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DO YOU WANT TO WIN A PLAYSTATION 5! Enter the giveaway now: https://rwrdcenter.com/1134/22/tiktok?r=0I hope this tutorial really helped out and i am really s.. Like and subscribe if you enjoyed.Read for more infoThis video is a skit and only made for entertainment purposes!If you want to see more videos like this hi.. Xbox 360 Modding Tutorials. Find the most current and updated Xbox 360 modding Tutorials in this section. 1. 2 How to open the Xbox 360 Slim. To get into the Xbox 360 you'll need pretty much the same tools you needed to get into the old one. A flat head screwdriver helps, preferably one with a long, thin stem (a tiny flathead is also useful in getting the heatsink clamp off if you want to go that far). You'll need a torx driver with T8 bit The console does not realize you have swapped discs if you do it fast enough, and you will have successfully downloaded a mod menu for an old xbox 360 game. You could buy a pre-modded ISO disc, or simply make one yourself and hotswap

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The different types of Mods For your Xbox. 1) Jtag. 2) RGH. 3) Flash Player. 4) XKEY, wasabi. 1) This Mod is only available for consoles which have a lower dashboard to 7379.Ce which commences to be a bit old. This hack will allow you to run unsigned code. The first step is to flash your NAND with a kind of Custom Firmware ( freeBOOT ) to have. 1. Ensure that you have a classic Xbox console. These steps will only work for an Xbox console; if you want to mod an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One, the process is different. The classic Xbox was released in November of 2001

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Ninja:https://xbls.ninja/Neighborhood:http://www.mediafire.com/file/l9786i9endh5w5e/XBOX360+SDK+21256.3.exeXex menu 1.2:https://mega.nz/#!9AlUmDZK!oykniipcx8.. NEIGHBORHOOD- http://ow.ly/FKSr2BO2 MENU- http://adf.ly/1mQuT6STEALTH SERVER- https://xbls.ninja/KV SELLER- http://www.x360keyvault.com/RGH SELLER- https://s.. You may also be curious about how to mod the Xbox 360 Slim. If you're struggling to softmod your 360 Slim, you may have to physically modify the device. You will do so by inserting a modchip, a chip specially designed to bypass the BIOS, or through TSOP flashing, reflashing the existing BIOS chip with a BIOS that has been hacked

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  1. How To:Open an Xbox 360 without a case tool. This video teaches the secrets of opening an XBox 360 without a case tool in simple steps. First remove the hard drive and then remove the face plate from the bottom. Now insert the pin through the holes on the sides and push it out where the side pieces are locked in
  2. Slim trinity is the easiest. After that a corona v1 (250gb hdd) Ace v3 and a jr or nandx programmer. Corona v3/v5 (250gb hdd) require a post fix adapter, so little more soldering and more gear to buy. So many guides online to help you pick and understand what's involved. Some probably in the faq on this sub
  3. r/360hacks: Anything related to Xbox 360 hacks, mods, homebrew, or scene news. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut

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Bandit5317 has made an 1-inch thick Xbox. The ultimate Xbox mod: super slim. Pay attention, Microsoft. The Xbox Micro has a 320GB HDD crammed inside and has a polycarbonate case. Albeit, there is no DVD drive, but it still serves as an awesome media center with XBMC installed. Awesome Xbox mod. Intimidated If you want the hottest mods for your Xbox 360, XCM has all the components to tweak your home gaming console and give it the look and feel of an entirely new system! Whether you want to enhance your gaming performance with some customizable controller mods or revamp your entire Xbox 360 case with a brand new illuminated layout, XCM has the Xbox 360 mods you need to get the job done right How to Case Mod an Xbox 360 for Dummies: **THIS IS AN UNFINISHED INSTRUCTABLE, BUT IN ITS CURRENT STATE YOU CAN FIGURE OUT THE REST** i have tried to find instructions on how to case mod an Xbox, but so far i have not found any instructions that a normal person could do without spending a

