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  1. e Galante, the reputed organized‐crime leader, was slain in a barrage of gunfire and shotgun blasts in an apparent underworld execution yesterday afternoon as he dined on the patio of a.
  2. e Galante is on the lam - eluding cops who've been trying to arrest him in the stabbing death of.
  3. e Galante, pictured here in a police mugshot from 1943, rose from obscurity to Mafia boss, driving a massive international narcotics trafficking operation. On February 21, 1910, in an East Harlem tenement, one of the most notorious gangsters of the 20th century was born. Camillo Car


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Carmine Galante was shot dead, along with two other men, at Joe & Mary's Italian-American Restaurant in Brooklyn on July 12, 1979. The death of the Mob boss exacerbated divisions within the Bonanno crime family that festered for years afterward. Photo from Bettmann/Getty Images Camillo Carmine Galante was born on February 21, 1910, in East Harlem, Manhattan, and very early on, he started engaging in criminal activities. At the age of 10, he was sent to a reform school, by 15, he had dropped out to become a Mafia associate, and at 16, he was incarcerated for the first time - pleading guilty to assault charges and. His son, Scott, was a sleep-over buddy with the oldest of the three Gotti boys, Junior. Advertisement. Vito Genovese, Joe Colombo, Carlo Gambino and Carmine Galante..


In March 1980, he was one of eight Gambino and Bonanno mobsters indicted for contempt of a grand jury probing the execution-style murder of mob czar Carmine Galante. Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgantheu charged the men with stalling the probe by refusing to answer question When Bonanno crime family don Carmine The Cigar Galante declared himself the so-called capo di tutti i capis, or boss of bosses of the New York underworld, the mafia's ruling body declared him a dead man walking. On the sweltering-hot afternoon of July 12, 1979, the 69-year old Galante and The big man. His name was Carmine Galante. He was head of the Bonanno crime family. Known as The Cigar, Galante was widely feared for his cruelty. His own assassination is the focus of our.

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Biography Early life. Born in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, Bonventre was a member of the Sicilian Mafia.During the 1960s, the New York crime families imported young Sicilian men from Sicily to the United States to work as drug traffickers and hitmen. American mobsters soon derisively dubbed the Sicilians Zips due to their fast speech.Bonanno acting boss (unofficial) Carmine Galante. CARMINE GALANTE'S LAST MEAL. 7/12/1979 - On a sweltering summer day in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Bonanno crime family capo and multiple murderer (his first is police officer Walter O. De Castilla in 1930) Carmine Lilo Galante is rewarded for trying to take leadership of the family away from boss Philip Rastelli, and for muscling in on the heroin.

October 14, 2017. John Turano was working a shift at his father's Italian-American restaurant, Joe and Mary's, on July 12, 1979, when Carmine Lilo Galante walked through the door. A mob. Peter C. Monteleone (Born on 08-18-26 Died On 07-15-91) was a New York mobster in the Bonanno Crime Family. 1 Early life 2 World War II 3 Made Man 4 Arrests 5 Death 6 Relationship with Carmine Galante 7 External links Born in Manhattan, NY, Peter was raised in the lower east side Knickerbocker Village private housing development into a poor family. From a very young age Pete was stealing from.

Donate To The Channel: https://cash.me/$hezakyanewz#https://www.paypal.me/hezakyanewz PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/HezakyanewzCarlo Gambino died in the e.. Galante was born Camillo Carmine Galante on February 21, 1910, in East Harlem, Manhattan, New York, to Vincenzo Galante and Vincenza Russo. His parents had immigrated to New York City from Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, in 1906

In addition to Hoffa, Kuklinski claims to have shot dead Mafia boss Carmine Galante in 1979 and to have tortured a neighbour of John Gotti who accidentally ran over and killed the mobster's son CARMINE GALANTE: THE CIGAR. In the 1930s, as a boss inside New York's Bonnano crime family Carmine Galante was nicknamed Cigar.. Galante helped run New York's organized crime from the 1930s to the 1970s, interrupted by several stints in prison. He was rarely without a smoke Carmine Galante. AKA Camillo Galante. Acting Bonanno Boss, 1974-79. Birthplace: New York City Location of death: Brooklyn, NY Cause of death: Murder Remains: Buried, Saint J. Father: Vincenzo Galante (James) Mother: Vincenza Russo Sister: Angelina Sister: Josephine Brother: Peter Brother: Samuel Wife: Helen Marulli (m. 10-Feb-1945, one daughter.

