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There are many different interlocking tools you can use to tighten your locs. Some I haven't explained above are the EasyLoc, crotchet hook, and I'm sure - many others. However, the ways listed are those that I have either used or thought of using to tighten my locs For interlocking to start new locs, you can do it right away with your loose hair. For maintenance purposes, you might need to skip a couple of months between the maintenance sessions. This is an extended amount of time compared to the palm rolling or backcombing methods 12 Piece Interlocking Tool Dreadlocks Tool Kit ($11) Other supplies. Spray bottle - to moisten locs you are working on and prevent breakage. I love this continuous water mister, it's a little fancier than usual and I keep distilled water in it. The silver bottle pictured above has my special moisture mix This is gonna be a long one - I've finally been able to record a how-to retightening video! Here's the link to my last video showing how to make the retighte.. A lot has been said about loc maintenance and interlocking. Too much even. When retightening your new growth, some people use dread wax or cocoa butter. Others say you should never put anything on your locs or else you'll never, ever, ever be able to wash it out. Well after 15 years of loving my locs, I can tell you what works for me

Interlocking Dreadlocks is a maintenance method which involves pulling the end of the dreadlock back through the base of the root. This method tightens each dreadlock by twisting the hair at the base of the dreadlock. It is also known as root flipping or latch hooking dreads. Many salons consider crocheting the same thing as. Interlocking, Loc Repair Loc Styling Traditional Locs (Palm roll) Classes Sisterlocks® Self Re-tighten Loc (microlock/interlock) Self Re-tighten class Hands on Styling Class Lock Rescue & Maintenance All Things Sisterlocks® Mentorship Clas Interlocking dreads technique is also beneficial for men with locs by promoting a neat look. This is because it tightens the locs regrowth and moves the dreads closer to the scalps. Interlocking also offers dread parts that keep the locs separated and prevent them from mingling and snagging. How long does it take to interlock your dreads Interlocking dreads is a technique utilized to create and keep dreads. It includes drawing completions of the loc with the origin to developing a knot at the base and also tighten up new development to the scalp. The interlocking method is likewise known as root flipping or latch hooking dreads

♥♥Lets get this channel to 300K subscribers♥♥Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/2DbLFKCHey Friends, So happy to share my retighten routine with you guys. Keep in.. Dreadlock Tool Interlocking Tool for Locs, Easyloc Hair Tool for Dreadlocks, Interlocks or Sisterlocks, Tightening Accessory for Small Starting and Maintaining Your Locs (Gold, Silver) 453 $6 99 ($6.99/Count My Re-tightening Routine. Wash with Baby Locs . A lot has been said about loc maintenance and interlocking. Too much even. When retightening your new growth, some people use dread wax or cocoa butter. Others say you should never put anything on your locs or else you'll never,. 3 Pieces Dreadlocks Tool, Interlocking Tools for Locs, Easyloc Hair Tool for Dreadlocks, Interlocks or Sisterlocks, Tightening Accessories for Small Starting Maintaining Locs (Rose Gold) 4.5 out of 5 stars 27

Dynamic Runner does a quick tutorial on how to tightening locs with a latch hook. The process is called interlocking. The process of interlocking locs requires a tool appropriately called an interlocking tool. It is made from a durable, flexible plastic Description. Start your dreadlocks, Tighten your dreadlocks, Repair your dreadlocks. Made of Stainless Steel 304 and Polished. Not chromed so no harmful leakage. No moving parts to trap stray hairs. Save Money- Do it yourself. Additional information. Weight. .080 kg Method 2: Interlocking (Formerly called Crocheting) (Update as of January 2020: I no longer recommend this method as the best method to start dreadlocks. It was helpful for me when I started my locs over a decade ago, but a better way to create and maintain locs is the crochet hook method because it's faster and creates true dreads.

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The loc has to be pulled through itself at the root to tighten up which means the longer your locs the more adjusting you have to account for. Interlocking techniques used primarily for micro/ sister/brother locs to prevent snapping I watched a few YouTube tutorials and a-interlocking I went. Overall the experience has been pleasant. I did have a mishap and that was due to me over-tightening a few locs. Other than that I have enjoyed the transition and I like that I can wash my hair more frequently Reason #5 - Gaps within interlocked locs. When using interlocking methods of tightening your new growth, if not done properly you might end up with gaps in your locs. If this is not corrected and the gaps closed up, over time these areas can get weak and end up breaking. Therefore, it's important to: 1.

