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Having apple for breakfast allow some dietary fiber and simple sugars instead of complex carbohydrates and saturated fat for the start of your day. Consequently, by eating apple in the morning between 4.00am to 10.00am can help manage blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis as researches suggest The apple diet is a 5-day apple weight loss diet and includes a meal plan that is 1200-calories per day or less. As you may have guessed from the name, this low-calorie menu includes plenty of whole apples. In fact, proponents of this diet claim that eating 5 apples a day will drive weight loss and improve health Frozen bananas, orange juice, an apple and milk are all it takes to make this grab-and-go breakfast. Recipe creator Jim Wohlgemuth says, Thick and healthy fruit drink with apple, banana, and orange juice. The frozen banana takes the place of shaved ice and results in a smooth, creamy texture. Serve with dollop of whipped cream for added effect Don't forget that there's also a place for apples in savory breakfast dishes as well. Their sweet flavor complements egg casseroles and savory recipes that use rich ingredients or salty meats, like bacon and sausage. Apple, Sausage, and Smoked Cheddar Breakfast Casserole Bread, Sausage, and Apple Has Day 1. Breakfast: 2 apples; Lunch: 1 apple; Dinner: 3 apples; Day 2. Breakfast: 1 apple and a glass of skim milk or soy milk (if gluten sensitive) Lunch: An apple and greens salad with two carrots and half a beetroot is ideal. Make a light salad dressing with mint leaves, Dijon mustard, olive oil, salt, and pepper

Eating apples will help you drop pounds, as long as they're part of a healthy, calorie-controlled diet. A medium apple only has 95 calories, which fits in a low-calorie diet, whether at breakfast or as a snack to keep your energy up between meals. Apples have a secret weapon in the battle to lose weight; they contain lots of fiber Specifically, one medium apple with the skin provides 95 calories, 0.3 grams of total fat, 25 grams of carbs (4.4 grams of dietary fiber, 19 grams of sugar), 0.5 grams of protein, 8.4 milligrams of vitamin C and 195 milligrams of potassium, according to the USDA 3. Stimulate The Digestive Tract. Eating fruit for breakfast infuses the body with beneficial enzymes, fibre and prebiotics that help stimulate digestive juices in the stomach and push out old waste matter from the day before. Fruit fibre cleans the colon like a broom, leaving you feeling light and refreshed. 4

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Foods with low calorie density, such as apples, tend to be high in water and fiber. A medium-sized apple has only 95 calories but plenty of water and fiber. Several studies show that foods with low.. Oatmeal is the best breakfast choice for cereal lovers. It's made from ground oats, which contain a unique fiber called oat beta-glucan.This fiber has many impressive health benefits, including. The apple diet is a 5-day diet plan where a major portion of your meals will comprise of apples. On Day 1, dieters are allowed to eat only apples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On Day 2, dieters are allowed to eat apples for breakfast and dinner, and for lunch, apple and veggies Apples are good sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Coffee is brewed from ground coffee beans and is a major contributor of a stimulant called caffeine. Caffeine can have both positive and negative effects on your diet. Consult with a doctor about your consumption of apples and coffee in your diet plan

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The principles of the Mediterranean diet are the same in the morning as for any other time—choose healthy whole foods, including lots of fruits and veggies, and limit heavily processed foods and saturated fats. Where you can, use healthy olive oil as the cooking fat or to drizzle over breakfast scrambles, whole-wheat toasts, and more At bkfst time, boil more water for a cup of rose hip or hibiscus tea, a soft 4 min boiled egg, and to warm the oats. Add 1/4 cup of any fresh fruit and plain yoghurt or whole milk to the oats. Remained well fed from 6:45 a.m. till 2-3pm light lunch, paleo style supper in evening