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James Eppolito, a member of the Gambino crime family, is photographed with First Lady Rosalynn Carter in recognition for his charity work in Manhattan. January 12 - Johnny Dioguardi dies of natural causes at a Pennsylvania hospital, while serving a sentence for stock fraud. January 17 - Anthony Scotto, a caporegime of the Gambino crime family and son-in-law to Anthony Tough Tony Anastasio. In 1974, Bonanno boss Philip Rastelli was sent to prison just as former Bonanno boss Carmine The Cigar Galante was being released from prison after serving a lengthy prison sentence. Upon his release Galante felt he was owed the position of boss of the Bonanno's and use all his power to push Rastelli aside True to his word, Galante made his son the team's general manager. AJ did one of his first press calls on a cellphone in a New Fairfield High School hallway, the interview ending abruptly. Cosa Nostra News. May 18, 2017 ·. Carmine Galante went up to Montreal in the 1950s to organize crime. He ran a crew of killers. His second in command, Frank Petrula, was almost as ruthless as Lilo himself. Petrula, the son of Ukrainian immigrants, and Luigi Greco, the tough Sicilian who served as Vic The Egg Cotroni's second-in.

Carmine Lilo Galante was a big-time narcotics trafficker, instrumental in the French Connection, and he took over control of the Bonanno family after Philip Rastelli went to prison in 1974. The other four New York families deeply resented Galante's domination of the drug trade and its profits, so they began plotting to take him out Nina Galante. Nina Galante, the daughter of organized crime leader Carmine Galante (1910 - 1979), is helped to her car outside a Manhattan funeral home, 16th July 1979. Carmine Galante had been boss of the Bonanno crime family until his assassination by gangland rivals on the 12th July 1979 By Samuel Allis. July 13, 1979. The reign of underworld chief Carmine (Lido) Galante ended this afternoon in the cramped garden of a small Brooklyn restaurant as he and two other men were shot to.

Oct 24, 2018 - At Lewisburg, Gotti confronted Carmine Galante. Gotti had the nerve to complain to Galante that he was bribing guards to get steaks, other delicacies, and booze for himself and nine or ten Bonanno wiseguys and associates. The upstart Gotti demanded that the don share the wealth with other imprisoned mobsters. Gotti's boldness and poise so impressed Galante that he expressed. 5. Carmine Cigar/Lilo Galante. Murdered: Carmine Cigar/Lilo Galante, Leonard Coppola, Guiseppe Turano. Galante was having lunch at Joe and Mary's Restaurant when three men burst in.

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  2. e Di Biase, who was a former Genovese member, called Yacovelli. Then, Di Biase and Philip Gambino, a Colombo man, left the restaurant and returned with guns
  3. e Galante, gangster redouté de la famille maffieuse italo-américaine Bonanno, impliqua la mafia dans le trafic de l'héroïne et engrangea de plantureux bénéfices. Il bâtit un empire grâce à la drogue et ce en dépit de très nombreuses années passées en prison. Son succès lui attira des inimitiés et il connut une fin.
  4. e Galante was born in East Harlem, Manhattan, New York City on 21 February 1910, the son of two Sicilian immigrants. Galante was sent to a reform school at the age of ten for his cri

Carmine Galante, 1979 The body of Carmine Lilo Galante (top right), boss of the Bonanno crime family, lies outside of Joe & Mary's Italian-American Restaurant in Brooklyn. Galante was murdered by some of his own men, acting on orders from a collection of rival mob families upset over Galante's power grabs Carmine Galante aka Lilo The iconic and deadly underboss to Joe Bonanno himself who served a 20-year term for heroin trafficking. Upon making parole in 1974, pushed his way to the top of the Family until his sensational execution in 1979 Don Carmine Galante With Rusty in jail, leaving a power vacuum behind, Galante took over the reigns of the Bonanno mob despite The Commissions concern. The New York mob was not thrilled as Galante now had control over the Bonanno's drug empire which all mob families relied on for a significant portion of their revenue