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  1. It is quick, easy and can show immediate results to tighten the roots and clean up loose hair from the scalp. 2Interlocks Hair Dreads - The Pros There are a few pros to interlocking your dreads, like fewer trips to the salon for maintenance, you can go at least 8 weeks before having to get them maintained again
  2. Hi, I have had Sisterlocks for 7 1/2 years and I couldn't be happier! I had my consultant teach me how to tighten my locs about 2 years in, after they were completely mature. I used the original SL tool but it was tiny and I lost it way too many times to count. GRRR! It had a funny hook sliding-thingy that I just never got the hang of
  3. 'Micro Sized' Loc interlocking service to tighten your roots and make your Locs look nice and NEAT. Wear time: 3+ months Technique: Interlocked with latch hook or retie tool. +$50 for those with a Loc count over 150 All interlocked clients needing this service must have 2 of new growth
  4. Interlocking or crocheting of this type (which I will just call interlocking from now on) is not a good choice for tightening dreads. The wraps it leaves in the dreads are permanent scars. They create folding points, where the dreads bend un-naturally, and the hair in the wrap can never truly dread
  5. dreadlocks repair 1. re-inforce the existing parts.  2. repair the roots. 3. repair each actual locs. 4.that is all we want to share with our viewers 4. there is about 4 more steps to finish this type of dreadlocks repair.           5. the estimate for this type of dreadlocks services start from $200.00 and up.
  6. Having major concerns about your locs needing extra TLC with your locs this is the session for you.. Tightening of roots and new growth at the scalp by Palm-Rolling throughout the loc. along with a deep wash and hot oil treatment.(( This service does not include Loc repairs)) NO WAX NO GELS. We do not offer interlocking
  7. Because of the nature of how interlocking is done in some individuals, interlocking will case dreadlocks to split from the roots and, in severe cases, be difficult or impossible to fix. Some also believe that when interlocking is used to tighten new growth that the hair gets pulled too tight and causes too much tension on the hair at the roots.

One of the beautiful things about locs is that it doesn't require many tools. As a matter of fact, depending on the style of locs you choose, it doesn't require anything. The popular tool used for locs is the latch hook. This tool is used by people who tighten their locs using an interlocking method Interlocking Locs interlocking is a maintenance technique in which the end of the loc is pulled through the root to tighten the nugrowth to the scalp. This technique can be achieved with a tool or with fingers; and it is commonly used in the Sisterlocks™ and micro locs hair locking systems Locs & Lashes by Traci Shavonne specialize in a variety of Dreadlock Services including Loc Extensions and Complete Loc Reconstruction / Repair. Specializing in Dreadlock Services Loc Extensions Installatio

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  1. Before using a crochet hook to start your dreadlocks, tighten your dreads or add extensions to your dreads you definitely want to practice on something other than your hair first.. Crochet maintenance on locs is a very efficient way to do your loc maintenance but it is a skill that takes some time to get the hang of
  2. The interlocking method requires you to pull the end of the loc through the root in order to tighten the new growth to the scalp. The biggest advantage of the interlocking method is that it prevents hair from unravelling for a long time. It is suited for all types of locs
  3. d, the interlocking method is quite.
  4. Sisterlocks are a natural interlocking hair technique, like dreadlocks. A special tool, specifically made for sisterlocks, is used to form the locks. The thin structure of the locks allows you to style your hair in many different ways. There are four main stages of sisterlocks. You will need a.
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These Interlocking Tools for Locs of all sizes are EXACTLY what you need! Two tools, high quality material, step-by-step instructions included, & saving you money in the long run - That's why our Lion Locs Interlocking Tool is the perfect tool for your mane Insert the latch hook into the middle of your hair section, start from top to bottom. Put the top of your hair into the hook and latch it. Pull it through your hair. Repeat step 2, 3, 4 with different sides clockwise until your hair section is locked from top to bottom. Basically, you'll go from north to south, east to west, south to north. Interlocking techniques used primarily for micro dreads in African textured hair. In larger dreads and straighter hair textures, the technique is not normally used because of the thin, wrapped / braided appearance, that it leaves. Interlocking or crocheting of this type are not a good choice for tightening of dreads Interlocking is a maintenance technique in which the end of the loc is pulled through the root to tighten the nugrowth to the scalp. This technique can be achieved with a tool or with fingers. 1. 5. Barrel Twist Loc updo by Locs by Gigi.

