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Match your wristband color to the colored dots on the ride's requirements sign and you'll be on your way to a fun day. NOTE: A supervising companion must meets all requirements to ride the attraction themselves and is 14 years of age or older. Show Your Colors at Busch Gardens 36'' - 37.9' One Busch Gardens Blvd. Williamsburg, Virginia 23187 1-800-343-794

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Height Requirements and Ride Restrictions for Amusement Parks. Height requirements and ride restrictions for rides in ANY amusement park . Height Requirements-Ride Restrictions for amusement park rides everywhere. Busch Gardens . Busch Gardens - Tampa Alpengeist Busch Gardens smooth ride. rollercoaster . 3, offering two sessions from 10 a.m. Busch gardens williamsburg rides height requirement. 0 out of 5 (0 votes) busch gardens williamsburg's thrilling hypercoaster is designed to reach great heights and super speeds.I also feel that bgw should have tried to convince gci to lower the height restriction or come up with a solution. 44 max. Are you brave enough to ride some our world-class roller coasters? Busch Gardens Williamsburg has some of the best roller coasters and thrill rides in Virginia. From drop towers and floorless roller coaster to relaxing river cruises, our theme park offers thrills at every turn for all ages

Individual height requirements must be met for ride entry. Non-refundable and has no cash value. Rain checks are not available. Rebooking requires at least 24 hours advance notice. Prices are per person, do not include taxes, are subject to change & only valid for a single day Busch Gardens features more than 50 thrilling rides, shows and attractions. There is fun and adventure for the entire family. We make every effort to ensure that all guests can have an enjoyable experience. Ride Information for Physically Challenged Guests: At Busch Gardens, safety is the only consideration that takes precedence over fun. As a former ride operator and supervisor at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, I can tell you that this was always a harder situation for me. I always felt bad when I had a guest who couldn't ride because of their stature. Some of the coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa will most likely be tight or a no go for you. Others will be fine

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  1. g Regal Carrousel - Any height Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Guests must be 38 inches (97 centimeters) or taller Space Mountain - Guests must be 44 inches (113 centimeters) or taller Splash Mountain - Guests must be 40 inches (102 centimeters) or talle
  2. imum height requirement is 54 inches. If you instead head to busch gardens tampa bay, you'll find what was once the world's tallest and fastest inverted roller coaster at the time of its opening in 1996. Riders experience about five seconds of free fall, reaching a speed of 60 miles per hour (100 km/h)
  3. He has done Tower of terror, Test track, Soarin, Splash Mountain, all the good Disney stuff which requires a height of 40 inches. It looks to me from the Busch Gardens website that any of the good rides require 42 inches, and under that height they are what my son would consider baby rides
  4. This handy little guide will cover all the most popular Busch Gardens rides with important tips for planning a fat friendly vacation. Each ride is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most fat friendly and 1 being a ride you should probably skip. Note: I am 5'6″, size 18/20, about 230 lbs, and carry most of my weight in my tummy

Busch Gardens Height Requirements and Ride Restrictions

Height Requirements and Ride Restrictions for Amusement Parks. Height requirements and ride restrictions for rides in ANY amusement park . Height Requirements-Ride Restrictions for amusement park rides everywhere. Busch Gardens - Tampa. Busch Gardens - Williamsburg Let's talk about height restrictions on theme park rides. September 26, 2018, 12:57 PM · A reader yesterday asked me about theme park attraction height requirements and enforcement. As a kid. The ride height differs per attraction I wish Imcould be more specific but their webpage has the height requieremnts per atrraction. As for the water rides Busch Gardens has a Log Flume (Stanley Falls), a Big Splash Boat (Tidal Wave) and a raft ride (Congo River Rapids), but not a water park Height Requirement: Ride Restrictions: Comments: Mako-Sea of Mystery: 54 Empire of the Penguin - Wild: 42 48 to ride alone: Empire of the Penguin - Mild: no minimum: no infants: Manta: 54/138cm: Journey to Atlantis: 42/107cm: Kraken: 54/138cm: optional headsets for virtual experience: Wild Arctic: 42/107cm: Shamu Express: 38/97cm: Sky.

