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It is natural to want to know the cost of a shade sail before you get too far into your project. While factors such as quality, fabric, style, size and number of sails must be considered the majority of our commercial projects fall in the $3,000 to $15,000 range Playground Sail Shades Pricing. To get an idea of the cost of your project, just phone us toll free at (877) 840-0707, and we can talk to you about options and pricing. You may also check out the product page by clicking on the quote cart button Engineering will include design of the posts and their Fabrication and installation of Shade Sail membranes for $2,500.00-$4,500.00 (if required So shade sails typically have an entry level price in excess of $10,000 and equipment costs can far exceed $30,000. Installation costs will typically be 120% to 160% depending on the area it is installed in, soil conditions, and wind rating requirements. Does my playground shade require a building permit

Commercial Shade Structures for Playgrounds and Parks At PlaygroundEquipment.com, we have an impressive selection of canopy shades from top brands at low prices. A sun shade canopy can make a tremendous difference in how families and children enjoy the spring and summer months on days with clear skies and warm weather, and we can help you find. Anybody standing under our shade structures will enjoy 15-20-degree cooler temperatures - all because of our breathable shade fabrics. At Creative Shade Solutions, we only use durable commercial-grade sail cloth, which can block up to 98.8% of UV rays and withstand wind gusts up to 120 mph. Choose from a wide selection of flame-resistant, waterproof and standard sail fabrics in a variety of. Playground Shades for Your School or Business! draw poker online Our full range of playground shade structures is great for schools, daycares, and more! There are many designs to choose from: square and rectangle shades, hexagon and octagon shades , umbrella-style shades, cantilevered shades, futuristic sail shades, and even mini canopies you can attach to existing play units

This commercial playground is located in Woodland Texas at a child care center. Creme De La Creme is a daycare and preschool that features 11 different play spaces for the children. Pictured is an outdoor play structure covered by one of our hypar sail shades. These massive canopies made of fabric are used to keep all of their outdoor play areas cool and shaded Shade sail structures: The aquatic touch of our shade sail structures promotes a sense of sophistication and visual interest in a playground. Shade sail solutions can be installed in different heights, allowing you to accommodate all your playground structures from castles to slides USA SHADE's commercial-grade shade sail designs are flexible, allowing these shade structures to be used in a variety of applications, including: Playgrounds and play areas. Outdoor seating and dining areas. School outdoor areas. Car washes. Car dealerships. Parking areas. Outdoor areas at daycares. Outdoor areas at places of worship

You need to look at the whole package, but to get back to the original question, a large quality guaranteed shade sail for the average Australian suburban backyard will cost at least $3,000-$3,500 Australian dollars + GST Haokaini Patio Sun Shade Sail Canopy Waterproof Garden Playground Sunshade Sail Shade Tarp Cover Awning for Pergola Backyard Garden (Not Including Support Pole) $46 54 ($46.54/Count Playground shade sails also make adult supervision more pleasant. They're the perfect solution for permanent sun protection. Depending upon color, the cable tensioned fabrics block up to 96% UVA & UVB rays and provide Shade Factor up to 97%. Ambient temperature drops us to 20 degrees because hot air rises out the top between the knitted HDPE. Sail Shades. Commercial shade sails are our most unique and visually distinct design options available. Perfect for those looking to add shade protection and statement-making design aesthetics to their outdoor spaces. This versatile shade sail design style comes in a number of different shapes and size options to help accommodate all of your needs

The skilled engineers from OC Shade Sails have designed these structures to offer an economical and safe means to protect your swing sets. **Integrated shade - You can use any of the modular shade choices to add a canopy into the playground posts. **Bench canopy - If there is a bench beside the playground, this can also be covered with. Project Cost: $70,000. University of West Georgia Campus Center. Carrollton, GA. and even over a park bench or playground area. Come to us for the shade canopy to cover your weekend picnic or the sail shade to protect kids on their outdoor playground. Use a cantilever structure to protect and cool cars from the harsh sunlight, or choose a. In addition, playground equipment shade structures can even act as an indirect insurance policy for the safety of your play space, as they work to keep playground equipment cool, reducing the potential for injuries. Each playground shade canopy has been specially designed to provide protection from the sun's rays at every angle

