Feng Shui. The number 8 is thought to be a very lucky number while the smooth circular movements of fish attracts good energy into your home or office. Often 8 colorful Koi can be found in the painting as well as leaves or groups of fish forming figure 8. The old philosophical system of Fengshui consists of a number of elements that are a source of spiritual energy. One of the most proclaimed elements is the Fengshui carp. More commonly known as the Chinese symbol of fish, carp is said to bring financial success and marital bliss along with good luck and positive energy. A typical Fengshui carp image could consist of the Arowana fish, Koi fish.

Fish and the water element are both symbols of abundance and wealth in feng shui. Some ways to do this include aquariums with live fish, outdoor koi pond, or even fish in water imagery in your art. Here are our favorite feng shui tips to use fish to welcome wealth into your home and life The fish symbol has long been associated with abundance and wealth in feng shui, thus there are many cures that depict fish for prosperity.There are different types of fish used in feng shui for wealth cures—there is Arowana, Koi (carp) and of course, the Goldfish. There are also specific requirements as to using a feng shui aquarium for wealth and prosperity


Feng shui paintings contribute to the overall energetic flow and feel of a space. General feng shui principles also apply to paintings. Use the bagua to determine the ideal placement of feng shui paintings for prosperity or feng shui paintings for living room auspicious chi energy.Choose feng shui paintings based on the elements they depict and the energetic frequencies they promote Koi fish painting koi painting chinese koi art 9 beautiful koi fish feng shui 3 Pieces cuadros paintings chinese koi art Calligraphy Bamboo. PLEASE NOTE. Print is not framed. This reduce extra costs for buyer; and buyer will be able to mount, mat and frame of their own personal choice. 1.The painting is not handmade,it is printed by machines

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  2. The typical number for Koi fish in a feng shui aquarium is 9 (8 brightly colored koi and 1 black koi fish). The black fish is there to neutralize bad luck. There are also paintings with any number of koi fish in a stream, which is used to represent a fresh flow of abundance. NOTE: 1. As the lighting effects, the color of objects may be a little.
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  4. As Koi fish is an auspicious creature that can swim upstream. Our Koi Fish Feng Shui Painting is professionally hand-stretched and warped on a wooden frame, so it is securely hidden around the sides. Hence, this gallery wrap method enables to present a frame-less finished painting

7 Feng Shui Symbols to Bring Good Fortune ~ ( part 3 of 7 series ) # 3 in our series of Symbols for Good Fortune is the The Koi, Fish or Carp. The Koi and Fish in general are symbols of wealth, strength and prosperity. The Koi or Carp Fish represent wealth and prosperity, and here's an awesome fact: the actual word in Chinese for fish. The typical number for Koi fish in a feng shui aquarium is 9 (8 brightly colored koi and 1 black koi fish). The black fish is there to neutralize bad luck. You can also find feng shui cures with 2 koi fish, this being a feng shui cure to attract love and fidelity

A painting of fish swimming in water is also a good choice. In Feng Shui, water is regarded as the symbol of wealth while fish has the auspicious meaning of surplus year after year. Therefore, the painting of two fish or nine fish hanging in the wealth direction of your bedroom will bring you good fortune The watchful eye of the symbol is said to be that of the fish itself. 2. Feng Shui. Keeping the image of koi carp in the home, whether in a pond or a painting, is thought to bring prosperity and happiness to a home. Summary. Koi, through many areas of art and culture, have a very positive image While gold fish is the most popular feng shui fish for aquariums in the house, koi is the fish of choice for outdoor ponds.. That's not to say that they are exclusively kept outside the house. Even though a lot of people consider that the koi fish is a species related to the gold fish because of the brilliant gold some of them come in, the truth is that that are a type of carp fish Feng Shui suggests that in order to bring prosperity and good luck to, one should include paintings of fish in the home decor. Fish represents more. Koi fish and goldfish are usually the favorite Apr 17, 2014 - Explore Asao Inoue's board Feng Shui on Pinterest. See more ideas about feng shui, koi painting, feng shui art