Busch Gardens Tampa Rides Height Requirements September 30, 2016 by Beebe This Busch Gardens Tampa Rides Height Requirements graphic has 20 dominated colors, which include Thamar Black, Nirvana Nevermind, Black, Olivenite, Tetsu-Kon Blue, Wool Tweed, Worn Wooden, Cab Sav, Quartz, Namakabe Brown, Medallion, Benthic Black, Rattan, Sandy, Bud. Busch Gardens is located at the corner of Busch Boulevard and 40th Street on N McKinley Drive. Busch Gardens is 8 miles northeast of downtown Tampa, approximately 1 hour from Orlando via Interstate 4 and 30 minutes east of area beaches and Tampa International Airport Add-ons at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. In addition to regular tickets to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, you'll find a number of add-ons. Quick Queue - By purchasing the Quick Queue ticket, you'll get front of the line privileges for the following rides (one per ride). Some of these have pretty high height requirements (my small 10 year old son couldn't ride them), so check those before. Busch Gardens Tampa Rides Height Requirements. Home Design Ideas > Garden > Busch Gardens Tampa Rides Height Requirements. Denata December 23, 2016 Garden. Advertisement. Advertisement. This Busch Gardens Tampa Rides Height Requirements graphic has 20 dominated colors, which include Snowflake, Thamar Black, Olivenite, Costa Del Sol, Tinny Tin.

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Height requirement: Must be at least 54 inches tall Roller Coasters at Busch Gardens 2 - Montu Montu is an 'old favorite' at Busch Gardens, Tampa. It's been thrilling visitors since 1996. 3 minutes on Montu will be the wildest 3 minutes Busch Gardens is the name of two amusement parks in the United States, owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. The original park is in Tampa, Florida, and the second park is in Williamsburg, Virginia.There were also previously Busch Gardens parks in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California (1964-1979) and Houston, Texas (1971-1973). The Busch Gardens name was earlier used to refer. Tigris, the new tallest launch coaster in Florida, opened to riders on Friday with screams and shrieks aplenty. The new coaster at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay is meant to mimic a ride on a tiger.

It was built by Premier Rides and the people who have ridden it tend to enjoy it. In fact, it's popular enough that a similar ride, Tigris, was added to the Busch Gardens Tampa line up in 2019. Maybe we'll have better luck getting on the one down in Florida! Here are some ride specs: Height: 150 ft; Drop: 135 ft; Length: 863 ft; Speed: 62 mp Working as a Ride Operator at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Employee Reviews | Indeed.com. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Happiness rating is 68 out of 100. 68. Average. 3.8 out of 5 stars. 3.8. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews. Snapshot

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This handy little guide will cover all the most popular Busch Gardens rides with important tips for planning a fat friendly vacation. Each ride is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most fat friendly and 1 being a ride you should probably skip. Note: I am 5'6″, size 18/20, about 230 lbs, and carry most of my weight in my tummy Height restriction: 42 in (107 cm) Quick Queue available. Curse of DarKastle was a dark ride located at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was a hybrid dark ride which combined roving motion-simulating vehicles, 3D projection animation, physical sets, in-vehicle audio, and special effects (wind, water, fog, and lighting. Sep 11, 2011. #1. I am 6'7 tall. When I first rode SM, I did the usual thing I do on roller coasters and sat in the front seat expecting better leg room. Bad idea. I could barely get the lap bar down, and had to extend my knees sideways. This meant that during every turn on the ride, I felt like I was going to pop out of the seat Busch Gardens Tampa Rides Height Requirements January 23, 2017 by Wodson This Busch Gardens Tampa Rides Height Requirements graphic has 20 dominated colors, which include Snowflake, Thamar Black, Olivenite, Tinny Tin, Costa Del Sol, Steel, Sunny Pavement, Woodbine, Silver, Uniform Grey, Calypso Green, Tin, Forest Biome, Negishi Green, Autumn. The Green Lantern: First Flight at Six Flags Magic Mountain has a height maximum of 6 foot 5 inches. Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia sets aside two rows of seats on the Alpengeist and.