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  1. e Lilo Galante. A photo of the murdered Galante - his stogie still.
  2. e Galante, also known as Lilo and Cigar (February 21, 1910 - July 12, 1979) was the acting boss of the Bonanno crime family, a New York City Cosa Nostra crime organization, from 1974 to 1979. Galante was rarely seen without a cigar clenched in his teeth, leading to the nickname Cigar. 1 Early Years 2 Prison and Gang rivalry 3 Assassination 4 Popular Culture The son of a fisherman.
  3. e Galante made him. Galante was returned to prison for violating parole on or around October 11, 1977. CW D'Amico also reported that at the time of his own induction later that month, he knew Rabito to already be a made member under Zaffarano. === October 31, 197
  4. e Galante? I met the son of a Galante 'Captain' in Brooklyn. He ran the neighborhood, I lived there for the rent. We were the only white guys on the sidewalk most of the time. It was exotic for this Oregon son. This guy, Joey, was dealing and stealing his way back into the Family's good graces after making a few mistakes
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  6. e Collucci III, 27, of Whippany, N.J., formerly of Union, N.J., died peacefully on Sunday, April 21, 2013. The family will be accepting friends on Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. at Galante Funeral Hom
  7. e The Cigar Galante is gunned down as he eats at a restaurant Galante had recently brought the ire of other crime families following an attempt to usurp the narcotics market. Despite knowing the anger directed toward him, Galante reportedly stated No one will ever kil

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Carmine Galante- Joe Bonanno Protege. December 28, 2014. 1. 6732. Carmine Galante was born February 21, 1910 in East Harlem and had two brothers and two sisters. His parents immigrated from Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily in 1906 where his father worked as a fisherman. Galante was a handful for his parents early on and by 1920 at the age of 10. Bentvena was a member of the Carmine Fatico crew out of the Bergen Hunt and Fish Club in Queens. In 1962 Galante was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in federal prison. 12 years later he was released from prison on parole. While Galante was in prison the mafia commission forced Joseph Bonanno to retire from boss of the family Carmine Galante Body of mob boss Carmine Galante lies in backyard of restaurant on Knickerbocker Ave. where he and an associate were killed with a burst of machine gun fire. (Mary DiBiase/NY Daily. Camillo Carmine Galante was born on February 21, 1910, in a tenement building in the East Harlem section of Manhattan. His parents, Vincenzo James Galante and Vincenza Russo, had emigrated to New York City in 1906 from Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, where Vincenzo was a fisherman Gaspar DeGregorio, a Bonanno soldier, took seized control despite Joseph's son, Bill Bonanno's claim to the leadership. Philip Rastelli, and Carmine Galante were all head of the family at.

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Carmine Galante (February 21, 1910 - July 12, 1979) was an American mobster and acting boss of the Bonanno crime family. Galante was rarely seen without a cigar, leading to the nickname The Cigar and Lilo (a Sicilian term for cigar) Cohn has stayed in the spotlight during his law career, and his clients have included reputed mobster Carmine Galante, fashion designer Halston and Andy Warhol, the pale eminence of pop culture. Cohn, the son of a judge, rushed through Columbia Law School and graduated at age 20, one year before he was eligible to pass the bar in New York Carmine Galante aka Lilo, Cigar (February 21, 1910 July 12, 1979) was the boss of the Bonanno crime family, a New York City Mafia crime organization from 1974 to 1979. He was rarely seen without a cigar clenched in his teeth, and, amazingly, died with a cigar still in his mouth, which led to his rather unimaginative nickname, Cigar