Lucky paintings: Classic Feng Shui paintings of Bamboo and Buddha can be used for attracting wealth and prosperity. Paintings of Koi Pond with colourful Koi fishes circling about, is also a popular Feng Shui artwork for good luck. Hang them on east, southeast or north walls. Chinese dragon is another lucky painting for success and luck The best area to place your feng shui aquarium is in the Southeast bagua area (the feng shui Wealth and Abundance area) followed by North area (Career) or East (Health and Family.) Be sure the shape of the aquarium works with the feng shui element of the area you are placing it The north area (north represents water) and living room of the house is another favorable place to position the painting. Our Vaastu & Feng Shui collection is developed in consultation with Vaastu & Feng Shui expert and is based on principles of Vaastu & Feng Shui. The Koi Fish Fengshui Painting is Copy Right Protected Koi Painting . Pot Of Gold 120cm by 80cm Wealth & Fortune 120cm by 100cm Golden Mountain 100 cm x 100 cm Never Pay More Than You Should For Fengshui Paintings! Learn How You can Save by Purchasing From ArtisanMalaysia.com..

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calligraphy painting on canvas 9 koi fish feng shui painting meaning behind like the cherry blossom, calligraphy character, leaves and 9 koi fish in the pai.. The artwork is on hot pressed, 140 lb museum-quality Arches watercolor paper. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask. Best, Sure An actual goldfish in a tank is regarded as having the same effect as a painting of goldfish in Feng Shui. Round objects such as tank help chi energy to curve around buildings and rooms. Three fish symbolizes yang energy, people often use two goldfish (which represent energy and good luck) and one black fish (representing protection) Extra Large Koi Fish Painting Feng Shui Contemporary Printed Canvas Living Room. Product Type Print. Beautiful 4-panel Giclee high-resolution canvas print with Koi Fish in contemporary style. [ DETAIL ] SKU: dsn07549760 Size: 24x60x4 Overall Size: 99x60 Panels: 4 Medium: giclee print on canvas Subject: Koi Fish Style: contemporary Condition. 9) Feng Shui Koi Fish painting - This is the ultimate tool for Feng shui users for prosperity. This painting has all the three symbols of prosperity i.e. the moving koi fish and the water, the golden color of the fishes indicating success, wealth and power as well as the round gold stones and the green leaves which represents money

Good Fortune, Prosperity and Feng Shui Symbols. In this article we are not going to explore just about The Top 10 Symbols Behind The Art of Feng Shui but we will probe even deeper, into a few of the Feng Shui icons and symbols, thought to activate the positive energies of fortune, good luck and prosperity 300x200 Koi Fish Art Canvas Feng Shui Fish Koi Oil Painting Abstract Wall - Abstract Koi Fish Painting. 0 0. 800x800 Koi Fish. This Is Amazing Tats I Like Koi, Fish - Abstract Koi Fish Painting. 0 3. 570x542 Modern Koi Fish Painting On Canvas Orange Koi Fish By Osnatfineart - Abstract Koi Fish Painting. 0 0

Fish; Fish is a symbol of happiness, wealth and prosperity. There are a number of ways you can incorporate fish in your home decor. Decorating with a fish statue is easy and low-maintenance, while you can take it up a notch with an aquarium. Particularly in Feng shui, a koi pond in regarded as a powerful element for good fortune While feng shui literally means wind-water, the philosophy actually refers to a system of laws that determine the arrangement and orientation of various items within a building. When it comes to interior design, the focus is more on the use of colour, the benefit of symbols and the placement of furniture Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the painting, Koi Fish !! Large Painting !! Feng Shui, by Amita Dand, available for purchase at $1,460 USD. Original Painting: Acrylic on Canvas. Size is 33 H x 60 W x 0.1 in Shop latest koi fish paintings feng shui online from our range of Home & Garden at au.dhgate.com, free and fast delivery to Australia. DHgate offers a large selection of tree mural painting and painting gloves with superior quality and exquisite craft We collected 30+ Feng Shui Fish paintings in our online museum of paintings - PaintingValley.com. ADVERTISEMENT. LIMITED OFFER: Get 10 free Shutterstock images - PICK10FREE. Most Downloads Size Popular. Views: 1207 Images: 30 Downloads: 44 Likes: 0. fish. feng