Attention this one busch gardens ride height requirements inches in. Text copied to busch height requirements inches in line due to assess the recommended. Removed the busch gardens ride height requirements that these majestic birds so much to all the daily show schedule to earn advertising and water Height Restrictions: Minimum height 42 inches; guests 42-48 inches must be accompanied by supervising companion 14 years of age or older. Water roller coaster that is loud and dark at times with flashing lights. May be scary to some. In order to use the alternate entrance, go to the Quick Queue line. You will get wet on this ride Here's a list of the height requirements for Volcano Bay: The Volcano Area. · Krakatua™ Aqua Coaster: Supervising Companion needed if between 42-48 (106.68 cm - 121.92 cm. o Combined weight not to exceed 750 lbs. (340 kg) o Minimum of 2 riders per boat (max 4) · Ko'okiri Body Plunge™: Must be at Least- 48 (121.92 cm Busch Gardens Tampa Bay may be named after the suds-producing breweries, but adrenaline is the most potent intoxicant this thrill-heavy theme park produces. Exotic animals abound for young park-hoppers, but Busch's strength lies also in its corkscrews, 360-degree loops and scream-inducing speeds. Most rides in the park have height requirements However, this is also a ride that requires a Supervising Companion for riders between 38 and 41. As long as they can ride with a person 14 years of age or older, they'll be good to go! Rides that require heights of at least 48 inches. The Sky Tower is a unique ride in many ways, including its height restrictions

Busch Gardens is a one-of-a-kind theme park with a mixture of over 12,000 animals, live shows, and the best roller coasters in entire Central Florida. Your child might be measured, and everyone needs to meet the height requirements. which is a floorless dive coaster, Falcon's Fury, which is a ride that plummets at 60 mph from a height. The manufacture (Intamin in this case) will do their testing, then Busch Gardens will do their required testing. Certification will involve learning height requirements, ride admission policy, position requirements, downtime procedures, lockout procedures, etc. which will happen once a team is picked out Best and Worst rides at Busch Gardens Tampa Busch Gardens Tampa: I wanted to know what the best and worst rides for you are at BGT. Not a place for kids who don't meet the height requirements.

From the kid-friendly rides to the world-class entertainment, there's so much to do when you visit. If you're looking for a thrilling experience, you won't want to miss a chance to ride Busch Gardens' adrenaline-pumping rides. Top 5 Thrill Rides at Busch Gardens. These rides have earned the highest thrill level at Busch Gardens and have. SeaWorld Orlando has posted safety signs near each attraction, which include any height requirements or other restrictions. As each attraction is unique, guests are encouraged to reference each posted safety warning sign at the ride entrance. Height requirements for each attraction are listed below: Journey to Atlantis®: 42 (107 cm) or taller Height Requirements: 48″-52″ must be accompanied, 52″ and taller may ride alone. by Cody. May 2, 2014. Busch Gardens from 80 ft up! Take a relaxing ride on the Rhine River in one of Busch Gardens ferry boats

3 SheiKra. The fastest roller coaster in all of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, known as the SheiKra, sends guests diving down a near-verticle angle at 70 mph. The coasters stretches 200 ft. high and contains a splashdown and an Immelmann loop. While the attraction was first opened as a traditional roller coaster in 2005, it was converted to a. Challenge one of Busch Gardens' seven world-class coasters or discover family fun playing at Sesame Street® Forest of Fun™ and Land of the Dragons®. Water Country USA®, Virginia's largest water park, is just three miles west of Busch Gardens and features state-of-the-art water rides and resort-style amenities Ride Requirements . Age/Height Restrictions: You must be at least 48 inches tall to ride Colossal Curl. Weight Restrictions: 2 or 4 riders per tube - maximum weight 700 pounds. Rider Position/Accessibility: Accessed by way of tall platform towers. You must be able to climb steps in order to ascend to the top of these towers I recently took my daughter to Knott's on 11/22/14. She is almost 5 years old and is 44 inches tall. We were greatly disappointed with the ride height requirements. All of the required heights are dramatically higher than other theme parks in the area. We know because we went to Disneyland.. 10 Tips for Visiting Busch Gardens Williamsburg: 1. Strategize your route before you go: Check the height requirements and restrictions for each ride here. The park does a nice job of recording the experience of each ride on the website, which is especially helpful when deciding about roller coasters

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HelloI am a plus size woman (5'8 - 290) and I

