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Home > HEADGEAR > GERMAN WWII HELMET PARTS > HELMET DECALS: Sort By: Page of 1 : Reproduction Waffen SS 1st Model Dry Transfer Runic Decal Price: $15.00 . Reproduction Heer (Army) Dry Transfer Decal Price: $15.00 . Reproduction Waffen SS 2nd Model Dry Transfer Runic Decal Price: $15. WW2 Soviet helmets; Decal, From Stalingrad German helmet M35 DD / from Stalingrad Product number: t1n7567. USD 80. Buy. Third Reich Wehrmacht & Kriegsmarine Battle damage, Decal, From Stalingrad, Owner's signature German helmet M35 DD / from Konigsberg Product number: t1n7558 german helmet decal SS 2nd pattern. helmet decal German SS, 2nd pattern. high quality reproduction, with typical white metallic background. In Stock. 10,00 €. In Stock. Add to cart More. Add to Wishlist. 10,00 € Out of stock HITLER YOUTH HELMET DECAL. $ 8.95. FIELD GRADE REPRODUCTION WWII GERMAN HITLER YOUTH HELMET DECAL REPRODUCTION GERMAN HITLER YOUTH HELMET DECAL. HOW TO APPLY DECALS: 1. Immerse the decal in water. 2. When the decal is just moveable on the paper, remove from the water. This will take a minute or two. There is no exact 1) Cut out you decals as close to the decal as possible. 2) Wet down the area on the helmet you plan to put the decal on with decal setting solution or water. Soak the decals in water till the decal can easily slide off. 3) Carefully slide the decals off the paper and onto the helmet, being careful not to rip them

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WW2 German Kriegsmarine Pith Helmet Decals. £19.95. In stock. Buy Now. Kriegsmarine Helmet Decal. £4.95. Out of stock. WW2 German Helmet Decal Sheet. £13.95 German Repro Decals (pair) - Army Reddick Militaria's German Helmet Decals are the highest quality available, and we offer the widest selection on the market. Extensive research on original decals and helmets ensures that these are the proper size and colors with exact replication of designs. Application is easy, as shown in our video WWII German Helmet Decal - Water Transfer (Face Up) Instructions: We only recommend using acrylic varnish, acrylic resins or acrylic adhesives on our decals. If you use solvent or petrolium based liquids there is a strong chance you will destroy the decal! For the 'face up' method we strongly advise you use ' Humbrol Decalfix ' on the shell. WWII WW2 GERMAN HELMET DECAL M40 M42 M35 STICKER SET. Brand New. $5.49. Buy It Now +$2.00 shipping. from China. S p o 4 R n s o U r e S d I O E J 1 V W. GREAT WWII German Death Card, SHOWN WEARING STEEL HELMET, DECAL, 62nd Regt Franz. Pre-Owned. $32.50. or Best Offer +$4.00 shipping. S p o n s T o r T J 5 G e d 1 Y 4 A 7. 2PCS WW2 GERMAN HELMET.

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German Helmet Decals - Waffen-SS Decal (Early Style) New high quality German Waffen SS helmet decals that are the proper size and colors with exact design replication. These come in pairs with Service and National Colors decals. These are the early style as found on Transitional Helmets and some M35.. List of all aged German WW2 Helmet Decals: Army (Heer), Eagle Decals: Heer No 1. Army (Heer) decal. This is a medium overall wear decal representing approximately two to three years service in the German army. It has light rust in the background and is worn in many parts Heer Decals. Huber Jordan u. Koerner (aka Thin winged decal) - Factory and Re-issue decal. Like the Pocher decal below , this decal has seen widespread use and can be found on many different configurations. Both EF and NS factories used this decal on their M35 , M40 and M42 helmets. You will also find this decal on many transitional helmets If you are restoring a original German WW2 helmet and want the best decal manufactured in the world today this is it. Application is easy: simply dip in warm water for about 30 seconds, wait for the film to release, slide onto surface, wipe gently to smooth surface, then allow to dry. More Information. More Information. SKU. D12. Weight. 0.005000 WWII German French Volunteer's II helmet decal. Water decal. Put it in water a few minutes. The decal will separate from the backboard. Th... $7.00. FREE SHIPPING. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare