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Carmine Galante (pronounced gah-LAN-tay), also known as Lilo and Cigar (February 21, 1910 - July 12, 1979) was a mobster and acting boss of the Bonanno crime family. Galante was rarely seen without a cigar, leading to the nickname The Cigar and Lilo (an Italian slang word for cigar). 1 Biography 1.1 Background 1.2 Early years 1.3 Underboss 1.4 Power grab 1.5 Death 1.6 Aftermath 2. Those buried at St. John's include Carlo Gambino, Carmine Galante, Vito Genovese and Charles Lucky Luciano. Castellano was denied burial in a Catholic ceremony and a funeral Mass because of his. Anthony Bruno Indelicato (born 1947), also known as Bruno,1 Whack-Whack 2 and Anthony Indelicato 3 is a capo with the Bonanno crime family in New York City. 1 Biography 1.1 Galante murder 1.2 Three capos murder 1.3 Prison 1.4 Santoro murder 2 Popular culture 3 Further reading 4 References 5 External links Anthony Indelicato was the son of Alphonse Sonny Red Indelicato, a powerful. The limited drama series is a gripping, character-driven thriller based on the 2012 New York Times best selling novel of the same name by William Landay. An assistant DA's world is shattered when his beloved son gets charged with murder. Stars: Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, Jaeden Martell, Cherry Jones. Votes: 39,050

May 22, 2021 - Explore Raider-Cop Podcast Nation's board Bonnano on Pinterest. See more ideas about crime family, mobster, mafia He also represented Carmine Galante, who before his death was said by authorities to be Mafia boss of all bosses, and Tony (Fat Tony) Salerno, also said to be a Mafia chieftain. Truth is hardly ever an absolute -there are so many elements, Mr. Cohn said after sucessfully defending Mr. Salerno, who was accused of income-tax violations DiLeo's son-in-law, who was the son of a Gambino family member and was engaged in criminal activities with DiLeo, was then ordered to conduct those activities under the supervision of the Gambino family, and DiLeo complained to Corallo, the boss of the Lucchese family. The third scheme involved the murder of Carmine Galante and his. The bodies of reputed mob godfather Carmine Galante (right) and associate Nino Coppolla are strewn where they fell after a rubout in the backyard of Joe and Mary's restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. A cigar still rests in Galante's mouth. The restaurant owner and his son were shot. Four hooded hit men escaped by car

Later, they faced shaky leadership, with the acting boss Carmine Galante murdered in 1979 at the command of Philip Rastelli, the actual boss. Bonanno crime family - Wikipedia In 1985, Bonanno family boss Philip Rastelli was indicted along with other Cosa Nostra leaders in the Trial Galante murder. In 1979, Anthony Indelicato participated in the murder of Bonanno boss Carmine Galante. With the official Bonanno boss Philip Rastelli in prison, Galante had taken effective control of the family in the early 1970s. His ruthlessness and ambition created many enemies within the Bonanno family and in the other New York families The book provides details on well-known hoods such as Carmine Galante, Dominick Sonny Black Napolitano, Joe Massino, Anthony Spero, and Vincent Basciano. American Mafia followers will get to know Canadian Mafia powers like Nicolo Rizzuto, Vito Rizzuto, Vic Cotroni, Paulo Violi and powerful Associates like Raynald Desjardins carmine,carmines+restaurant,carmine appice,carmine di sibio,carmine galante,carmine color,carmine persico,carmines of nyc, mlrd. current link; Ex son-in-law of Gambino mafia boss John Gotti arrested photograph Grand Opening of Lavo NYC - Carmine Gotti Agnello - Image.

On July 12, 1979 Carmine Galante was shot to death, his Sicilian bodyguards did not protect him, they had in fact betrayed him. With Galante out of the picture, Rastelli emerged as the new boss. Rastelli however, was still in prison. He ran his Family through captains Joseph Massino and Dominick Sonny Black Napolitano (right) Richard Leonard Kuklinski (/ k ʊ ˈ k l ɪ n s k i /; April 11, 1935 - March 5, 2006) also known as The Iceman, was an American criminal and murderer.Kuklinski was engaged in criminal activities for most of his adult life. He ran a burglary ring and distributed pirated pornography.Kuklinski killed several people he lured with offers of a business deal so that he could rob them of their cash