Apple Pork Breakfast Sausage Patties Sausage patties are a tasty and easy way to get in a hearty serving of protein to start off your day! This recipe is a favorite of many people who follow paleo and AIP diets as it is so simple to prepare and the sausage patties freeze and thaw so well, making breakfast meal prep a total breeze Apples are an excellent source of fiber, which is critical for a healthy diet. Fiber can help lower cholesterol levels, control blood sugar levels, and aid in maintaining a healthy weight. Apples also contain Vitamin C; a super healthy antioxidant. The apple diet is a 5-day diet plan where a major portion of your meals will comprise of apples. On Day 1, dieters are allowed to eat only apples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On Day 2, dieters are allowed to eat apples for breakfast and dinner, and for lunch, apple and veggies. Day 3 to Day 5, the dieters are allowed to eat fruits, fresh. This apple cinnamon oatmeal is delicious for a quick and healthy breakfast. Get my top tips to make the best homemade apple cinnamon oatmeal. Homemade apple cinnamon oatmeal is a weekly staple breakfast recipe. Today I want to share one of our quick to-go breakfasts now that the fall weather has arrived Example of an Apple Day. Lunch Red apple Snack Green Apple Dinner Gala Apple Snack Baked Apple ( p.22) Breakfast Green Apple Snack Red Apple Lunch/Dinner Now you go back to the regular HCG diet protocol and have your protein and vegetable. (no fruit because you had it for breakfast) Stalls happen, but there's not need to be discourage

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A medium-sized banana contains about 25 grams of carbohydrates and nearly 14 grams of sugar, no fat, and about 1 gram of protein. If [a banana] is the only thing consumed for breakfast, the body is likely to respond with a sugar spike, followed by a dip below our blood sugar's baseline, says Marsac Apple-Lemon Breakfast Bowl With the fresh flavors of dates, walnuts, lemon juice and apple, this raw vegan breakfast leaves you feeling satisfied but not weighed down

10 AIP Diet Breakfast Ideas - Easy recipes for breakfast on the elimination phase of Autoimmune Protocol Diet - Paleo, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free & Gluten Free Breakfasts. 10 AIP Diet Breakfast Ideas. I've spent the past month following the Autoimmune Protocol Diet and have enjoyed plenty of different AIP Diet Breakfast dishes The quercetin in apples and applesauce can also give your immune system a boost and reduce inflammation. Nutrition Applesauce is a low-fat source of vitamins, and can serve as a sweet, nutritious. 2. Apple pancakes for children's breakfasts. Here we provide the best healthy breakfast Ideas with Apple pancakes for children's breakfasts. A publication in the Nutrition Journal indicates that apple consumption is related to a better quality of diet and a lower risk of obesity in children. It suggests that the use of apple and its. The ideal diet plan should be having a breakfast of one scrambled egg, one ounce of lean ham with ¼ cup of spinach and about two tablespoon of mozzarella cheese. You can also have one slice of whole wheat toast with margarine. For snacking you can have a small apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter. For lunch you must have salad which would.

The apple diet is not perfect but for some extreme dieters, it seems like the best way to go when it comes to helping you slim down. Whether you are in it for the apple diet cleanse that everyone is talking about full-circle or you are just looking for a way to lose weight fast like the 3 day apple diet, the apple diet may be the only option you have at your disposal as we speak The Apple Cleanse Diet. Eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and any time you are hungry. Munch on them whole or juice them. Thin the pulp with a little water and eat that too! Cut them up and blend with enough water to make the blades turn. Try to eat the core and seeds too

It takes just a few minutes in the evening to mix rolled oats and almond milk and you have a head start on a healthy breakfast the following morning. In the morning, top the oatmeal with fresh fruit and toasted nuts. Make up to 4 jars at once to keep in the fridge for quick grab-and-go breakfasts throughout the week Apple Strudel Bar. Real apples are perfectly blended with cinnamon in this crispy, delicious breakfast bar. The generous bar is coated in a creamy white chocolate icing for just the right amount of rich, buttery sweetness. It's a great complement to your morning cup of tea or coffee and the perfect way to start your day Eating apples creates an acidic environment in the mouth, which provokes a lowering of the pH of plaque. Long periods of low pH allow cavity-causing bacteria to flourish, the research showed. Read this next: The #1 Best Apple To Eat, According to a Dietitian. Popular Foods With More Potassium Than a Banana There are plenty of breakfast options for a cholesterol-lowering diet because a lot of traditional breakfast foods, like oats and high fibre cereals, naturally lower cholesterol. Quick Breakfasts If you're after a quick cholesterol-lowering breakfast that you can prepare in minutes, then the best options are high fibre toast, oatcakes or. Metabolism-Boosting Diet for an Apple-Shaped Body Type. Proponents of the body type theory claim you can boost your metabolism, lose weight and stave off excess fat permanently by sticking to a diet that favors your particular body type. The three main body types are apple, pear and banana, according to Dr. Marie.