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Plug the USB flash drive into the Xbox 360 to which you want to transfer game content. Access System Settings on your Xbox 360, located in the dashboard's My Xbox section. Choose Memory from the menu. Notice a new screen appears prompting you to select your desired device Modding my Xbox 360 Elite - Xbox Discussion - Xbox Chaos: Modding Evolved. Content: Slate Blackcurrant Watermelon Strawberry Orange Banana Apple Emerald Chocolate Marble. Background: Slate Blackcurrant Watermelon Strawberry Orange Banana Apple Emerald Chocolate Marble. Pattern: Blank Waves Notes Sharp Wood Rockface Leather Honey Vertical Triangles Xbox 360 Slim E RGH Debug Light ROL Mod. sthetix. March 28, 2015 December 17, 2020. 0. 2.6K. 12. 2. Use this guide if you want to add a custom debug light on your Xbox 360 Slim E.-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: How to hack 2DS / 3DS with firmware 11.3 (Luma3DS).

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Incredible tools and software: With a custom Xbox 360 you can connect your console to mod tools installed on your PC which allows you to change your Xbox Live Gamertag to anything you want, have the ability to modify other players, end and restart online games adjust internal fan speed and move files over WI-FI to your console and much more The Firmware Mod. The breakthrough hack in the 360 modding scene! This mod removes the media restrictions that blocks your Xbox Console from reading burnt 360 games. Once we install this firmware you will be able to make backup copies. Here is what is included with the Firmware Mod: The most latest up to date Firmware install

Option 1 (Retail) Play Legit just like a Normal console with no Mods at all. Option 2 (Modded RGH) Play online and Mod with Mod Menus, Stealth and all that. How is this Possible? This Console has 2 Nand's. Nand 1 is the RGH Modded Nand. Nand 2 is your Retail Nand With no Mods and works just like a normal Xbox 360 would If you picked up a new Xbox 360 Slim, the first thing you're going to want to do is transfer all your old saved game data from your old Xbox 360 to the new internal hard drive in the Slim 360. To do this you'll need a transfer cable Nebula And Blackout (Xbox 360 S 4GB Console + Xbox 360 Modded Controller) 4.5 out of 5 stars. (160) 160 product ratings - Nebula And Blackout (Xbox 360 S 4GB Console + Xbox 360 Modded Controller) $155.00. $75.50 shipping. or Best Offer How to Mod Fallout:New Vegas on the Xbox 360. New Vegas on the Xbox 360. Why should PC gamers have all the fun? This tutorial shows you how you can set up the same dev console for PC onto your Xbox 360. Once you have it running, you can use it just like a PC console for extra goodies. Want to master Microsoft Excel and take your work-from-home.

Wireless Controller for Xbox 360, 2.4GHZ Game Joystick Controller Gamepad Remote for Xbox 360 Slim Console, PC Windows 7,8,10 (Black) 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,781 $25.97 $ 25 . 9 BTW: the new xbox 360 cannot be JTAGed. Xbox 360 is simple to mod, all you need is the correct sata card, I use Via, and the Jungleflasher software to flash your dvd drive with the custom firmware. Jtag is a bit more complicated, and dependent on your software version Incredible tools and software: With an RGH Xbox 360 you can connect your console to mod tools installed on your PC which allows you to change your Xbox Live Gamertag to anything you want, have the ability to modify other players, end and restart online games adjust internal fan speed and move files over WI-FI to your console and much more