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Florida Playgrounds offers Commercial Shade Structures, Shade Sails, and Commercial Umbrellas. PLAYGROUND SHADE SUPPLIER. Shade structures help keep a playground shaded and help protect against the Sun's rays and keep the equipment cool in really hot weather as playground equipment can get pretty hot pretty quickly SkyWays® Hip shade structures offer massive shade options for any environment - playground shade, outdoor seating, pool surrounds and nearby buildings. Available in a wide variety of sizes. SkyWays® Hip (18'x18') Shade Shade sails are large fabric canopies that are stretched between posts or anchor points on a building. Shade sails are a simple and affordable method to safely and quickly create shaded and covered areas in playgrounds. They are long-wearing, durable and offer protection from the sun and rain when needed, making them perfect for use in. The Playground, Shade and Surfacing Depot is your one stop shop for all of your outdoor recreation and early childhood product needs. Our extensive product lines include shade structures, commercial playgrounds, early childhood equipment, outdoor classrooms, loose part manipulative play products, commercial outdoor furniture and site amenities, park shelters and pavilions, playground surfacing. Shade Sails are already a very cost effective way to shade an area, but we always try to offer cost-efficient approaches when a target budget needs to be met. The average custom designed shade sail typically ranges from $10 per square foot to $20 dollars per square foot

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Benefits of Using a Shade Over a Playground. Transform a playground into a imagination-igniting design with an Isosceles Sail Shade. A shade simply protects children from the sun's harsh rays, whereas a sail shade sets children on an adventure. Children will feel invited to take part in an adventure beyond the typical day at the park Every sail shade structure is custom-made, and they are available in a variety of sizes and heights. For an official quote, please call us TOLL FREE at 1-877-840-0707. Please note: Custom units can be designed to fit your needs and playground. Also, prices listed below are for shade structures with Glide Elbows at each corner, the recommended. sb 1765 playground shade sails . addendum no. 1 . any areas outside the limit of work that are disturbed shall be restored to its original condition at no additional cost to the owner. addendum no. 1 9/20/19 1 1. column c-01 column c-02 column c-05 column c-03 column c-04 column c-06 column c-07 column c-0

The Best. We are the #1 in quality and offer the largest selection of endless options as well as Custom Shade Sails for every need. The North Carolina Zoo 'Australian Walkabout' has been up and running for nearly two months now, and it is a big success! The shade sails transformed an area that couldn't be used because of the heat into a. Playground Park Shade Sails - Nursury and Play Area,Playpark Shade Sails. Shade sails in playgrounds provide much need Ultraviolet Protection for children and parents. Playground Shade plays an import factor for playing safely outside and should be mandatory for all outdoor playgrounds Shade your space with our custom, hand-crafted shade sails. Shade sails are an economical and easy way to shade your outdoor living areas. They also have a unique and stylish design guaranteed to create that perfect gathering space for any of your outdoor areas

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Since playground equipment with its related surfacing represents a very substantial investment, extra years of life actually helps pay for the relatively economical cost of the shade system. Costing much less than wood or metal shelters, Shade Systems provide an economical, attractive, and durable solution where shade is needed to protect. Playground Shade Sail Installation Cyprus Primary School Shade Sail Installation. As part of a larger project for three overseas schools, Shaded Nation was selected to design and build shade solutions for 6 areas over 3 school sites. Working with our engineer and the school head, the new shade sail structures provide a cost effective solution, resulting in the children being able to make full. Shade Systems ™ - manufacturer of outdoor fabric shade covers, sun shade structures, canopies, tents, commercial umbrellas, and shade shelters.. Shade Systems fabric shade structures, covers, tents, awnings, umbrellas, and shade canopies are perfect for playgrounds, pools, schools, and other outdoor spaces where people and children seek protection from the sun's harmful U.V. (Ultra.

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  1. The average custom designed shade sail typically ranges from $10 per square foot to $20 dollars per square foot. At one stage we were considering an 8 point sail. The cost of a shade sail varies greatly, depending on the size you need and whether you choose a DIY or professional installation
  2. Shade structures are perfect for your playground, school, community center, business, church, organization or any kind of outdoor space. We sell a full selection of both commercial and residential shade structures. These shade canopies protect your children's health from the damage caused by overexposure to the sun's rays, and they provide areas of cool shade
  3. Shazeebo Installation Service. We are the experts. We've been installing shade sails in the San Diego area since 2011. We will help you with your shade sail project from start to finish. The average residential project is $3,000 - $10,000. The sail itself is $8 per square foot and includes all hardware. Installation averages $1,000-1,600 per.
  4. ShadePro, Shade Company New Braunfels TX, Texas' shade company providing parking lot shades, hail protection structures, outdoor shade structures, sun sails and walkway covers to survive Texas' extreme sun and heat. We provide the highest quality materials and installation of permanent shade structures in Texas. We specialize in shade structures including commercial parking lot shades.