Chia seeds are amongst the 43 Best High-Fiber Foods For a Healthy Diet, and that will help you keep hunger pangs at bay all day. Boasting about 5 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber in just two tablespoons, chia seeds are a filling and energizing breakfast addition, says Minchen 5 Day Apple Diet Plan to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week Posted: (7 days ago) Breakfast: 2 Apples. Lunch: 1 Apple. Dinner: 3 Apples.Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 glass of skim milk or almond/ soy milk. Lunch: 1 apple and avocado green Breakfast: 1 apple; one slice of whole-grain bread and a slice of low-fat turkey bacon. Lunch: 1 Preparation. Peel and core apples. Cut each apple into 5 rings, approximately 1/2 thick each. In a mixing bowl, sift together flour, 2 tablespoons sugar and baking powder. In a separate bowl combine egg, milk, almond milk and 1 teaspoon oil. Add egg mixture to dry ingredients and stir until just blended. Dip apple slices in batter one at a time Some fruits that I included in my breakfast are - Oranges, Kiwi fruit, Grapefruit, Grapes, Tangerines. I also ate an apple, pear or guava, if I felt an appetite for it. Around 11 am I would have a couple of bananas or eat some cut pineapples, mangoes, apple or papaya. Eating fruits allowed me to have an active morning, with no sluggishness

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1 Gala apple, peeled, cored, and chopped. ¼ cup milk or unsweetened milk alternative. Almond and Honey Apple Smoothie. Almonds and honey pair so well together. This apple smoothie takes advantage of probiotic- rich yogurt, raw honey, and almonds to create a creamy, nourishing blend APPLE CIDER VINEGAR has been scientifically proven to improve your weight loss diet plan by helping you to cut down on calories. As part of a balanced diet and alongside regular exercise, apple. 23 - Great Daniel Fast Breakfast Recipes Cinnamon Baked Apples 2 cups thinly-sliced apples, unpeeled (about 2 apples) 1 cup unsweetened apple juice 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon Instructions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place sliced apples in an 8 x 8-inch baking dish. In a small bowl, whisk apple juice and cinnamon, and pour over apples Apple Pie Smoothie from That Girl Cooks Healthy is so yummy! Made from frozen apples, almond milk, walnuts, chia/flaxseeds, cinnamon and dates to sweeten things up a little. Apple Chicken Breakfast Sausage are a delicious, healthy breakfast. Homemade breakfast sausage made with simple ingredients that are low carb, paleo & Whole30 friendly Diet Shortcomings. An apple and carrot diet lacks four vital nutrients: protein, fats, vitamin D and vitamin B-12. Your body stores vitamins D and B-12, so you won't become deficient if you limit the length of the diet. A healthy diet includes essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 fatty acids from fish, walnuts and canola oil

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Snacking shouldn't be hard, particularly when it comes to healthy snacking. An apple and almonds are easy to pack, and make the perfect portion-controlled snack. Victoria Seaver, M.S., R.D. 198 calories; protein 4.1g; carbohydrates 28.8g; dietary fiber 6.3g; sugars 19.8g; fat 9.4g; saturated fat 0. Consuming apple cider vinegar as part of the diet is generally safe. However, there is little research into the effects of consuming larger amounts. Learn more Blend up this light and refreshing green smoothie for a tasty way to power your morning. By Jess Case. Poached Eggs with Peach Salsa. Top poached eggs with a simple peach salsa, then dig in for an easy, summery breakfast! By The Paleo Diet® Team. Paleo Spinach Mushroom Quiche The basic diet goes like this: Oatmeal for breakfast. A healthy, balanced lunch. Oatmeal as a before-dinner snack. A sensible, moderate dinner. Oatmeal for dessert; Plenty of water. Exercise. Plenty of sleep. How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose on the Oatmeal Diet? By sticking to an oatmeal diet, you can expect to lose 2-4 pounds a week Below is the diet menu, which should be followed for two weeks. The main rules, as in any diet, is to avoid the consumption of alcoholic drinks, sugary; do not eat fast food and fry and limit the consumption of salt and sugar. Physical exercises are important for the good outcome of the egg's diet, at least 30 minutes a day