Sisterlocks vs. Dreadlocks. If you're wondering about the difference between Sisterlocks and dreadlocks, it has to do with the technique and the size. An interlocking Sisterlocks tool is necessary to get tiny locks, whereas dreads are formed with the hands. Dreadlocks also tend to be thicker, and are built from the root We specialize in Instant Locs and the Crochet Method. Crochet Method. Instant Locs Method. No Interlocking or Twisting. No String or Rubber Bands. No Wax or Locking Gels. Never any Chemicals. Hair Types. The Crochet Method allows us to be highly effective with ALL hair types Dec 7, 2020 - Explore Uvondia Lovett's board Interlocking locs on Pinterest. See more ideas about locs hairstyles, natural hair styles, dreadlock hairstyles Follow these easy instructions to maintain your roots, flip-free. I highly recommend adding these steps to your weekly dread maintenance routine, once you've washed your locks (check the How to Wash Dreads tutorial for easy tips and info) and damp palm rolled with Knotty Boy Locksteady Tropical Tightening Gel, if you really want to speed up the root-tightening process Interlocking( Micro Locs) $225.00+ 6h. Book Retwist Only (short) $55.00+ 30min. Book Retwist Only (Medium) $65.00+ 30min. Book Retwist Only (Long) Locs Roots are tighten using crochet interlock tec... more $125.00+ 2h:55min. Book Locs Maintenance with Curls.

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  1. Locsanity Curved Interlocking Dreads Set Tool Loc Dreadlock Maintenance - Medium Dreadlocks. $9.99-$19.99. Login to use Wishlist
  2. s. A 48 hour notice is recommended for cancellations
  3. At Radiance we can install new dreadlocks and maintain locs by re-twisting and re-locking hair for health. Dreadlock tightening maintenance. Clean up your dreadlocks with regular maintenance. Either interlock the locs or comb twist and style the hair to secure the regrowth. We prefer interlock as it is more secure and works on most hair textures
  4. Tightening up those babies Another thing I also managed to do was tighten up the loose hairs all up and down my locks. I just use the same method that I used to interlock my roots, only I look for loose holes along the lock and work my way up or down. The only thing you have to watch out for is pulling the lock through the same whole twice
  5. Traditional Loc- Interlocking Method Midback Loc Haven, LLC specializes in natural loc (interlocks and traditional) installation, re-tightening and loc maintenance. Contact & Business hours (808) 497-8036 Call Sunday Closed. Monday 06:00 PM -08:30 PM Tuesday 06:00 PM -07.
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Today I would like to share some information with you about my hair. I started wearing locs in the summer of 2006. My mother, Isis, started my locs and coined them Isis locs. They are very small locs started from a braiding and interlocking technique. I have had my locs for what seems like ages now and I love them Where to Buy Dreadlocks Dreads custom get low price, have also Dreadlocks - Dreads - custom Dreadlock tool for Interlocking and re-tightening locs review from who actually use, details follow you can buy for Dreadlocks Dreads custom cheap let's go Available Offers: Click Now! To Compare for Special Price Today Asin: B007UH2TQ4 Dreadlocks - Dread Color:Style A | Size:2 Pieces Dreadlocks tool dreadlocks crochet hook crochetneedle and interlocking tools easyloc hair tool for dreadlocks, interlockssisterlocks braid craft Features: The dreadlocks tools set can be applied toweave, tighten, fixed, repair your dreadlocks. if you like dreadlocks or wantto try it, it is a nice tool set for you Starter Locs, Root Tightening, Styles & Maintenance via multiple locking methods. Operating as usual. 06/23/2020 . APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE!! #dreadlockstyles #dreadie #dreadlocks #womenwithlocs #menwithlocs #locjourney #longlocs #teamlocs #teamdreads #interlocking @ Locs By Holiday