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Xbox Image Browser This tool allows you to view the content of an Xbox 360 Iso image. What I use this tool for is extracting the files from the iso then putting them on my xbox instead of the iso. Xbox 360 iso's are zeroed out to 7 gb or so no matter how big the game is. A game with 1gb of files could be wasting 6gb of space Live. •. $345. 2TB Modded xbox 360. Option A - 350 xbox 360 games / 400 xbox 360 live arcade games. Option B - 260 xbox 360 games / 260 xbox classic games. 15k roms nintendo, sega, super nintendo, mame, final burn alpha next, game boy advance. Console and HDD only Find the most current and updated Xbox 360 modding in this section. . . Discussion Xbox 360 Modding: Useful Information, Files, References, and More 244. Xbox 360. $246.99. Wireless Controller Compatible with Xbox 360, Astarry 2.4GHZ Game Controller Gamepad Joystick Compatible with Xbox & Slim 360 PC Windows 7, 8, 10 (Black) 4.4 out of 5 stars. 7,860. $24.99. Microsoft Xbox 360 20GB Console White (Renewed) Amazon Renewed level 1. Iainfixie. -1 points · 9 years ago. Xbox frequently scans and bans modded consoles. Unless you can get inside it and remove the actual part (hardware mod) or refreshing the entire console (software mod) Un-modding tool: A hammer. level 2

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  1. So I was fooling around with my xbox 360 slim and removed my hard drive from it and hook it up via connection to my desktop. I unscrewed my desktop and connected it like a normal hard drive. So I explored the files using Xplorer360 and found out that the 360 emulates the original xbox to play the games and that it has the same file extensions.
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  3. Console Modding. Learn how to modify your consoles, find tools to mod your console, and news regarding the advancements of modding. 1. 2
  4. Xbox 360 Car Mod. The console was embedded into the dashboard, while one of the controllers was incorporated into the steering wheel. Transparent Xbox 360 Case Mod. Cool mod allows you to see what it happening inside the console. Half-Life 2 Xbox 360 Case Mod. Xbox 360 mod inspired by a science fiction video game from Valve. Halo Xbox 360 Case.
  5. Reputation Power: 440. Okei, C4eva managed to make this. You can now play backups on your SLIM console, BUT NOT EVERY SLIM CONSOLE CAN! TUTORIAL ON HOW TO CHECK THIS IS UNDER. All credits goes to xbox-Scene, C4eva, Team Jungle and Team Xecuter. This is a copy and paste, and all credit goes tp ^^. C4E iXtreme Slim LT+ Firmware for LiteOn DG.
  6. Xbox 360 slim model Mod iXtreme Firmware Upgrade Service. WE Can Mod your NEW Black Xbox 360 SLIM console in 60 Minutes for $69 with iXtreme Firmware. Other Mod Stores say they cannot Chip your console but we Can while U wait. Any Model Xbox 360 Black Slim Console Same Day Mod. Pay an Extra $30 and get 12 Months drive Replacement Warranty

Xbox 360 Modding: Useful Information. Hey and welcome to my thread with important links/information on Xbox 360 Modding! This thread is designed for people both new and experienced, and is hopefully a good place to find what you may need in your journey through 360 modding WELCOME TO 5KMODS LLC. I Have been offering repair & modding services, consoles, parts for playstation,xbox, xbox 360, cell phones, game controllers for over 9 years. we started out in 2010, since then we have opened a full time repair shop with the latest equipment and tools available, this all to offer the most reliable and cost effective repairs,service possible, please feel free to contact. Xbox 360 RGH LT3 Modchip Install Service - Trinity Corona Jasper Falcon - Ring Of Light Mod. ConsoleModsByRSX. 5 out of 5 stars. (27) $15.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. Vintage Xbox 360 Console Bundle w/ 5 Games, controller, Kinect. Tested. Free shipping Getting your Custom Xbox Setup and Online. The following 10 video tutorial guide will show you how to setup and use your Custom Xbox to its full potential. Our 10 video tutorials below go into detail on how to get your Xbox set up and playing for new users who have never used one previously. Any videos which require you to click a link or.