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Carmine Galante: «Une personnalité neuropathique et psychopathique» Très tôt, Galante a montré des tendances criminelles qui, à 10 ans, l'ont conduit à une école de réforme. Adolescent, il a travaillé dans plusieurs endroits, y compris un magasin de fleurs, une entreprise de camionnage et sur le front de mer en tant que débardeur et. Il y a 40 ans, Carmine Galante était assassiné dans son restaurant préféré de Brooklyn. L'une des plus célèbres exécutions de la mafia new-yorkaise... Avec Rétro Match, suivez l'actualité à travers la légende de Paris Match

Two of his brothers, his son and his ex-son-in-law were all jailed at the time of his death; another brother and a nephew were under indictment. Carmine Galante, Vito Genovese and Charles. The Tape Room revisits the assassination of mob boss Carmine The Cigar Galante in Brooklyn in 1979. David Feete, the son of James Feete, one of the victims, is still looking for closure and. His son, Robert, is a state police lieutenant who works out of the same barracks in Delaware County as his father once did. a New York City hood named Carmine Galante had been stopped for.

Carmine Galante, also known as Lilo and Cigar (1910-1979), was the boss of the Bonanno mafia 'family'. On July 12, 1979, Galante was eating lunch at Joe and Mary's Italian-American Restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn while he was murdered along with his bodyguard, Leonard Coppola, and restaurant owner/cousin Giuseppe Turano. Cigar in mouth, the 69-year-old mobster was blasted in th Browse 169 carmine galante stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Maurizio Galante spring-summer 2006 Haute Couture show in Paris, France On January 23, 2006. woman holding red purse in corner - carmine galante stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images The drug was distributed primarily through pizza parlors in several U.S. ^ cities. The new indictment accused Catalano and four others of plotting the 1979 murder of Carmine Galante, then the Bonanno family boss. Galante, 69, was slain by five gunmen while lunching at an Italian restaurant Montreal, Carmine and the Heroin Trade. On February 24, 2017. March 7, 2017. By ScottP In North America. Much of what is known about organized crime is a mixture of supposition or educated guess work; the suspected causes of actions and loyalties derived from conclusions that are often based on a lonely piece of evidence, be it a single.

On July 12 th, 1979 Bonanno family boss Carmine Galante was in hot water and he didn't even know. The other four families were agitated with Galante after he blitzed the narcotics market in New York and refused to split any of the profits. At 2:45 pm Galante was finishing up a lunch of spaghetti and meatballs at Joe and Mary's Italian. Sfoglia 169 carmine galante fotografie stock e immagini disponibili, o avvia una nuova ricerca per scoprire altre fotografie stock e immagini. Maurizio Galante spring-summer 2006 Haute Couture show in Paris, France On January 23, 2006. close-up of illuminated christmas decoration - carmine galante foto e immagini stock Carmine « Lilo » Galante Né aux États-Unis, ce criminel d'origine sicilienne est le numéro deux de l'une des cinq grandes familles du crime organisé new-yorkais : les Bonanno. Chargé d'étendre l'influence de la famiglia au Québec, il arrive à Montréal en 1952 et prend le contrôle du monde interlope montréalais avec l.

Anthony Bruno Indelicato - soldier in the crew of his uncle, Joseph Indelicato, and the son of Alphonse Sonny Red Indelicato. A made member since the late 1970s, Anthony Indelicato may have participated in the 1979 murder of Carmine Galante. Indelicato was a defendant in the 1986 Mafia Commission Trial where he was sentenced to 45 years and. 1 of 8 Jimmy Galante, of Latham, lower left, died of a heroin overdose at 26 on Dec. 27 after relapsing following intensive residential treatment and two years of being clean. His mother took this.