Interlocking method used to tighten up your locs when you are active. Book now. #EbonysRootz #teamlocs #dreadlocs #locmaintenance #natural #blackhair #melaninpoppin #atlanta #loccommunity #locstylist #longlocs #locqueen #locs #naturalhair #locstyles #dreads #locnation #dreadlocks #locjourney #hair #loclivin #loctician #womenwithlocs #locstylesforwomen #naturalhairstyles #dreadhead #. Dreadlocks Tool, Hair Locking Tool, Hair Extensions Interlocking Retighten Tools For Locs Easy Locking Needle Hair Loc Maintenance Tightening Accessories Tool Kits Description. SMOOTH & SIMPLE: You won't snag or pull your hair with our smooth chrome finish Legacy Salon. 4140 Legacy Drive Suite 10 Plano, TX 75024 (214) 690-2775. thelocdlife@gmail.co

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37 reviews of Locs Myth at Natural Essence She super nice, the salon is clean She wash my hair with some kind of mint shampoo. It felt so good after she re-twisted my Locs wow talk about fast. I normally do my own Locs but i was lazy. I'mm going back and see what kind of Loc hair style she can d Sisterlocked: Re-tightening My Own Sisterlocks. Sisterlocked: Re-tightening My Own Sisterlocks. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Log in Step 3) Once you have sectioned the hair, the locs can be formed using several methods. The most common for textured hair include palm-rolling, interlocking, starter braids, double-strand twists, or single-strand coils. You can also form dreadlocks using a method called freeform or semi-freeform Empress Locs, New York, NY. 78 likes · 3 talking about this. Embarking on a new journey as a professional Loctician! I specialize in Interlocking methods/ NBHC method used on microlocs and..

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Interlocking is a maintenance technique in which the end of the loc is pulled through the root to tighten the nugrowth to the scalp. This technique can be achieved with a tool or with fingers Make sure the latch door is completely closed before guiding it back out of the hair.***. ::: ︎ ︎ HOW TO INTERLOCK ︎ ︎::: What you will see in the video is the 4-point pattern (12,3,6,9,12 for 1 full rotation) until the root is tight but not pulling. - Spray and oil your locs; proceed to separating the locs at the root to prevent tangling Interlocking Keep Dreads Tight At The Roots. Interlocking is the perfect method to keep your roots tight since it comprises pulling each locs through the base of the root. This process requires you to maintain a four-point interlocking pattern. So, you don't pull your loc in the same direction and reinforce your dreads to the roots This loctician is showing how to repair demonstrating how to repair the gap between a loc. Click on the video to view how to repair the gaps between the new growth of a loc. The estimate for this dreadlock service repair is $100.00 and up. For more dreadlocks styleS please visit our Instagram @DreadlocksMeme Locs are a magnificent and versatile way to rock your natural hair, capable of elegant updos, inspirational colors and styles, and impressive length. But don't believe the common misconception that dreadlocks are easier to take care of than other styles. In order to keep your locs healthy and thriving, you need to loc down a consistent regimen that keeps them happy. Not sure where to start (or.

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I must agree with M*Shawnte, it was not easy retightening my locs. However I did managed it and got rid of some of the Y shapes at the base of some of my locs. My next question is how do you start the interlocking pattern with short hair(1 to 1 1/2 inches)? I've watched your video and found it difficult to hold the hair in order to start rotating Maintaining dreadlocks is an everyday task. This is the first bit of important information you need to know. There are a lot of things that can damage your locs if they are not cared for properly, such as product buildup, tight styling, bleaching, and more

Loc Interlock ‼️Please Read‼️Effective 1/1/2021. BALANCE DUE AT THE TIME OF SERVICE Interlocking technique use to tighten the root of healthy locs Please select pricing based on length of time since last service 1-2 months $125 2-4 months $150 4-6 months $175 $125.00. 2h:30min. Book. Some people also use this technique for tightening dreads. Years ago it was called crocheting which is really confusing now since crocheting is another technique used on dreadlocks. The reason you don't want to use interlocking to tighten your dreads is that it leaves wraps of hair that look different than dreaded hair each time you do it Interlocking. $120+. Interlocking also known as the loc stitch is a manual tightening of the roots of locs. This option is great for those who are physically active, need the option of washing their hair more often or is an avid beach/pool visitor. Includes wash

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House of Dreads are true locs, they differ from traditional locs in the technique used to form them. The House of Dreads method uses a precise parting grid, and a tool to produce small easily styled locs (or locks). House of Dreads does not use any waxes, jells, creams or hair extensions, so everything that [ Washing in residue free soaps and shampoos helps dreadlocks tighten whereas washing with soaps and shampoos that are not residue free will make it harder for locks to tighten properly. 1.Begin by sectioning the hair with a comb. Larger sections make larger dreadlocks. Square sections grow round dreadlocks. 3/4 sections are a nice average size.