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Looking to replace it now :). Luckily Lufts are a dime a dozen. Which isn't to take away from them as they are some of the more beautiful helmets in my opinion. Just not hard to find is all. Z. If I'm talking about a Zach ON Facebook it's never you. Post Reply: Luftwaffe Q64 DN173 single decal doubts. Cancel. 1 2 WWII M35 Q64 German Army Double Decal Helmet. Item H622: Exterior displays light to moderate wear with approx. 97% of the factory parade green paint remaining. Both authentic and factory applied decals commensurate with the overall wear. This helmet bears the very desirable Bigfoot Heer adler decal which rates approx. 98% whereas the National tri-color rates approx. 96% WW2 German Luftwaffe Helmets : HG-1041. WW2 German M35 DD Luft Camo Chickwire $2,500. HG-1217cxa. WW2 German Luft Single Decal M40 $850. HG-837. WW2 Luft Airfield DD M34 Helmet $900. HG-1372. WW2 Luftwaffe M42 Single Decal 62 $430 WW2 German Helmet Decal National Colours 1 pcs. Brand New. C $4.37. Buy It Now +C $2.68 shipping. from Lithuania. 44 sold. T S R p D 9 Z o R n s X o T V 9 r e d. German Helmet Decal WW2. Brand New. C $4.95. Buy It Now +C $2.50 shipping. from Latvia. 16 sold. 7 S p o U 9 5 n s o S r 9 e Y d F 2 6 M [ WW#2 ] GERMAN Sd Kfz 234 ARMOURED CAR, Model. A decal with German tricolor was applied on the right side of a model M35 (on a German helmet SS there was a decal - a party shield of Deutsches Reich- attached). A decal Kriegsmarine, Wehrmacht, Polizei, SS or Luftwaffe was applied on the left side

The item WW2 German Helmet M35 Size 60. The Battle for Stalingrad. World War II Relic is in sale since Wednesday, July 7, 2021. This item is in the category Collectibles\Militaria\WW II (1939-45)\Original Period Items\Germany\Hats & Helmets. The seller is thesteelhelmet and is located in . This item can be shipped worldwide WW2 German Helmet Decal Sheet. SKU. GHD-0144. Out of stock. Full set of Army, Luftwaffe, Police and S.S. helmet decals. View product details. Please or register to view full product details including prices. Add to Wishlist. Skip to the end of the images galler

#BG17 M35 Ex- Double Decal Combat Helmet Original WWII German M35 ex- double decal combat helmet. This is a nice helmet, the soldier who once owned it followed the October 1943 order and removed the helmet decals likely for camouflage and concealment reasons SOLD Original WWII German Army (HEER) M42 SINGLE DECAL HELMET. (Stahlhelm M42) Brought Back By A U.S. Veteran Certified. The first modern steel helmets were introduced by the French army in early 1915 and were shortly followed by the British army later that year. With plans on the drawing board, experimental helmets in the field, (Gaede helmet), and some captured French and British helmets. Original German WWII M40 No Decal Kriegsmarine Painted Battleship Gray Q66. Price: $725.00. Original Third Reich Early Allgemeine SS No Decal Model 1918 Helmet. Price: $1,250.00. Original German WWII M35 Heer Reissued Double Decal Helmet SE64. Price: $1,495.00 The decals made a good target for snipers. First to go was the brightly colored nation shield on Wehrmacht helmets and the swastika shield on the SS helmets. Later on it was decided to also remove the eagles and SS runes as well. The Luftwaffe pro.. M35/M42 German Helmet - Police Decal. £5. . 99. M35/M42 German Helmet Decal - Police DecalEasy to use, dip in water for 30 seconds and peelFor use with our WW2 reproduction German Helmet..

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Typically a double decal helmet, with one of the decals being the jurisdiction of the police officer early, or the tri-color shield on later helmets. The Transitional Helmet. The German Helmets of WW-2. M-35: In 1935 the new helmet was introduced. It had a shorter skirt than the WW-1 models, and the vent lugs were reduced significantly in size The decals are perfect in authenticity and appropriately aged. The chin strap is company marked and it has a head stamp IV-1938. Nice pigskin liner. All in all, a beautiful restoration job on a 100% original WWII helmet shell. In other words, an original German helmet with a face lift. And an excellent one that! PRICE: SOL IMA estimates about 10 percent of these helmets have German WWII-era stamps in the shells. The rest are likely postwar-supplied helmets from West Germany. According to Cranmer, all are German-made from the wartime era, regardless of when Finland received them. pinterest-pin-it. The recently discovered helmets are a mix of M38 Hungarian helmets. 101ST 506TH HELMET DECAL-SPADE. $ 8.95. MUSUEM GRADE REPRODUCTION WWII US 101ST AIRBORNE 506TH PARATROOPER SPADE AND TICK HELMET DECAL. MADE FAMOUNS BY EASY COMPANY. HOW TO APPLY DECALS: 1. Immerse the decal in water. 2. When the decal is just moveable on the paper, remove from the water. This will take a minute or There is no doubt this helmet was worn by a member of the German Polizei during WWII. It's an attractive, representative example of a desirable double decal police helmet, that displays very well. When the German Army first marched into war in 1914 it went to the front lines wearing the traditional Picklehaube helmets