Our playground shade structures block up to 96% of cancer-causing UV rays and protect children and adults from the harmful rays of the sun while providing shade and keeping the area cooler. Children receive 80% of their total lifetime sun exposure by the time they turn 18 Shade cloth is the preferred material for playground shade structures because it can offer a high percentage of UV radiation absorption of up to 95% and offers good properties for the other considerations mentioned above. At Ashadya, we rely on shade cloth from the leading manufacturers to offer the highest level of UV protection, up to 99% The range of solutions for your shade and shelter is as diverse as the problems you face. There isn't a one size fits all when it comes to how you should cover and use an outdoor space. Whether your area is a massive assembly area, sports court or a smaller area like a playground shade, we find a way to get you the best result Compared to the Shade Sails offered by other Australian shade sail companies, our products block 95% of the sun's ultraviolet rays. They are also very attractive to look at so it makes a house or commercial establishment more striking A school shade sail can provide staff and pupils with protection from the sun and shade from the rain, transforming previously unused areas into the perfect outdoor learning area, dining area or social space. Our high-quality sail shelter range are suitable for a wide range of uses including: Playground shade sail; Nursery shade sail

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We can install high-quality playground shade sails across Melbourne, guaranteeing professional construction for maximum safety and protection. Working quickly and efficiently, we get the job done with expertise you can rely on, all at an affordable cost. To make things even better, we include a free consultation, measure and quote with our. Call 305-759-7423 or click to. Contact Us. ShadeFLA Focuses on creating custom shade structures, commercial retractable roofs, Shade Sails, SunSquare Shades, and Cabanas

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  1. Shade fabric blocks up to 90% harmful UV rays protect kids and play equipment. Ideal for covering sandboxes, playgrounds, picnic tables, and patios. This product is the shade only -- park equipment from picture is not included. For surface mount or recessed plate mounts, anchor bolts and plates are additional cost
  2. Covering Texas and beyond since 2004. More than just another canopy company, Tensoshade™ is a complete design/build and fabric architecture company, providing our own in-house architectural design and engineering team. We provide the ultimate in shade and weather protection while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any facility or residence
  3. Exterior DIY Sails. Our custom-made shade sails can become any shape you desire to cover your space and can be easily installed and removed for cleaning or on the event of a storm. Tensoshade™ Sails can be manufactured with commercial grade shade fabric (mesh) or high-performance membrane fabric (PVC), either one comes with reinforced corners.
  4. g pools, playgrounds, sports venues and residential backyards.
  5. Allcoast Shade Sails provide quality shade sails & structures at the lowest prices on the Gold Coast, with a 10yr Australian sun warranty our shade cloth quality is the best on the market Call us today on 041429441

Commercial 95 fabric is covered by a limited 10 year warranty. Commercial 95 Mesh Shade Sails come with 1-1/2 inch UV inhibitive reinforcement webbing, which is standard for normal residential use in sails up to about 325 square feet. 1-1/2 inch webbing is rated with an approximate 1,800 pound break strength. For larger shade sails or in areas. Car Shade Sails Our designer quality Car Shade Sails are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles, so whatever your shade sail needs, we have the solution for you. Playground Shade Sails We have the expertise to supply and install cost effective playground shade sails with the efficiency you would expect All our shade sails are bespoke, allowing you to choose the colour, shape and size. We offer a wide range of colours to compliment the aesthetics of your school environment. Our colours are available in neutral tones, perfect for forest schools or natural conservation areas, or bright colours for playgrounds. Be imaginative Pacific Play Systems is a full-service commercial playground equipment company offering its Imperial County playground equipment clients a complete solution for all of their playground equipment, indoor soft contained play systems, shade and safety surfacing needs, including a free evaluation of existing site facilities followed by a custom design proposal, all provided at no cost or obligation

Commercial Shade Structures Canada. PlayPower Canada has commercial outdoor shade systems and solutions to help you keep your playground, park or other area safe, comfortable and shaded all summer long. We provide commercial shade structures across Canada, and specialize in custom solutions for your specific shade system requirements Welcome to Shadeform. A wide range of products and professional in-house services are Shadeform's foundation, for providing outstanding weather protection to the home or business. Enjoy the outdoors - install Shade Sails & Structures, Retractable Roofs & Awnings, Waterproof Umbrellas and Outdoor Blinds with Shadeform. A family company since 1986 Shade Sails. Mandurah Structures, Shade Sails & Marine Services has designed and installed a variety of Shade Sails for residential and commercial customers. Our high-quality installations have included backyard shade sails, pool shade sails, council parks and playground shade sails, carport shade sails and restaurant shade sails