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  1. So choosing a healthy breakfast food for yourself is the first thing you should do in the morning. During gestational diabetes, you should take special care of what you eat in your breakfast. Here is the list of the best-tolerated breakfast ideas for gestational diabetes: Orange juice Bircher with apple, cinnamon, and walnuts
  2. This kidney diet winner can be paired with the previous good-for-you food, onions, to make a unique Apple Onion Omelet. With versatile apples you can eat them raw, make baked apples, stew apples, make them into apple sauce, or drink them as apple juice or apple cider. 7. Cranberrie
  3. Choose soy, almond, cashew, or rice milk for less phosphorus and less potassium than cow's milk. Avoid cow's milk substitutes that are Enriched or have the word phosphorus or phos in the ingredient list. For a change, try hot cereal like oatmeal, cream of wheat, cream of rice, or Malto-meal. Buy the original versions without added salt
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  2. Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day and it truly is the foundation of your daily diet. However, for those who are infected by Helicobacter Pylori it can be challenging to eat a delicious and nutritious meal in the morning. To provide some aid to this frustrating meal, below you will find a list of various breakfast options that taste great and won't upset your stomach
  3. utes until thick, stirring occasionally. Add applesauce, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, and vanilla, if using. Cook 1
  4. Keto Apple Substitutes. Can you eat apples on keto? Not really — but you can create similar flavors and textures with these substitutes. Squash - Zucchini, yellow squash, or chayote squash make excellent cooked apple substitutes.My keto apple pie is proof:; Flavor extracts - Options like apple extract or maple extract can capture the right flavor in baked goods
  5. The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. Ingredients OATS*, WALNUT*, DRY WHOLE MILK, APPLE*, SUGAR, INULIN*, MILK PROTEIN ISOLATE*, NATURAL FLAVORS, CINNAMON*, SALT, CALCIUM SILICATE, MONK FRUIT EXTRACT*, CALCIUM STEARATE.

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Breakfast. Cereal: 1 grated apple ( with skin ) + 1 tbl spoon of raisin + 1 oz of oatmeal + 5 oz of low fat milk. Between breakfast and lunch: 1 apple Lunch. 1 pancake ( 1 oz of flour, 6 tbl spoons of low fat milk) + 1 egg ( salt, sugar substitute or cinnamon is up to you ). Stuffing for pancake: 1 sliced apple 1 apple. ½ lemon. Cinnamon. 1tbsp coconut oil. Optional: dried cranberries, nuts, seeds. Instructions. Cook the quinoa according to the packet instructions, but this is generally to rinse the quinoa in a sieve and then add 50% more water than quinoa i.e. for 1 cup of quinoa you'd add 1.5 cups of water. Then bring to the boil and simmer for. 11 Keto Breakfasts (That Aren't Eggs) Eggs are an easy and nutritious breakfast, but some mornings a plate of eggs just isn't what your body craves. Viva variety! These delicious keto breakfasts are either egg-free or include eggs as a minor ingredient. From keto pancakes, muffins and hot cereal to breakfast sausage and keto pizza, keto. A healing diet for gastritis and ulcers (an inflammation or irritation of the stomach lining) can significantly ease and improve the discomfort and symptoms that occur with it. Following a gastritis diet menu may also prevent flare-ups while allowing one to enjoy daily activities. Gastritis can be caused by a number of things including excessive alcohol consumption, chronic vomiting (from.

Ground turkey, local apples in season and onions (that we even pulled from the ground ourselves this year!) come together to make a savory, sweet meal that brings pleasure to eaters of every age. Choose either a spoon or a fork; enjoy a 1-pan breakfast or dinner — this is simple food, and delicious!Turkey, Apples and Onions Hash is a Paleo, AIP, GAPS Diet and Whole30 meal You can start to introduce green apples and other low-sugar fruits to these recipes. Breakfast on the Candida diet doesn't need to be complicated. Ingredients like eggs and yogurt are high in protein, very nutritious, and can form the core of your meal. Yogurt has the added benefit of being packed full of probiotic bacteria - just be sure. Natural apple and orange juice with nutty almond flavoring makes this milkshake a perfect breakfast treat. Apple Pie Spiced Oatmeal You can cook large batches of this oatmeal, refrigerate it, and warm up just the amount needed