An original WWII German M42 helmet with what looks like the remnants of a decal. The helmet is size/maker stamped HKP66 and with a batch number that is hard to read but looks like 1990. The leather liner is present and intact but shows wear as you can see in the pictures. The chinstrap is missing. An inexpensive army helmet in a nice large size. German Army, Single-decal M-43 Helmet (Item HELM 1-26) DESCRIPTION:Here is a size '59' 'M-43' helmet. This again is a 100-percent real German WWII helmet completely and expertly refurbished with new liner, strap, decal, and repainted to resemble the actual original color. It still has the back of shell marking ('NS 64 250')

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M38 Luftshutz Helmet. The three piece, stamped, sheet steel construction Luftschutz M38 Gladiator style helmet retains a most of its original, smooth, dark satin blue paint. It has no decal. The helmet has two groups of seven salt & pepper ventilation holes to either side of the crown. All three of the small, flat headed, liner retaining. German WWII Police Helmet Decal Transfer. $ 220 View. Luftwaffe Helmet Decal in Green. $ 495 View. German Luftwaffe Model 1942 Single Decal Camouflage Helmet. $ 1,150 View. WWII German Luftwaffe Chunky Camouflage Paratrooper Helmet with Portrait. WWII M42 ET66 German Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet. WWII M35 Q64 German Waffen SS Double Decal Helmet. WW2 M35 ET62 German Luftwaffe Double Decal Helmet. WWII M42 EF66 German Waffen SS Single Decal Helmet. WWI M16 Bell L Size 64 German Camo Helmet. WW2 M38 ET66 German Fallschirmjäger Single Decal Helmet. WWII M38 ET71 German Paratrooper. WW2 German Feuerwehr M34 Helmet & Neck Guard. (Code: 2898) £ 225.00($317.56) Details Add to Cart. Feuerwehr M34 helmet complete with liner, chinstrap and neck guard. Helmet features a Heinkel decal, although these factory decals did exist we are not 100% comfortable with it so are selling the decal as a post war addition to be on the safe side SOLD Original WWII German Fire Police DOUBLE DECAL FEUERSCHUTZPOLIZEI HELMET. (Stahlhelm M34) Brought Home By A U.S. Veteran Certified. The stamped aluminum construction, civic M34 square dip style helmet retains most of its original black satin finish paint. The left side of the helmet has a, silver bordered, black based, police decal with the second pattern, silver, wreathed police eagle.

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Ref #: C-HAD-HEL-3. SS M42 SINGLE DECAL HELMET. (Stahlhelm M42) Single Decal M-42 SS Combat Helmet. This is an excellent example of this type of helmet. Retains 95% of its rough dark green finish, and a pleasing toned decal, 98%. Lining, chinstrap, and even the draw string are all original to this helmet, and in used but excellent condition Our German WWII M35 Helmet Green Reproduction is a replica of a German WWII M-35 Stahlhelm and will appeal to WWII military collectors and re-enactors. These helmets are painted in the correct green color, and each comes with your choice of a FREE set of German WWII helmet decals German steel helmet M40 . Replica of the M40 helmet made of steel, standardized in May 1940, maintains the traditional German helmet line with the flange, but the ventilation rivet is removed. The helmet comes fully assembled with its Inlay and leather strap chin. Helmet come without decals, please select you decal and color helmet. In Stoc Understanding WWII German helmet insignia. German Army M35 double decal helmet. There maybe no more iconic item from the Second World War than the double decal German helmet. Most people, even those who know little about the history of WWII can easily recognize one of these helmets. From the comical Sargent Schultz of Hogan's Hero's fame to. German WWII M42 Army Combat Helmet Size ET64. $735SOLD. This is a solid attractive combat helmet showing only light age and use. The paint is still very good with a nice decal. The liner is solid, but the strap is broken and missing a bit. It's a good looking example which will display very well. 62030