Over the summer, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay launched its first-ever interactive iPhone app, allowing for guests to get the most out of their Busch Gardens trip. In response to popular demand, the free app is now available in the Android market as well. The Busch Gardens app utilizes GPS technology to guide guests through the park Each ride promises to be different as it will spin depending on the car you are in and the weight of the guests in the car. Cobra's Curse Busch Gardens Tampa Height Requirements. You must be 48 inches to ride solo, or 42 inches with a parent or guardian Sheikra, its sister at Busch Gardens Tampa, was is the original and was built in 2000, with a height of 200 and max speed of 70mph. Watch our Yukon Striker POV video and Review! Over at Cedar Point, B&M created Valravn in 2016. It includes a drop height of 214 feet, max speed of 75mph and three inversions. Fun fact — the track spells Ohio This program was previously known as Anheuser-Busch's Here's to the Heroes. Waves of Honor is a program which offers U.S. Military Members 1 complimentary admission per year for themselves and up to 3 direct dependents to either SeaWorld®, Busch Gardens®, Adventure Island®, Water Country USA®, or Sesame Place® or Aquatica SeaWorld's Waterpark™ in San Diego and as many as three.

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Full in depth look at everything this beautiful park has to offer - ranging from the rides, to the animals, shows, and overall landscaping. Support the chann.. Ride Requirements . Age/Height Restrictions: Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ride, and be able to maintain proper riding position unassisted. Weight Restrictions: 300 lbs. Clothing Restrictions: Eyeglasses must have head straps. Swimwear with exposed metal zippers, buckles, rivets or belts are not permitted

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Dec 25, 2003. Mar 18, 2011. #2. Activities for children at a theme park such as Busch Gardens should not be reguarded as limited to kiddie rides and a Sesame Street themed area. All of the shows and animal exhibits are excellent for children. Exposure to live entertainment and the natural world is beneficial for every age, especially young. Busch Gardens' award-winning Serengeti Safari® tour offers guests a unique and up-close look at African wildlife. Led by an expert guide, this 30-minute off-road tour gives guests the opportunity to hand-feed giraffe* and observe exotic animals including zebras, ostriches, rhinos and several antelope species Cheetah Hunt: Early Impressions. After much anticipation, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay revealed their massive new addition for 2011, Cheetah Hunt. Custom designed for Busch Gardens Tampa, guests will get to experience, the grace, speed, and power of a Cheetah as it races across the African savannah for it's prey Busch Gardens Williamsburg Ride Heights Requirements. Pics of : Busch Gardens Williamsburg Ride Heights Requirements. Kidsiderate Height Check Busch Gardens Williamsburg The Shirley Busch Gardens Gets Ok For 115 Foot Tall Mystery Attractio

This Busch Gardens Williamsburg Rides Height Requirement graphic has 20 dominated colors, which include Light Blue Mist, Cloudy Blue, Frills, Columbus, Identity, Tinny Tin, Olivenite, Stream, Spelunking, Costa Del Sol, Del Sol Maize, Thamar Black, Turkish Stone, White, Ivory, Medallion, Honeydew, Foundation White, Vapour, Oak Shaving. Busch Gardens Tampa . Walt Disney World ® can absolutely be the most magical place on Earth, and it's better to know the height requirements for rides before you go. Since there are minimum age and height requirements for many of Walt Disney World's ® attractions and rides,. All of our rides have minimum height requirements that range from 36 in. to 48 in. This difference of a foot can take a few years to get through, but most kids are able to start riding around the age of 4, and most should be tall enough to ride all rides by 8 or 9

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Rides By Height October 1, 2016 by Beebe This Busch Gardens Williamsburg Rides By Height graphic has 20 dominated colors, which include Light Blue Mist, Cloudy Blue, Frills, Columbus, Identity, Tinny Tin, Olivenite, Stream, Spelunking, Costa Del Sol, Del Sol Maize, Thamar Black, Turkish Stone, White, Ivory. Universal Studios Height Requirements at a Glance No Height Requirement. Under 48″ Must Ride with an Adult. Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl- No Height Requirement, Under 48″ must ride with an adult.; The Hogwarts™ Express - King's Cross Station - No Height Requirement, Under 48″ must ride with an adult.; Must Be 34″

There are a few rides that have height requirements. A few of these attractions are also some of the most popular. Known as the three mountains, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (40″), Splash Mountain (40″), and Space Mountain (44″) are some of the most beloved attractions at the Magic Kingdom The new Busch Gardens App Features: • Interactive real-time map • Ride wait times and height requirements • Information pages for all major shows, rides, habitats and restaurants • In-App.