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Feng Shui Koi Fish by Michael Creese 3 Piece Painting Print on Gallery Wrapped Canvas Set is a high-quality canvas print depicting a pair of golden koi fish interacting in the artist's signature vibrant, oil impasto style. A serene addition to your home or office. Overall: 36'' H x 54'' W x 2'' D; Overall Product Weight: 9.5lb In simpler terms, Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of arrangement. The goal of Feng Shui is to facilitate harmony and balance in one's life through the placement and orientation of objects and structures within one's physical space. 1 A user of Feng Shui believes that through harmonious arrangement of his surroundings and auspicious. Fish for Wealth in Feng Shui. One of the most potent symbols of luck and wealth in Chinese symbology is the fish. Fish are representative of water which is the element most associated with income and wealth creation. Fish are frequently kept and displayed for their wealth-giving symbolism and as a natural environmental enhancer

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  1. Why Fish Aquarium is Important - A view from Feng Shui Perspective. A fish aquarium, in feng shui is believed to have the capability to produce huge amount of positive energy.Not only this, a fish tank is also capable of absorbing loads of negative energy as well.. This is the primary reason why, it's always useful to have a fish tank at home or office
  2. 9 Koi Fish Feng Shui 2D Acrylic Original Painting. C $67.14. or Best Offer. Calculate Shipping. 6d 7h left (Wednesday, 16:21) From United States. Customs services and international tracking provided
  3. Feng Shui Fish Painting. Koi Fish & Peony Flowers Painting. Gallery Price: $232.00. Your Price: $128.88. More Info. Plum Blossom & Koi Fish Painting. Big Koi Fish Painting on Antiqued Paper. Gallery Price: $178.00. Your Price: $98.88. More Info. Huge Koi Fish and Lily Oriental Painting Painting
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  5. Online shopping a variety of best feng shui koi fish painting at DHgate.com. Buy cheap painting s online from China today! Enjoy fast delivery, best quality and cheap price. Free worldwide shipping available
  6. Choose your favorite feng shui paintings from 1,830 available designs. All feng shui paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee
  7. The number eight stands for prosperity in feng shui practices. Red koi symbolizes true love while white on the other hand is a symbol of progress in career. So, a painting with red and white color koi fish will result in perfect balance and harmony in your family as well as professional life

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  1. Feng Shui Dining Room - Here's What You Need To Do. Feng Shui dining room is aimed at making the dining room in your home a feng shui compliant one. A feng shui dining room is the one that arouses hunger, brings harmony, strengthens the bond amongst family members, attracts prosperity, enhances wealth and a whole lot more.. Below are feng shui dining room tips (in do's and don'ts format)
  2. Feng shui is the channelling and blending of chi, the subtle energy that flows through everything in the universe, explains Paul Darby author of The Feng Shui Doctor. Try his 8 tips to bring harmony to your dining room. The basis of feng shui. The words feng shui literally mean wind and water. They refer to the flowing motion.
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  4. Feng Shui For Your Front Door. May you have warm words on a cool evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door. --Irish Toast. The front door is called the mouth of chi in Feng Shui because it's where all good energy, or chi, enters you home, even if you come in through the garage or the back porch
  5. Two koi fish wall decor art home decoration is conveyed as good luck for a happy marriage. The number eight is the major prosperity number for fengshui practices. Koi Fish Painting Feng Shui Painting Koi Fish For Luck Original Watercolor Koi Fish Wall Art Koi Fish Artwork 10 by
  6. Not surprisingly, then, Feng Shui has much to say on the subject of stairs; what is good and what is bad. First, it is important to understand a few basics about Feng Shui . This practice focuses on balancing Qi or energy through the use of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, as well as many other complex systems of.
  7. I bought the Koi Fish Painting.not only I liked the painting but also the thoughtfulness of including painting manual with it guiding us about its relevance and correct placement. Mr Tarun -Ahmedabad, Indi