How to get inside modded original xbox hhd to add. Years ago I had a friend soft mod a v1.6 original xbox for me. After time I was having trouble play certain games that used to play before and wanted to fix it but never got around to it. The xbox had later had its life and I kept the hard drive and threw out the old one How to Mod the Xbox 360 Ring of Light: THIS WILL NOT REQUIRE REMOVING THE ORIGINAL LEDS. This is a really simple way of turning the ring of light (rol) on the front of your beloved xbox 360. This is a instructable that is very simple that will turn ether two or all four of your ROL LEDs Xbox 360 Usb Mods. Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting. Xbox Live Trial Code. Sitemap. Xbox 360 Usb Mods. xbox 360 The Xbox 360 is the second video game console produced by Microsoft, and the successor to the Xbox. The Xbox 360 competes with Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles

Flashing the disc drive on an XBox 360 and putting new firmware on it so that it can read burned discs is the most challenging and most important part of modding your console. It will allow you to play burned copies of any game and load all sorts of nefarious software onto your hard drive. This video will show you how to do it if your XBox 360 has the Liteon DG-16D2S drive used in many of the. ModchipCentral.com specializes in Mod Chips/Gaming items & accessories for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS4 Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DS/3DS, Sony PSP, PlayStation 2, Xbox One & Gamecube. Repairs, Android, Kodi, Spy Gear, Vap Pen Open the Xbox 360. In order to flash the DVD drive, you will need to pull it out of the Xbox 360. To do this, you will need to remove the outer panel of the Xbox. See this guide for detailed instructions on opening your Xbox 360 case Expand Your Gaming Options Using a Modded Xbox 360 Console. The Xbox 360 is the second console in the Xbox series and was unveiled in 2005. If you are looking for a way to enhance your gaming experience and add some functionality to it, you can search eBay for affordable Xbox 360 modded consoles The all new Xbox 360 Slim (or S) which was released in June 2010 at E3 had a new protection installed on the drive which made all the previous mods useless. But if this video is to be believed, hackers have managed to hack Xbox 360 S / Slim to run writable discs. Video after the break

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  1. X360key Mod for all Xbox 360 Consoles hard drive adaptor for running games directly from a USB connected hard drive or memory stick. Xecuter Demon Multi boot Startup option . Team Xecuter Cool Runner to Reset Glitch hack your game console. Matrix Team Reset Glitcher another Modchip designed to Reset Hack any Xbox 360 consol
  2. 71.3K. 679. 71. When you see the Xbox 360 Slim Corona CPU or GPU temperature rising so quick or stays at about 70 up to 80 degree Celsius right after you turn on the console, then there is a problem with some resistors near the XCGPU and Southbridge. You can only see this information easily when you run the Freestyle Dashboard
  3. Custom Black Xbox 360 Slim Trinity RGH2 Sharkly's Customs Logo Cut out, 250GB HDD 19 MOD MENUS Ready to Ship! $259.99 $299.95. Sold Out. Sold Out Custom Black Xbox 360 Slim Viper Dual Nand 2 in 1! LED's & Cut Out of your Choice. $169.99 $190.00. Sold Out. Sold Out.
  4. Xbox 360 Slim Custom Console Modern Warfare 3 Limited Edition With Blue LED's From: £ 129.99 All Custom Xbox 360 Consoles , Custom Xbox 360 Limited Editions , Custom Xbox 360 Slims Add to baske

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How To: Resign and mod XBox 360 saved games with CK3 How To: Do a 12-volt fan mod on your XBox 360 How To: Mod a Wii Hori fighting stick to work on the Xbox 360 using Sanwa parts How To: Mod Fallout 3 for the XBox 360 without using Modi How To: Make Your Xbox 360 Games Region Free How To: Unlock all 11 unique executions in Gears of War 2 How To: Delete game history on your Xbox 360 (Xbox 101) How To: Do a 12-volt fan mod on your XBox 360 How To: Get infinite caps and ammo in Fallout 3 for XBox 360 Changing the Region of Xbox 360 Game. Once the Xbox 360 is modified, you can either change the region of the game or turn your Xbox region free. The video below explains how to change the region of the game by uploading it your computer and burning it in the necessary region using the free 360 Flash Dump Tool. Video Loading