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There are a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to school shade sails. Melbourne schools can find Shade Wise solutions for their shade and shelter needs, whether the area they need to cover is a huge assembly area or sports court, or a smaller area like a playground, we have the right shade sail for you A shade sail is a device to create outdoor shade based on the basic technology as a ship's sail. Shade sails use a flexible membrane tensioned between several anchor points. While generally installed permanently, they are cheap and easy to set up. They are usually provided above public gathering places such as seating areas and playgrounds in countries where strong sun radiation makes. Commercial Shade Sails. The easy way to keep your playground, school or kindergarten sun-protected. Melbourne Shade Sails™ is a quality supplier that offers you the best design and construction in all different shapes and sizes of shade sails.. The Kaipatiki Local Board has re-imagined the playground area as a fenced toddler playspace, with slides, tunnel, sandpit, talk tubes, climbing and imaginative nature play. There will also be shade sails, seating, picnic table, plantings and the current swing will be upgraded to include a basket swing

What's included and what to expect in shade sail costs. CALL (480) 418-843 Playground Shade Sails. It is very important to provide a covered area for the children; with Playground Shade Sails you will protect your children from up to 96 % of the ultraviolet harmful rays.Year after year children are four times more likely to develop skin cancer than other types of cancer; that's why every space designed for children must be very safe Playground shade covers are limited in sizes but we will adjust to suit the need of our clients. Cali Shade Sails has been open for orders of playground shade covers in Pomona, CA we are providing the residents of the city free inspection and cost assessment of your desired cover for the full protection of your family

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Budgeting for Your Playground Shade. No matter your budget, our consultants can work with you to add a playground shade to your site. In general, costs for outdoor shade range anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 or more. Get in touch and we can help determine what your needs are and the best shade to fit your space Play Shade can block up to 96% of harmful UV rays and make your playground up to 20 degrees cooler year-round, allowing for longer play. Play Shade can also make your playground more inclusive—some children and adults have sun allergies, and others have to avoid intense sunlight due to certain medications that treat epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and autism The Basics of Custom Shade Sails. All our customs sails include Free Shipping. We offer two options.1) (Recommended) The Custom Sail includes turnbuckles and shackles and is adjusted to fit the space.Or 2) The sail is simply Made To the Dimensions you provide. This option does not include any hardware. Option 1.The Recommended Process: The fixing points (eye-bolts or Pad-eyes) should be.

Commercial Shade Sails SkyWays® and CoolToppers® are designed to block up to 97% of the sun's UV rays and can provide reliable coverage for any play, rest or activity area. They are a great option for playgrounds, restaurants, sports fields, pools, and outdoor classrooms Shade Sails protect and shade you from the severe effects of the sun's heat & UV rays. Some areas of the world call them Sun Sails. They make a beautiful additions to your patio, backyard, or other outdoor areas. Flying Sails is the perfect alternative to a traditional pergola, umbrella or covered porch Shade Sail Options. To see our full range of Shade Sail and shade structure styles, colours and options, view the Photo Gallery and download the product brochures -. Dulux Powder Coating Colours (388 KB) Rainbow Fabric (266 KB) Tenara Sewing Thread (72 KB) Get a Quote or call 1300 668 187

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Air & Sun Shade Products located in Tucson, Arizona is dedicated to a craft which not only protects your home or business from the elements, but adds an inviting impression as well. We continue to provide our clients with professional design, fabrication and installation of all types of shading products, from large commercial projects to. Expensive: High-end shade sails cost roughly $60 to $100. At this price point you'll find large options made from strong, durable materials. Tips. Choose your shade sail carefully if you'll be using it to cover a pool

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The remarkably engineered fabric used to top our products screens up to 95% of the sun s U.V. rays, allowing children and adults to linger outdoors for extended periods of time safely. Outdoor shade canopy are desirable over playground equipment, bleachers, concession areas, pool decks, parking lots, and any other outdoor gathering places Let us quote your sail project with varying sizes heights and number of columns. Size can be customized. Shadesure high-density polyethylene shade cloth which will provide hail protection approximately 80% shade and 90% UV protection. Surface mount recessed plate or direct bury. Anchor bolts and plates are additional cost Outsunny 16 ft. x 20 ft. Sand Rectangle Outdoor Patio Sun Sail Shade Canopy Model# 100110-037SA COLOURTREE 24 ft. x 24 ft. 260 GSM Reinforced (Super Ring) Beige Square Sun Shade Sail Screen Canopy, Patio and Pergola Cove Shade keeps your playground more comfortable by keeping temperatures lower in the warmer weather, and helps ensure that play equipment stays cooler to the touch. With high-quality shade structures, there is less direct sunlight on kids, allowing them to play longer and reducing the risk of sunburns Shade sails can cover larger areas at a fraction of the time and cost of other shade canopy structures. They offer effective protection from the sun in outdoor areas that get a lot of sun. Many fabricators and business owners prefer them for their modern, streamlined look and versatility in design