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So, the health benefits of avocado for breakfast is really work for diet. 5. Prevent Obesity. The healthy fats that contained in avocado can already fulfill the needs of fat of the body. That is why it is very beneficial and healthy to eat avocado for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner A person with diabetes must monitor the carbohydrate and sugar in their diet. Apples contain carbs and sugar, but they also provide fiber, making them a healthful choice for people with type 1 or. Preheat oven to 350F. Rinse apples. You can use any kind of apples you like, but Granny Smith has a little acidity that in combination with honey and natural apple pectin will create an amazing flavor! Cut off the very top of each apple and use a small scoop or a teaspoon to remove the stem and seeds. Prepare a decent hole for the stuffing, but. These easy + healthy Baked Apple Oatmeal Cups make a delicious grab-and-go seasonal breakfast. Think apple pie mixed with oats baked into a yummy muffin. I also love adding them to my meal prep because then I can make them ahead and have them ready for a busy morning or I can pop them into lunch boxes as a kid friendly afternoon snack Tips For Lowering Your Cholesterol Naturally & Keeping It Low. 1. Eat foods that actively lower bad cholesterol. This includes oats, apples, beans, nuts, seeds, olive oil, soya products, garlic and plant sterols or stanols. Aim to eat at least a few of these foods every day (see this page for suggested amounts)

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1 tbsp coconut oil. 1 apple, cored and diced. 1 tsp cinnamon. ½ cup chopped nuts. Instructions. Place the chopped sweet potatoes in a pot. Cover with water by at least one inch, bring to a boil and cook until soft (about 20 minutes). Drain, then add coconut oil and mash with a fork. Divide the mashed sweet potatoes among two serving bowls How The Apple Diet works. In week one, you eat 3-5 apples a day! Detox Day 1: Eat five apples at regular intervals. Cut each apple into slices and eat slowly. Drink a glass of skimmed or soya milk with each apple. In between meals, eat a small pot of unflavoured yogurt. You may also drink tea, coffee and have plenty of water. Days 2-3

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  1. Diet for Apple-Shaped Women. Hi guyz can you kindly design an apple shape body diet maybe for a week,for breakfast,lunch and supper so that we can follow it.I have that kind of body kind of body followed so many diets but after I gain weight again I'm so depressed.Kind Regard Moipone
  2. utes to make and has the perfect mix of carbohydrates and protein to fuel a busy day! My struggle to eat breakfast every day is real folks. I don't get it. My kids wake up starving for breakfast and I can't seem to get myself to eat anything other than coffee until after 10:00 am
  3. In another 12-week randomized trial, 39 overweight adults were assigned to eat a reduced-calorie diet alone or with 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of apple cider vinegar per day. 6 By the end of the study, those in the apple cider vinegar group lost an average of 8.8 pounds (4 kg), compared to 5.3 pounds (2.4 kg) in the diet-only group.
  4. See - 3 Best overnight oats recipes for breakfast. The oatmeal diet has three phases: In phase 1, include oatmeal three times a day in your diet for two days. In phase 2, include oatmeal 2 times a day for the next 2 to lose a significant amount of weight
  5. Hot Tea (Apple Cinnamon, Earl Grey, or Orange Spice) An 18% Gratuity is included for Parties of 8 or more BREAKFAST 8:00 - 11:00 Daily Farmhouse Specials All meals include a complimentary single serving of Apple Cinnamon Muffins and Applewood's Apple Fritters® with homemade Apple Butter and Applewood Julep
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  1. Breakfast is the meal that breaks your overnight fast, says registered dietitian Cassie Bjork. However, many people aren't eating the right thing. Typical breakfast foods like pancakes, bagels, and fruit juice are carb bombs that spike your blood sugar levels, leaving you ravenous barely an hour later
  2. Dr. Fuhrman's diet-style is most often based on three meals a day with no snacking. Many active people find it important to get into the habit of eating a healthy breakfast; however, if you have lower caloric needs or are not hungry in the morning, it is perfectly acceptable to skip breakfast and just have a glass of water or veggie juice or a piece of fruit
  3. Instructions. Add the ingredients to a 16-ounce mason jar or other individual storage container in the order listed above: oats, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, salt, diced apples, almondmilk, maple syrup, Greek yogurt, and flaxseed. Do not shake. Seal jar and refrigerate overnight (or up to 5 days)
  4. utes, you can transform whole grains, fruits and vegetables into a delicious and filling breakfast.
  5. I'm a creature of habit and nosh on pretty much the same healthy eats every day: oatmeal for breakfast, salad with chicken for lunch, ground turkey with kale for dinner, an absurd amount of peanut butter for dessert, and two apples and a protein shake whenever I need a snack
  6. Apples have a couple of things going for them when it comes to a weight loss diet: They are low in calories (less than 100 in one medium fruit) and have 14 percent of the daily value of fiber per.
  7. This is a yummy recipe that can be added into your breakfast and serves as a classic omelet. There are different health supporting ingredients in this recipe, such as fresh spinach, salty feta cheese, black fruits, and many other things that you can add to your breakfast plate. No doubt, honey, and apple are best for health support