  1. A Jtag or RGH console allows you to. Play backup games directly from a hard disk (without a disk being in the DVD drive). Example of a Freestyle Dash Image of games installed. Run emulators for your favourite Retro consoles like Super Nintendo, PS1 and PS2, Mame, etc. Example of a Super Nintendo Xbox 360 Emulator
  2. Custom Black Xbox 360 Slim RGH2 250GB Blue LED's 15 Mod Menus. $255.00. Sold Out. Sold Out. Custom (Red) Limited MW3 Hand Crafted RGH2 Slim, 320 GB HDD W/ 15 Mod Menu's. $450.00. Buy. Custom Xbox 360 Phat ROL Board RF / Power Button / Ring of Light. From $13.00
  3. Put on those creative caps and make your Xbox 360 unique and special. For Xbox 360 SLIM, this is the ultimate case mod! Fully customize your Xbox 360 Slim console with this quality replacement case. Includes all parts for full exchange of Xbox 360 Slim case to the new Crystal Clear XCM 360 case. Full Replacement Case for your Xbox 360 Slim console
  4. New X360key firmware Now available for Xbox 360 Slim consoles. Top View Of the Xk3y Mod chip . Running Unique coded Linux operating system the device mimics the optical DVD drive in the Xbox console allowing you to play any Xbox 360 or Xbox Classic game from any connected USB external device. x360key is compatible with Xbox 360 game console models both Fat and the new Black Slim, and offers.
  5. Turning PC Mods into Xbox 360 DLC - posted in Oblivion Mod Talk: The DLC on xbox live was in fact mods 1st. That being said theres got to be a way to put some converted pc mods on a disc and burn them to the hdd. I have met with some who have modded their xboxs to play Oblivion and Fallout 3 mods. I dont want to mod my xbox and loose my xbox live account over it neither
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Xbox 360 Slim Custom The Boys Console with Blue LEDs. From: £ 109.99 From: £ 99.99. All Custom Xbox 360 Consoles, Custom Xbox 360 Slims, Custom Xbox 360 Special Editions. Select options. Xbox 360 Slim Custom GTA 5 Console with Blue LED's. From: £ 109.99 Xbox 360 Slim Custom Console Halo Reach Limited Edition with Blue LED's. From: $ 166.11. All Custom Xbox 360 Consoles, Custom Xbox 360 Limited Editions, Custom Xbox 360 Slims. Select options. Xbox 360 Slim Custom Console Star Wars Limited Edition With Blue LED's. From: $ 179.95 This is a Modded Xbox 360 It's a RGH2. It works exactly the same as a JTAG.-----Please Note: this is just the Console Only -----What this Console Includes: Free Setup Video + Learning the Basics It's Just the Console only. it doesn't come with anything. You will have to purchase everything Separately or in the Selection Boxes Above Iron man xbox 360 slim mod more info or questions ask me at www.mlmod.com PARTS LIST: krylon plastic primer spray paint krylon metallic gold spray paint 1000+ grit sand paper get this at your local auto store Find your local airbrush artist for the iron man look! Steps : Take apart the xbox every piece! sand individual pieces !!!! starting from the lowest grit sand paper up to 1200 then use.

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Modding XBOX 360E. reversegrim March 27, 2018, 4:27am #1. I have got a 2014 Xbox 360E console, which I want to use as an offline device (no Xbox live required, so no worrying about getting banned). I want this console to be able to run games off of a harddisk (I have some disks, need to get them on HardDisk, and some old pirated games too) Need help with Xbox 360 Slim HD mod. Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by iCrash, Oct 28, 2010. iCrash New Member. Joined: Oct 28, 2010 Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0 Location: New Jersey, USA. I just got the Slim 4gb and sold my old Arcade only to find out that I need an HD for Black Ops. So my friend had an extra 250gb HD out of an. Original Xbox 360 500gb HDD upgrade tutorial (any slim HDD to original) Real Xbox 360 hard drive Disassemble Looks like the hardest part is the dissassembly of the slim drive. Everything else should be a piece of cake. At least I hope so. I've ordered a genuine 500 GB slim drive and I'll try getting my hands on the newer slim-style transfer. Configure a USB flash drive for modding Xbox 360 memory unit. By Reform Ed. 1/27/11 3:03 PM. WonderHowTo. If you're looking to get some more storage on your Xbox 360, this video will show you how to do it Softmod Depot is the premier source for the latest in the Console Modding community. You'll find the files you need to mod Xbox, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, and more. Softmod Depot features the best in Modding Tutorials and the best Modding Forums you can find. Softmod The Univers