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  1. The item German WW2 Heer M42 helmet EF64 Double Decal With Original Liner is in sale since Wednesday, March 31, 2021. This item is in the category Collectables\Militaria\World War II (1939-1945)\Helmets/ Hats. The seller is harrypitt69″ and is located in Nottingham. This item can be shipped worldwide. Modified Item: No
  2. Waffen SS helmet M42 / from Veliky Novgorod Product number: t1n7486. USD 700. Third Reich Wehrmacht & Kriegsmarine Decal, From Stalingrad, Liner. Wehrmacht helmet M35 / from Stalingrad Product number: t1n7443. USD 700. Third Reich Wehrmacht & Kriegsmarine Liner. German helmet M40 / from Leningrad Product number: t1n7442
  3. Helmet Size 66 (liner size 58-59) $349.00 AVAILABLE. Helmet Size 68 (liner size 60-61) $459.00 SOLD OUT. Helmet restoration services. There are those that have their own WW2 German helmet and prefer to have it restored rather than buy a complete helmet. I can offer the following services
  4. 178HEL8 - Luftschutz gladiator style helmet complete with original chinstrap and leather liner. Nicely stamped on rear apron. $475. More Photos. 178HEL12 - Polizei M42 double decal combat helmet by EF. This helmet features the Polizei and party shields. Both display well and show normal period wear

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German WWII helmets models M35, M40 and M42 come in one of seven sizes. The liners DO NOT adjust, and are not universal as are US liners. This is a source of endless confusion and consternation to collectors and re-enactors. The German sizing system is actually rather simple and very logical IMPERIAL GERMAN HELMETS. S004085 M35 DOUBLE DECAL HELMET Q64. C116564 U.S. WWII HELMET NAPE STRAP. C103182 U.S. PARACHUTIST COMBAT HELMET CHIN STRAP. UNITED STATES Korean War, Vietnam War ETC To see our complete inventory of US Post WW2 Items Click Here. C037785 VIETNAM WAR ERA U.S. M-1 COMBAT HELMET WITH CAMOUFLAGE COVER..

Mini Helmets. WW2 German Caps & Boots. WW2 German Visor Caps. WW2 German Field Equipment. WW2 German Weapons Kit. WW2 German Personal Equipment. Other German WWII & Axis Item. WW2 Originals. WW1 Imperial German German steel helmets - Wehrmacht, 10 helmets and decals. ELEFANT Corporation 1:35. E35025 2020 | New tool. German Heads - Camo Helmets. Firestorm Models 1:35. FS35135. 5 Heads w/German WWII Steel Helmets. Hornet & Wolf 1:35. HGH22 2000 | New tool Double decal M-35 Luftwaffe helmet retaining about 50% of its original tan tropical overpaint. The decals appear to have been cleaned/exposed after time of painting, and survive in the 50-60% range. The original liner is salty, having darkened, and shows a few rips

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The approximate weight of a German combat helmet is a bit over 3 pounds including the liner and chinstrap. For purposes of discussion, a German helmet consists of a steel shell, a leather liner, which is held in place by a liner band (made of either aluminum or steel/zinc), and a chinstrap. The first is known as the M-35 (Model of 1935) Czechoslovak WZ 32 steel helmet - Wehrmacht. The helmet was re-issued by Germans and repainted in Schiefergrau paint which is typical for German steel helmets from 1940 year and also Wehrmacht decal was applied. Same Wehrmacht decals most often seen on re-issued M16-18 helmets. The leather part of the liner is cut off, but the liner can be. Nov 26, 2015 - Explore Robert Zimmerman's board German helmet on Pinterest. See more ideas about german helmet, helmet, german

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Add further fine details to your 1/35 scale German WWII Infantry figures with this easy-to-use decal set, which includes decals to depict insignia on German Africa Corps, Military Police, and Waffen-SS soldiers' uniforms. Decals include rank insignia, medals, and armbands. Decals made by Cartograf WW2 German Helmet Decal National Colours 1 pcs. AU $4.48 + AU $2.93 shipping + AU $2.93 shipping + AU $2.93 shipping. 53 sold 53 sold 53 sold. WW2 German Helmet Decals National Colours 2 pcs. AU $8.29 + AU $2.93 shipping + AU $2.93 shipping + AU $2.93 shipping. 32 sold 32 sold 32 sold Jun 2, 2021 - Explore WarHats.com's board Stencils, followed by 1413 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about stencils, headwear, helmet WW2 German Helmets ' WW2 German helmets which are fresh-to-the-market, the best-of-their-type, with original chinstraps, decals & more.' WW2 German helmets have featured strongly at Ulric of England since the late '70s. Today, our commitment to WW2 German helmets which are the best-of-their-type, and fresh-to-the-market, is recognised both nationally and globally; as a result, the German. Here I am presenting a quality reproduction of WWII German WH helmet water transfer decals 2pcs. They are easy to install on the helmet ! When purchasing more than one item please request an invoice, so I can combine your purchases. I will ship your item within 2 days after we have received payment.The item are usually delivered in 3-15 working days for Europe and 10 - 45 working days for most.