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  1. g in a bright blue pond surrounded by pink lily pads. In Feng Shui Koi fish are especially beneficial for Wealth and Blessing. 9 Koi represent long life and prosperity, One Black Koi provides protection from bad luck and Gold Koi represent riches and wealth
  2. Home Decor Gold Abstract Feng Shui Koi Fish Painting Art Wall Printed On Canvas. $8.79. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Wall Art Decoration Feng Shui Koi Fish Gold Abstract Painting Printed On Canvas. If you need extra time, please contact us for arrangements before you place bids or make purchase
  3. Painting 67″ Koi fish luck painting, oil Painting on canvas for good luck, number 8 luck, Feng Shui, Original Handmade art, By Koby Feldmos by KobyFeldmo
  4. Modern picture photo Painting printed on canvas. Material: Painting printed on canvas. Art Wall Home Decor HD print oil painting on Canvas Feng Shui Fish Koi Painting | eBa
  5. Koi Fish Painting Feng Shui The Best Place To Art In Thailand. 9 Koi Fish Artwork For Prosperity And Money Wealth Royal Thai Art. Koi Fish Painting Feng Shui Meaning And Placement. 8 Koi Fish Thai Art Original Painting. Koi Fish Paintings Best Asian Artwork L Royal Thai Art
  6. Find here Feng Shui fish images and paintings to maximise the abundance and wealth. For wealth, it is best to put the aquarium up in the southeast area of your living room. Kitchens and bedrooms are the worst places to put goldfish aquariums as they can create the wrong kind of Feng Shui for your home

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  1. Our Koi Fish Painting. Finally after a year, the Koi painting I requested my husband to do is now on our wall, yahoo!!! Why did I chose a Koi Painting? It's because I learned that based in Feng Shui, it should brings luck. According to this site - https:.
  2. 2. The Koi fish. The Koi is a very popular feng shui lucky symbol. The Koi fish can jump high sometimes, and that can be associated with leveling up and advance your career or social status. No matter what your current situation or background is, you have the chance to jump to the next level. One typical theme is the 9 Koi fishes painting.
  3. Koi Fish Meaning Living Jewels And Dragons Outsidemodern. Koi Fish Painting Feng Shui Meaning And Placement. Koi Fish Feng Shui Painting Shipping 9 Lucky. Chinese Koi Fish Painting 0 2383004 66cm X 26. Chinese Koi Fish Paintings Scroll With From China. Chinese Painting Koi Ink Hand Feng Shui Fish Sdyhysdf6017032401 189 90 Inkcnpainting
  4. A water feature creates great Feng Shui by establishing a sense of reflection, depth and refreshing vitality in your space. If a fountain, bird bath or small pond are in your future, you'll want to place it properly and in the most auspicious location to encourage good Feng Shui. According to the Feng Shui Garden Bagua Map,.
  5. g. Accents featuring the majestic fish can also bring luck, wealth and a happy marriage

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Feng Shui Fish Statues, Chinese Good Luck Fish Symbol. Feng shui fish statues have arowana fish, dragon fish, carp fish, golden fish, feng shui goldfish and double fish. The feng shui fish symbol is wealth and abundance. Displaying good luck fish statue or fish picture can bring wealth luck. Also see feng shui aquarium Another use is to place it at the back of your home. This is applicable only when the back of your home is downward sloping or is lacking the support (similar to bedroom Feng Shui when bed is without a headboard ). In this instance, the tortoise can be made of stone or bronze in this instance. 3. Dragon Turtle In feng shui, the eight corners of luck are related to the different directions and corners of your home. In all, there are eight types of aspirations - those things that make our life enjoyable. Aspirations such as love, health, happy families, opportunities and income all make up a happy, satisfying life. The aspirations are each tied to a different direction, such as north or southeast or. Koi and goldfish are favorite fish used in feng shui as their gold color represents money. They also adapt well to constructed fish ponds. You should not keep fish in the kitchen, bedroom and kitchen as it will create material loss. Goldfish are often used to enhance or improve feng shui living room or feng shui home office