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Water cooled Microsoft Xbox 360 Gaming console and PC case mods with a hint of overclocking. Soon to be a Forum! Involving Thermaltake and Coolermaster products For Xbox 360 SLIM, this is the ultimate case mod! Fully customize your Xbox 360 Slim console with this quality replacement case. Includes all parts for full exchange of Xbox 360 Slim case to the new Black Knight Green XCM 360 case. Full Replacement Case for your Xbox 360 Slim console! For 360 fans wanting a total ne

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New Xbox 360 Slim (or S) had a newsecurity mechanism to get over exsting mods/hacks, But, hackers have managed to hack Xbox 360 S / Slim to run writable discs. Watch the video after the break These hackers call themselves Team Xecuters , and claim to have hacked the DVD drive of the new Xbox 360 to play writable discs as seen in the video above Condition Used. Xbox 360 Slim RGH/JTAG 250gb Console. More details. Warning: Last items in stock! Availability date: Notify me when available. By buying this product you can collect up to 21 loyalty points. Your cart will total 21 points that can be converted into a voucher of 4.20 $. Send to a friend ModMasterz - Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 mod consist of opening the 360 (we keep the warranty sticker intake (phat only) so it will look like the 360 was never opened), then we flashing the DVD drive's firmware with a custom firmware (iXtreme) which will allow you laser to read backed up (burnt) games. We use the most up to date firmware available Xbox 360 Jailbreak: JTAG/RGH, install Xbox 360 jailbreak on Xbox 360 Fat/Slim all models which support jailbreak check your Xbox model compatibility. By jailbreaking your Xbox 360 you will get full administrator and developer rights over your console original firmware. Now! maybe you are wondering about how to jailbreak Xbox 360 Here you will find Minecraft Xbox 360 Gamesaves and maps for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. These saves can be used on Xbox One if uploaded to Cloud Saves via the Xbox 360. Xbox 360 Mod Menus (586) Find all the latest Xbox 360 Mod Menus here. These can be Game Save Mod Menus that can be used by a Retail Xbox 360 or Mod Menus created for RGH.

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Custom Xbox 360 SLIM Ring of Light (ROL or RF Module) Pre-Modded - Blue. $39.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Custom Xbox 360 SLIM Ring of Light (ROL or RF Module) Pre-Modded - Blue Learn More. Custom Xbox 360 SLIM Ring of Light (ROL or RF Module) Pre-Modded - Green. $39.99 Jtag Mod Service to Play Atari Nintendo Xbox 1 or 1,000 of Arcade Games straight from a USB hard disk drive from the USB port of your Xbox 360. Freedom DG-16D5S Unlock Board. Upgrade your firmware with this new Cryprocop unlocked PCB for the Xbox 360 slim DG-16D5S DVD drive allowing playback of backup discs. Kreon DVD Drive Most Popular. Xbox 360 Slim Custom Preloaded 250GB Hard Drive £ 11.99. New Matrix V3 Chip for Xbox 360 £ 4.99. Xbox 360 Slim Custom Dragon Ball Z Console With Blue LED's. Rated 5.00 out of 5. From: £ 109.99 XBOX 360 is renowned for its modding capabilities , and this makes it the most loved gaming console By continuing use this site, you agree to the Terms & Conditions and our use of cookies. Close O