Traditional locs can be started by using finger coils or comb curls. This can be done at home or by a professional for a more uniform look. These are often maintained by applying a twisting and/or loc gel, twisting at the root, and securing in place with a metal clip. You also have the option of interlocking your hair subsequently Instant Locs. Skip the initial budding stages by using this loc method. Different from interlocking, this method locs the hair from the body, not the scalp. Wash included. Process takes 5 hours (dependent on hair length) The Benefits Of Palm Rolling Dreadlocks. Palm rolling is one of the best techniques to tighten your dreadlocks. After twisting your dreadlocks, keep the knots compressed and tight by palm rolling them regularly.. What Is Palm Rolling? The technique of palm-rolling (as the name implies), involves rolling locks of hair between the base of both your palms, using a fair amount of pressure Aline Newcomb on Learning how to start and tighten locs using the interlock; Esther Mayers on Learning how to start and tighten locs using the interlock; BestMitchell on How should I style my sisterlocks for prom? BestDianna on Natural Hair in Corporate America Wooden Interlocking Tool. $ 6.99 Add to Cart. Use this tool to create instant locs , repair locs , tighten extensions & install our human hair Loc Extensions. This is great to help speed up the process of loc-ing your roots on your permanent loc extensions also. Use this tool to create instant locs , repair locs , tighten extensions.

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6530 W Glendale Ave Glendale, Arizona 85301. 2578 E 7Th Ave St Paul, Minnesota 55109. finedreadlocs@gmail.com. 6513470202 INTERLOCKING LOCS. Interlocking is a maintenance technique in which the end of the loc is pulled through the root to tighten the nugrowth to the scalp. No specific pattern is require. TWO-STRAND TWIST STARTER LOCS. The two-strand twist method really getting popular over recent years as a way to start your locs

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We are strongly against interlocking dreadlocks for maintenance. Interlocking has a few benefits: it's quick, easy, and gets your scalp tight. But what most people don't understand until it's too late is that this method doesn't actually create a real dreadlock 6. Your Dreadlocks Consultant will discuss the type of dreadlocks services will be best for your particular hair texture. (Meaning Wool hair texture, Medium wavy hair texture, Fine-straight hair texture). 7. Your Dreadlocks Consultant will provide or e-mail a Dreadlocks service Invoice to you, in regards to an accurate service price. 8

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  1. I then hooked on the London Locks Tool onto the end of his loc and interlocked up the length to his root using a 4-Point Rotation. Once I had finished interlocking I used a comb to re-coil, tighten and neaten up the ends of his loc and then clipped it out of the way
  2. Specialties: We are conveniently located on the north side of Houston. No more long waiting lists and No more long drives to 3rd Wards, SouthWest, or Museum District. A quality Natural hair stylists/Salon is now in your backyard! We specialize in long strong thick healthy growing Locs, Twists, & Braids Palm roll Interlock/latching Repair/reconstruction No slippage No breakage Loc Extensions.
  3. Loc Styling with Maintenance - $75 and up (All in one service for locs. Interlock Tightening Loc Maintenance - $85 and up (Shampoo and retightening of locs using a tool to weave new growth close to scalp. Locs Styling Only - $35 and up (Creative Styling using rollers, braids or twists.
  4. micro locs The Different Types of Microlocs. There are various types of microlocs that you can adapt. Some of the most common ones are interlocking braids or twists. The one featured in today's video was interlocking, and Keke's applying the retwisting method to help maintain it. It took her about a couple of hours to complete it
  5. DREADLOCKS EXTENSIONS-- WITH SYNTHETIC HAIR. 2 MONTHS LATER: BEFORE TIGHTEN THE ROOTS & ENTERING LOOSE HAIR INSIDE THE ACTUAL LOC. AFTER TIGHTEN THE ROOTS. We Would Love to Have You Visit Soon! Hours. Tue-Sat: 10 AM - 7 PM. Telephone (786)290-6552. Email. customer-service@dreadlocksmeme.com
  6. A method using an interlocking tool for tightening of smaller locs. $100 & up. Styles. Curls, two strand twist, rope twist, braids, pedals, and more. $25 & up. Treatments. Apple Cider Vinegar detox, loc repair, and more. All by consultation. $55 & up. Micro Loc Intiation. Locs that are smaller than traditional locs and is interloced for tightening