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Koi Fish Painting Koi Painting Fish Painting Feng Shui Painting 195 Features. Hand Painted, 100% Money Back Guarantee; Oil on canvas, Framed/stretched ready to hang; Size: Total 60in x 24in,3 Panels: Center Panel 36in x 24in, Side Panels 12in x 24in x 2; koi painting, koi fish painting This painting is one of the examples of Feng Shui paintings for prosperity. The nine koi symbolism is wealth coming from nine different directions into your house. The Feng Shui fish number is as significant as the image itself. Place this in the South East or North area of your living room. Live Koi fish in a pond versus the painting version. Feng shui: Pond of luck. Some plants will aid in the natural filtering of water. Enhance the pond with Lily pads and lotus blooms. Ensure your pond has the right depth and flow. The pond should be kept clean and neat. Discard wittered greens. You can dress the pond with flowers and trees Feng Shui Energy Feng Shui Wealth Feng Shui Koi Fish Reiki Fen Shui Koi Painting Feng Shui Cures Dragon Fish Feng Shui House More information More like thi koi-fish-painting (13) abstract art oil painting, Feng Shui paintings, koi fish painting. Exotic-Arts-Gallery.co

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Above is a photo I took of the Koi in the tea garden pond. Apparently in Feng Shui, the black Koi fish is said to neutralise bad luck- so it's lucky I managed to get one in shot! There is a handy site Feng Shui and Fish where you can learn a lot more about Feng Shui for decorating, than what I touch on in my article An acrylic painting of two koi fish swimming in a bright blue pond. In Feng Shui Koi fish are especially beneficial for Wealth and Blessing. Two Koi fish, a Kohaku Koi and a Kuchibeni Koi, swim clockwise through time in a never ending circle, they are in harmony with each other and their surroundings of fresh blue water in a pebbled pond with lotus flowers, which is good for the Love and. Cheap Painting & Calligraphy, Buy Quality Home & Garden Directly from China Suppliers:Koi fish Feng Shui Lotus Fancy Carp,hand painted Modern oil painting home office hotel wall art decoration Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Feng Shui Wall Art for Lawyers Promotes Prosperity in Their Law Office Decorate your law office with Feng Shui wall art paintings to increase prosperity and improve your law firm's bottom line. Paintings that reflect feng shui principles add a sense of peace and beauty to an area. It is full of items that hold abundance energy in feng shui and it's not meant to be displayed. The fengshui.

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Chinese and Japanese fish on hand-painted hanging scrolls Cheap Painting & Calligraphy, Buy Quality Home & Garden Directly from China Suppliers:Chinese Koi Fish Lotus Stone Canvas Prints Feng Shui Animal Landscape Painting Wall Art Picture For Living Room Moder Home decor Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Also, according to Feng Shui, the Chinese word for fish is pronounced the same way as the word for abundance. Because of the Chinese culture's widespread reverence of fish as symbols of luck, it is no wonder the concept of the lucky goldfish came from the Chinese. Goldfish were first bred in China during the Tang Dynasty In Feng Shui, the proper placing of some Feng Shui items not only can bring you wealth and treasure, but also can exorcise evil spirits. Dragon Products, Elephant, Bronze Elephant, Large Copper Coin, Calligraphy and Painting, Fish Tank, Flowers & Plants, Wind Chime, Wenchang Pagoda, Calabash Gourd, Vase, Bamboo, Fountain, Eight Trigrams.