Busch Gardens from 80 ft up! The Skyride takes you over the park on a 3 minute ride with 3 different stations; England to France, France to Rhinefeld and Rhinefeld to England. This is a great way to take pictures of The World's most beautiful theme park. Stats Height Requirements: Under 56″ must be Busch Gardens Busch Gardens. At Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, experience incredible rides, thousands of animals and live entertainment. Email Sign-Up. Individual height requirements must be met for ride entry. Non-refundable and has no cash value. Rain checks are not available. Rebooking requires at least 24 hours advance notice Although Disney has less of the white knuckle rides there are still some rides with height requirements - a few rides are kept exclusively for smaller guests, which helps even things up a little! Magic Kingdom. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - guests must be over 40 inches or 102cm; Barnstormer - guests must be over 35 inches or 89c

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Apollo's Chariot is a steel roller coaster at the Busch Gardens Williamsburg theme park in James City County, Virginia, United States.The ride was the first Hyper Coaster designed by Swiss firm Bolliger & Mabillard.It officially opened to the public on March 30, 1999. The 4,882-foot-long (1,488 m) ride is characterized by eight air-time hills, with heights ranging between 49 and 131 feet (15. Aug 8, 2004. Jun 20, 2007. #4. The Simpsons had a episode many years back where their Aunt Thelma took them to Duff Gardens and the park looked very similar to a Disney theme park. Bart cheats the height requirement to get on a roller coaster and laughs at how easy it was to cheat the CM for the ride All the parks employ height restrictions on some of their rides for safety reasons. It's a good idea to measure your child's height before you go. The height restrictions are strictly adhered to so there is no point arguing with the ride operators. They just won't let a child onto a ride if they do not meet the minimum height requirement Busch Gardens Tampa has so much to offer its guests, from wild animal encounters to unbeatable thrill rides and unique entertainment. To make your day at the park even more incredible, Busch Gardens offers a variety of ticket upgrades options that are guaranteed to enhance your experience from dining to wildlife and attractions Theme Park Insider Summer Roadtrip: Busch Gardens Williamsburg July 30, 2009, 9:17 PM · Theme Park Insider readers for years have voted Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia as one of their.

Busch Gardens is located just North of Interstate 4 on Interstate 75, right outside of Tampa. Busch Gardens is located about 1_ hours from Orlando, FL. Busch Gardens contains wildlife and wild rides. With every admission ticket into the park, it helps. protect and help out the wildlife foundation Universal Orlando Height Requirements: Under 48 Inches. Tot Tiki Reef - Universal's Volcano Bay Designed for children under 48 inches (122 cm) tall. Universal Orlando Height Requirements: 51 Inches or Taller. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit - Universal Studios Florida Must be at least 51 inches (130 cm) and no more than 79 inches (201 cm) tall Busch Gardens has so much to offer. When you are older, and above certain height requirements, it is a place full of adrenaline pumping , smoked bbq smelling, craft beer selling, concert performing, entertaining kind of place Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a really outstanding park. Too bad you did not get to ride Apollo's Chariot, Alpengeist or Loch Ness Monster. The things we do for the kids