The item Original WW2 German Helmet Norwegian Army decals Post War Norway is in sale since Saturday, June 23, 2018. This item is in the category Collectables\Militaria\World War II (1939-1945)\Helmets/ Hats. The seller is lordofthehoard and is located in Swansea. This item can be shipped worldwide The Stahlhelm (German, 'steel helmet') is a specific type of German military headgear made of steel, which is primarily intended to provide protection against shrapnel and fragments of grenades.The term Stahlhelm refers both to a generic steel helmet and more specifically to the distinctive German military design.. The armies of major European powers introduced helmets of this type during. WW2 German Police Helmet Decals $ 7.99. Quick View. Compare. Add to cart. WW2 German SS Helmet Decals Early War $ 7.99. Quick View. Compare. Our Customer Guarentee. World War Supply strives to provide the most accurate and quality products available. If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return the item up to 30 days after purchase WW2 German Army Helmet Decals. USD$20 USD$5. Add to Cart. WW2 German Waffen S.S. Helmet Decals. USD$20 USD$5. Add to Cart. Random Products Otto-Ernst Remer's Ribbon Bar. USD$28 . WW2 German Ribbon Bar#21. USD$60 . Anti-Aircraft Flak Battle Badge (Flak-Kampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe) USD$35 USD$29. Luftwaffe 2nd Lt Collar Tabs I seek a supplier for : german helmet WWII liner, rivet and chinstrap. decalhelmet.com is a French company specialized in the reproduction of decal with water transfer for military helmets. We carry out also copies of rubber stamps like dome stamp for german helmet

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This is an original and complete WWII German single decal Waffen SS M40 helmet set. It is in combat-used condition. The helmet's original feldgrau finish shows minor surface rust throughout. The original ET SS decal is in excellent condition; it was applied at a slight tilt, most likely to appear more aligned when marching. The helmet's inside brim is size stamped ET64 lot number 940, denoting. Military Helmet decals suck. They are printed on the same generic crap that you get the 2 decal sheets for 5 dollars, only they cost 2 times as much. You are better off going with the 1944 decals. Just got some in the mail from him (Military Helmet Decals), tried to apply them to a helmet but they cracked and disintegrated as they came off the. German WWII Wehrmacht Heer M42 Single Decal Helmet. Said to be a Very nice genuine ww2 German single decal M42 helmet. Was found in a garage from a vet's estate in US. Chinstrap cut ( the story goes that it was still on the head of the dead German soldier ). Decal is fine WW2 German M34 Civil Helmet with Luftwaffe Decals. There appears to be decal below the Luftwaffe eagle, however, I cannot make out what the decal below the eagle is, however, this leads me to believe this is a re-issued helmet. Helmet has tri-color shield on other side. Liner in decent worn condition WWII German Third Reich Miniature M40 Helmet Decal dealers lot. The decal lot consists of the Reichsadler and National colors. The SA logo is present along with the national colors. Very good condition