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Salad, steamed cruciferous, mushrooms, adzuki beans , sweet potatoes and potatoes. Coriander and pomegranate vinegar to dress. First Thanksgiving on a WFPB diet! Thanks to u/Zardyplants for recipes Breakfast: 1 tub Greek yoghurt with handful berries. Lunch: Grilled chicken breast with large green salad and 1 tsp oil dressing. Dinner: Small portion cod cooked in coconut oil, sea salt, and 3tbsp, with broccoli. Snack: 1 apple with 1 tbsp nut butter. Hour glass body shap After explaining the science behind the diet, and how the body's hormones and metabolism process food differently depending on what time of day you eat, The Big Breakfast Diet centers around a full 28-day meal plan—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, plus recipes. The day begins with a big breakfast—a smoothie or shake, pancakes with. Nutrition Facts 1-1/2 cups: 349 calories, 8g fat (4g saturated fat), 20mg cholesterol, 263mg sodium, 59g carbohydrate (28g sugars, 7g fiber), 14g protein Each breakfast cookie, brimming with nourishing ingredients like apples and oatmeal, no added sugar and no butter or oil has 198 calories and: 5 *SmartPoints (Green plan) 5 *SmartPoints (Blue plan) 4 *SmartPoints (Purple plan) 5 *PointsPlus (Old plan) All the sweetness in these cookies comes from apples (fresh and dried), bananas and raisins

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  1. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is a popular drink for those striving for weight loss. But when should you drink it to lose weight? The best time is in the morning with your breakfast, according to experts
  2. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) recipes. The SCD is used to control Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Inflammatory Bowl Disease, IBS, Diverticulitis, Celiac disease, Autism, Chicken Pancake with Vegetable
  3. Heat for 30 - 60 seconds, until apples have softened a bit and look similar to baked apples. Let cool and reserve 1/4 cup of the apples to use as a topping. Mix remaining ingredients: Add oats, milk, yogurt, maple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon into a dish with a lid (a mason jar works great!)
  4. Breakfast can be hard when you follow an AIP diet. Eggs, flour, and dairy are the cornerstone of so many breakfast recipes. And I thought fluffy pancakes Fluffy, apple, and cinnamon pancakes stacked up and topped with warm cinnamon apples. Drizzle over some maple syrup for the perfect fall breakfast
  5. Breakfast smoothies for weight loss are my favorite go-to low in calorie foods on busy mornings. Also called breakfast shakes, weight loss smoothies, green smoothies, or detox smoothies, there's no better way to start the day then with a satisfying, yummy serving of blended fruits and vegetables. Breakfast smoothies have a ton of nutrition as well as protein and lots of fiber
  6. iscent of a cozy bowl of oats, look no further. This Raw Apple-Cinnamon & Chia Breakfast Bowl packs all the fiber, comfort, and war
  7. Wholesome vegan baked oatmeal filled with pieces of warm baked apples and spices. It's a recipe that's quick and easy to make, it's great for vegan breakfast meal-prep, AND, this apple baked oatmeal recipe is oil-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free, if you use gluten-free oats
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This Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats recipe is easy to make and the perfect healthy make ahead breakfast for busy mornings. Made with hearty oats, apples and warm spices, it's a healthy breakfast your family will love. Gluten free, dairy-free, refined-sugar free, vegan & requires only 5 minutes of prep time In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients until evenly mixed. 3. Scoop the mixture into a glass 9×13 dish. 4. Pat with hand or spatula to ensure the mixture is even. 5. Cover pan with foil and baker for about 55 minutes or until the n'oatmeal is moist. 6. Let cool for 5-7 minutes then scoop out and enjoy Set aside. In a medium bowl, whisk together the whole wheat pastry flour, rolled oats, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. In a large bowl, whisk together the dark brown sugar and eggs for 1 minute, or until lightly frothy. Add the oil, applesuace, vanilla extract, and lemon zest (if using) and whisk until smooth