Having a bathroom in the wealth corner is bad Feng Shui. If the toilet itself is located on the very corner, that is even worse. However, no one wants to go back to a time without indoor plumbing, having to use outhouses. The bathroom has to be somewhere. If it is in the wealth corner, though, this may cause negative associations with wealth. Feng Shui decorations are those items used to fend off disasters and evil things; entice health, wealth, intelligence, love, peace and good luck, etc. Below are some customary ones: Paintings Dos: Soft landscape paintings featuring sunrise, blossoming peony flowers and sunflowers, shining lakes and green hills; they are especially fitting for. In an aquarium with fish water moves faster and Feng Shui a room by stimulating the energy flow. Large glass fish tank with corals and tropical fish to Feng Shui a room and decorate it in style. Aquarium decoration with corals or fake fish can create stagnation of Feng Shui chi. Fish in an aquarium are Feng Shui cures for improving room design Free shipping for many products,Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Modern Home Decor Wall Art Abstract Print on Canvas Feng Shui Koi Fish Painting at the best online prices at , Get cheap goods online Discount Shopping Happy shopping As one of the online sales mall To provide you with the best trendy products Answer: If your fish tank is large enough, 1 black and 8 gold fish would be an auspicious number to have. If you have a smaller tank, then 1 black and 4 gold fish would also be good to have. (15) Dear Uncle Dixer: I was born in 1979 and have a family of 2 kids and a wife. Currently I have 2 parrot fishes

Welcome to our Feng Shui store - Online first Feng Shui mall Whether you are looking for a pair of mandarin ducks to feng shui your bedroom for good love luck; a wealth ship for your office to expand your business luck or feng shui health enhancers like the Wu Lou to remedy bad illness flying stars - we are sure you will find some feng shui cures that you need and like Here are some Feng Shui tips on its placement: 1) If you wish to enhance the blessings and attract wealth luck for all family members, display the Arowana in prominent locations around your home, such as the main hall, living room, dining room or bedroom. 2) If you already have waterfalls, aquariums or ponds placed around your home according to. Art wall Modern Home Decor Print ABSTRACT OIL PAINTING Feng Shui Fish Koi canvas,Modern Home Decor Print ABSTRACT OIL PAINTING Feng Shui Fish Koi canvas Art wall,Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Art wall Modern Home Decor Print ABSTRACT OIL PAINTING Feng Shui Fish Koi canvas at the best online prices at , Free shipping for many products.Koi canvas Art wall Modern.

May 24, 2019 - Feng Shui Art - Koi For Love in Orange and Blue is a print from my original acrylic painting which is signed on the front. It comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by the artist and care instructions. Feng Shui Koi Fish are especially beneficial for Wealth and Blessings. Koi Fo Koi, also known as nishikigoi or brocaded carp, are beautiful fish that accentuate a garden's water feature. Here, we've gathered a school of prints in our Koi Art collection. The national fish of Japan, these beautiful fish wend their way beneath white water lilies or twirl in elegant pirouettes near dragonflies and butterflies

We spoke to Heather Askinosie, holistic healer, feng shui and crystal expert, and co-founder of Energy Muse, about ways to make your entryway more feng shui-friendly. Ready to give your space major stress-reducing positive vibes? This is the feng shui entryway layout you need Contemporary oil on canvas painting Feng Shui lucky Koi Fish 20x24in Framed, signed Painting approx: 72 centimetres or 28 inches long and 62 centimetres or 24 inches tall. View pictures for more detail. Business seller information. The Antique Trade LLP. Contact details. Levenshulme Antiques Village. 965 Stockport Road. Manchester View 7 of 15 photos about large koi fish painting feng shui contemporary canvas wall art throughout most recently released koi canvas wall art. Explore full gallery of 15 photos and related wall art ideas here The feng shui fish also have a strong reproductive function, so they symbolize fertility. These aquatic creatures swim happily in the water, and thus are a symbol of happiness and harmony in a couple. The most popular species in feng shui are carp (koi), goldfish, and arowana. The amulets are available as figurines, paintings, scrolls, and. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Contemporary Oil on Canvas Painting Feng Shui Lucky Koi Fish, Signed Peter, 20in at the best online prices at eBay

9 Koi Fish Feng Shui Painting - Koi Painting for SaleModern Home Decor print Animals oil painting art Feng ShuiFeng-shui koi fish by Svetlana Prokhorova