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  1. Helmet fits 7-1/4 to 7-5/8 head size (large). New, well made and great for static displays or reenactments. We have purchased the remaining stores of these from 'Kamabee Keep' along with various German helmet decals which we are using to provide one set of helmet decals with each helmet at no charge as long as supplies last. M35 helmet.
  2. WW2 German Luftschutz Helmet An Original German Home Front Air Defence Helmet This Is A One Piece Construction Gladiator Type Shell Good Less Common Gold Colour Decal Dent On Top & Liner In Poor Condition. Hence Price £195. Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image! Click to open image
  3. This is a nice original WW2 M40 Heer single decal helmet. The Heer decal is about 90% intact. The helmet is stamped EF64 manufactured by ( Emaillierwerke-Fulda) the lot number is 23745 and is size 64,the lot number is 23745 6074 . The helmet surface shows 90% of its original factory paint. The liner..
  4. WW2 German Helmet double decal M40 original Heer wwii (High Point) $999 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS ORGINAL PROTOTYPE DESIGN HELMET DESIGN (WEST SACRAMENTO ) $75 JLA FORUMS - Menu Clos
  5. Ww2 german helmet decals uk. Ww2 german military belt leather thick hide belt leather as per ww2 specification in big boy size beautiful quality leather these were made post war in germany. So i thought since im going to restore and replicate some of them i might as well place some of the details on my site
  6. l056. wwii german transitional army m18 helmet with stacked decals. former double decal, parts of the national shield are visible through chips in the paint. ther are at least two coats of paint to the helmet. there are flaking remants of a silver toned army decal on top of either another well toned army decal or it may be kriegsmarine
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Helmet Authentication Forum. A forum for new and old members alike to post helmets and helmet related components like liners and chinstraps that they would like the forum members' opinions on authenticity. Note, photo requirements are the same as any other forum, 800x800 minimum size, left and right profiles of helmet, interior, closeups, lot. WW2 German Helmets & Covers. M40 helmet with decals for Heer and waffen SS. Parartroopers helmets with splinter cover, oakleaf, planetree helmet covers. For sale are M40 Double decal SS helmet. Also we sell Heer double decal M40 helmet in combat finish. Comes with liner and leather chinstrap. fallschirmjager helmet with liner

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  1. WW2 German Helmet Decal National Colours 1 pcs. AU $4.48 + AU $2.93 shipping + AU $2.93 shipping + AU $2.93 shipping. 53 sold 53 sold 53 sold. WW2 German Helmet Decals National Colours 2 pcs. AU $8.29 + AU $2.93 shipping + AU $2.93 shipping + AU $2.93 shipping. 32 sold 32 sold 32 sold
  2. WWII German SS Helmet Decal, Water Slide. $ 3.50. Our WWII German SS Death Head Helmut Decal is a reproduction and a Water Slide decal. Out of stock
  3. Pictured is a World War II German model 1934 Police helmet. The helmet has double decals on either side. One decal is the German Eagle with swaztica in silver and black and wreath of silver and black surrounded in black with a silver colored border representing the German nation
  4. Original WWI / WWII German transitional single decal helmet. Displays well with wear and decal loss from use and age. Still has original liner intact. Buyer's Premium. 20%; WWI / WWII German Transitional Single Decal Helmet. Estimate . $25 - $10,000. Jan 17. See Sold Price 16 bids
  5. The tan paint is a common camouflage color for German soldiers fighting in and around Tunisia. This helmet appears to have received a coat of grey textured paint (reissue or repaint) prior to the tan camo paint application. The decal was carefully masked and painted around, which is uncommon and very desirable

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Uniforms, guns, equipment, helmets, boots all authentic for the period. Grain, crackle, scratches, dust. Copy Space. ww2 german helmets stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Part of the uniform of a German soldier Wehrmacht German soldier Wehrmacht uniform. Helmet, hand grenade and belt pouch for cartridges Helmets. Featured Refinements: German WWII Collectables (1939-1945) Original/Reproduction: Original. German ww2 M35 double decal helmet shell - with alloy liner band. Found in Russia, this shell still shows the remains of both decals and good coverage of the apple green paint ( darkened with age ) The liner band in an early reinforced alloy.

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  1. Very lightly aged and worn reproduction German Army Officer Visor Cap. £149 + £5.90 UK P&P. M36 Model German Paratrooper Helmet : Is based on a very rare M36 model shell, but has been modified using M38 liner and of course early pattern spanner bolts. It has the early Army (Heer), Eagle and National Colour's decals
  2. British WW2 NFS - National Fire Service Helmet Decal - Northern. The decals were used on British Fire Helmets from 1941 till the end of the war and after, to identify the 'Fire Force' area. There were 43 area numerals and 49 Fire Forces. At some point during the war the Scottish Fire Forces switched from numbers to Fire Force named Regions. www.WarHats.com #warhat
  3. Ww2 German Decals in Wwii Militaria Hats & Helmets, Ww2 German in Wwii Militaria Hats & Helmets, Ww2 German Cap in Wwii Militaria Hats & Helmets, Ww2 German Relic in Wwii Militaria Hats & Helmets, Ww2 Airborne Helmet in Wwii Militaria Hats & Helmets, Original WW2 Medal, Ww2 German Cap in Collectable Wwii Military Badges
  4. SS Decals - www.german-ww2-helmet.co
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Early Droop Tailed Double ecal Luftwaffe M35 Helmet