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  1. Specialties: Dreadlocks Starter Dreadlocks Dreadlock Extensions Dreadlock Retwist/Tightening Dreadlock Interlocking Backcombing Dreadlock Styles Dreadlock Color Dreadlock Hot Oil Treatments Dreadlock Repair Established in 2006. Southern Napps has been in operation for 18 years. Southern Napps Dreadlock Salon is located in North Dallas, TX!! We have two stylist that work at Southern Napps with.
  3. THE LOC SHOP. Specializing in Dreadlock Services: Loc Extensions Installation -&- Removal Complete Loc Reconstruction / Restoration / Repair Comb Coil Starter Locs Routine Loc Maintenance Retwist Loc Combining Crochet Tightening Interlocking Loc Reattachment Instant Loc Wicks / Wick Extensions. PAYMENT PLAN(S) OFFERE
  4. Easy Locking Needle Hair loc maintenance Tool Kit (1 Large + 1 Small Pin). Microlocs, braidlocs, sisterlocs, or large locs - This kit will work for you! These Interlocking Tools for Locs of all sizes are EXACTLY what you need
  5. Perfect tool for dreadlocks. Smooth and Simple to Use: This dreadlocks interlocking needle does not snag or pull your hair, your hair also easily latches in place by pushing your locs into the smaller part of the loop hole on the tool, easy for you to do your hair
  6. LOC'd KINGS and QUEENS enjoy this easy to use INSTANT INTERLOCKING HAIR TOOL for your LOCS. Made of Stainless Steel this DREADLOCK TOOL is perfect for TIGHTENING or STARTING your LOCs NO MORE gels, waxes, creams, clips, dryers, paperclips or latch hook. SAFE for ALL hair types, ethnicities and various LOC sizes i.e. s
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Zahara Locs Boston. 339-235-3885. Learn about natural hair... About. Blog. Loc Installation and Maintenance. - Re-tightening*.....$135.00 first 2.5 hours $15 per 1/4 hour after. - Installation* Interlock, Sisterlocks & Brotherlocks™.....prices depend on the desired loc size, length and density of hair Loc Interlock Tightening (w/Rope Twists/Braids) 3 hours 10 minutes @ $160.00 Enjoy a thorough shampoo and conditioning followed by crotchet method with precision parting to give a clean look. Loc Style Refresh. 35 minutes @ $35.00 Want to refresh your loc style in between another retwist? This is the best option for yo Loc Installation Info. Installation Date - 27 July 2015 - 01 August 2015 Hair Type - 4b, Thick Density, 11-13 inches long Locking Method - Interlocking, 4 point rotation Size of Partings - Front - 1/8 inch, Back - 1/4 inch Number of Hours - 76 hours over 6 days (Day 1 - 8 hrs, Day 2 - 12 hrs, Day 3 - 15 hrs, Day 4 - 14 hrs, Day 5 - 14 hrs, Day 6 - 13 hrs) which. Loc self re-tightening class (Non-Sisterlocks®) Online option availale. Tightening tool provided. Tool not authorized for use on Sisterlocks® This class is for loc persons with all types of small locs. This class will teach you retightening of your own interlocks, microlocks, and small tooled Locs Sisi tunaziita Removable Dreads tuna Ofa maalaum mwezi huu kwa ajili yako tupigie #0715127900 @tz_dreadlocks_salon Repair & Style, Retwist & Tighten Maintenance, Palm rolled,Starter locks, hot oil treatments, coloring,interlocking,lock extension,Deep cleanse etc Location, Ubungo city bus terminal opposite exit gate #Callus_071512790 Schedule your appointment online The Hair Therapist. Not accepting New clients only new clients for loc extensions orders.. Please read>>>>>Last minute cancellations and no call or no show will be charge a $20 fee on next appt. 48 hour cancellation policy No kids or extra guest in the salon unless they are being serviced.We have limited seating. . All price are final no refu