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Carmillo Carmine Galante was nicknamed Lilo, Italian slang for cigar, which was appropriate given his omnipresent stogie. Suspected by the NYPD of more than 80 murders, Galante, 69, was a prodigious heroin peddler who rose to be head of the Bonanno crime family Paul Castellano, Carmine Galante, and Carlo Gambino all owned Lincolns. And Frank officially joins their ranks when he starts driving his Lincoln. A long, pivotal car ride anchors his nonlinear story: Sheeran drives Russ and their wives to a wedding where Hoffa's fate will be sealed Genealogy profile for Vincenzo James Galante Genealogy for Vincenzo James Galante (deceased) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. son. view all Vincenzo James Galante's Timeline. 1910 February 21, 1910. Birth of Carmine Galante. Harlem, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA??? Carmine Galante, called Lilo or The Cigar (born February 21, 1910 in East Harlem, New York City, † July 12, 1979 in Brooklyn, ibid), was an American mobster and notorious leader of the Bonanno family the La Cosa Nostra of New York. He was best known for his attempt in the late 1970s to gain power over all five families by controlling the drug trade in New York to get

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Known as The Cigar, Galante was widely feared for his cruelty. His own assassination is the focus of our latest case featured in our true crime series The Tape Room. We dug into our archives for video footage of this infamous murder. It was a brutal killing. The killers entered the café and shot Galante, 69, and two of his men as they ate lunch The Assassination of Carmine Galante. Topics: Joseph Bonanno, Bonanno crime family, Frank Costello Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: April 22, 2011. The son of a fisherman, Galante was born in an East Harlem tenement to Vincenzo James Galante an immigrant from the town of San Germano dei Berici in Veneto and Vincenza Russo, who had immigrated. Roy Marcus Cohn was born on February 20, 1927, into a strict Jewish family in The Bronx, New York City, U.S.A. He was the grandnephew of Joshua Lionel Cowen, a renowned inventor and the founder of 'Lionel Corporation.'. He was the only child of his parents, Dora (nee Marcus) and Judge Albert C. Cohn

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Josephine S. Galante Brick - Josephine S. Galante, 93 of Brick passed away Wednesday February 3,2021 at Ocean Medical Center, Brick. She was born in Newark, NJ and lived in Hillside before moving to Carmine Galante was 69 years old. Restaurant owner Giuseppe Turano, 48, and Leonardo Coppola, 40, an associate of Galante's, were also killed by the hail of bullets. Galante's murder was. Vito became the main drug source for Count Ciano, Mussolini's son-in-law and was well liked within the family. Genovese wanted to impress Mussolini by ordering the murder of Carlo Tresca (1879-1943), a journalist whom Mussolini hated, in New York. The killer was 33 year old Carmine Galante Left-wing activist Carlo Tresca, but not the gangster who killed him, Carmine Galante, writes Gil Reavill in Mafia Summit: J. Edgar Hoover, the Kennedy Brothers, and the Meeting That Unmasked.

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Trinchera was the son of a Roman and an American woman whose parents were from Naples. In 1979, following Don Carmine Galante's death, he became a Bonanno Capo and never fully learned to speak English, only speaking in broken English and Italian. He owned a trucking firm that he sold a few weeks before his death in 198 1974 - Carmine Galante (Born Feb. 21, 1910. Killed Brooklyn, July 12, 1979). Galante's release from prison allowed him to take control of the family from Rastelli. (Some sources indicate that Galante never reached the rank of boss and led only a rebellious wing of Rastelli's family. Carmine Sr manipulating his son is one of the best moments on the series. Little Carmine tries to manipulate his fawtha into easing up on negotiations, and his dad takes it all in, and then tells him he wishes Tony was his son. carmine galante carmine 6s carmine sabatella carmine persico carmine color carmine appice carmine falcone carmines. LoPiccolo was found on May 21, 1978, in a cemetery on Staten Island, propped up between two headstones. He had a rag stuffed in his mouth, and was stabbed over 50 times. Some reasons for his death include; a dispute with Carmine Galante, a dispute with Trafficante, and rumors that LoPiccolo was an informer 1957, carried an article stating that CARMINE GALANTE, a Brooklyn raoketeer, had a direct line from the Abco-Vending Company to the West New York Police Headquarters, In connection with this allegation, Police Chief FREDERICK R008 of the West New York Police Department stated