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Top Orlando Kiddie Thrill Rides. 1. Flight of the Hippogriff (Universal's Islands of Adventure) With all its spiraling and swooping, Flight of the Hippogriff is a great practice coaster until I'm tall enough to ride the other big ones at Universal's Islands of Adventure. (Minimum Height Requirement: 36/91cm Height Requirements: 40″-48″ must be accompanied, 48″ may ride alone. Share this! Recent Posts. Busch Gardens Christmas Celebration; Halloween Harvest added dates; Busch Gardens Halloween Harvest; Reopening of Busch Gardens; Pantheon at Busch Gardens; Post Categories June 11th, 2019 Update: At tonight's Board of Supervisors' meeting, James City County approved the 355 foot height waiver Busch Gardens Williamsburg requested! Now that Project 2021 can move forward, we have launched a new page dedicated to tracking the progress on BGW Project 2021. If you'd like to catch up on information you may [ Ice Breaker's minimum height requirement is 48 inches, less than the required 54 inches to ride Mako and the other major coasters at SeaWorld. This could be a kid's first launch coaster. Busch Gardens Tampa Rides List. This Busch Gardens Tampa Rides List graphic has 20 dominated colors, which include Palm Leaf, Medium Jungle Green, Thamar Black, San Gabriel Blue, Snowflake, Muddy Olive, Forest Biome, Jelly Bean, Silver, Alexandrian Sky, Camel Hide, Orient Blue, Petrified Oak, Pioneer Village, Blue Fjord, Portage, White, Burnt.

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Busch Gardens® Tampa is the ultimate family adventure, offering 300 acres of fascinating attractions based on exotic explorations around the world. A unique blend of thrilling rides, one of the country's premier zoos with more than 12,000 animals, live shows, restaurants, shops and games, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay provides unrivaled excitement. Iron Gwazi - Busch Gardens Tampa. We can't talk about the best new roller coasters in 2020 without highlighting Iron Gwazi. The ride will reuse portions of the original wooden track from Gwazi, a wooden coaster that closed in 2015 after 15 years in operation. Credit: Tampa Bay Times Busch Gardens Williamsburg. (4.7) Based on 287 reviews. 1 Busch Gardens Blvd Williamsburg, VA 23185. 1-800-987-9852. Most Guests Spend 1 to 2 days at the Park. Appropriate for All Ages. Handicap Accessible. Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted. Restaurant and Gift Shop On-site

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Busch Gardens. Quick Queue at Busch Gardens is most similar to the Kraken One-Time Quick Queue at SeaWorld Orlando.However, it allows you to skip the line at all of Busch Gardens' most popular attractions once per ride. Quick Queue starts at $14.99 per person but pricing is seasonal, so check your arrival date for more exact pricing The park's longest ride with 4,429 feet of track, Cheetah Hunt is the only coaster at Busch Gardens that launches passengers at the start as opposed to the cars climbing a steep incline In the original press release on the Busch Gardens website back in July 2019, the park listed Pantheon's max speed as 72.5 mph. Even just by 0.2 mph, that's slower than Taron. A new blog post published on November 19, 2019 has changed everything. Just look at this wording: After consulting with Mercury, the swift messenger of the Roman gods, it was determined Pantheon will hold the title. This B&M (Bolliger & Mabillard) dive coaster opened in 2005 and was the first of its kind in the USA thanks to the popularity of Oblivion at Alton Towers in. Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is full of amazing thrill rides, but there are lots of options for toddlers and preschoolers too. Toggle Navigation. There are strict height requirements for a number of the rides in this area. Emmy had wanted to ride along with her cousins, but unfortunately was too tall..

THE STEEPEST BEYOND VERTICAL DROP IS JUST THE BEGINNING. SEAWORLD'S FIRST LAUNCH COASTER | ANTICIPATED OPENING 2021. Named after the icy Arctic summits, Ice Breaker will feature four airtime filled launches, both backwards and forwards, culminating in a reverse launch into the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida - a 93 feet tall spike with 100 degree angle SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay opened Thursday with COVID-19-induced changes like mandatory reservations, masks and temperature checks Make sure to reserve a carriage ride, which is aways a hit with the kids. Get your thrill on at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Keep in mind, there are height requirements for most rides. You can easily get measured at the England entrance, and receive a colored wrist band so you know which rides your kiddos can get on Working at Busch Gardens had few benefits, like 12 compensation tickets a year and 30% off food and merchandise, but not worth it with work conditions. Pros. 12 comp tickets and discounts. Cons. Stressful and unsafe work conditions

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg (formerly known as Busch Gardens Europe and Busch Gardens: The Old Country) is a 422-acre (1.71 km 2) amusement park located in James City County, Virginia, United States.Located about sixty miles (100 km) northwest of Virginia Beach, the park was developed by Anheuser-Busch (A-B) and is owned by SeaWorld Entertainment.It opened on May 16, 1975, adjacent to Anheuser.

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