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Vray vs Arnold Which One is Better Published by inspirationTuts on January 24, 2021 January 24, 2021. Two of the render engines that are popular nowadays are VRay and Arnold. It is true that they are both useful and powerful, but each one of them has specific and different features.. Two of the render engines that are popular nowadays are VRay and Arnold. It is true that they are both useful and powerful, but each one of them has specific.. More projects:https://www.artstation.com/masood3dhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/masood3d Vray is definitely in the hot seat right now, and a there's a lot at stake with vray 3.0. There's a new progressive engine that should be comparable to Arnold when it launches. Probably a little slower but in that direction. There's also a promise of a new SSS shader that may rival Arnold 's very nice SSS treatment

Arnold has more intuitive render settings (16 AA, 1 Diffuse, 1 Spec, 1 Transmission) versus assigning samples to each material separately in Vray, and then trying to wrangle the DMC engine. There's no flickering or render glitches in Arnold, and no need to cache BS stuff like photons or light cache The general consensus back then seemed to be: Arnold great for physically accurate raytracing but requiring a large render farm and with few optimization features or support. Vray much better for optimization, smaller operations and with great support Arnold, as previously mentioned, uses unbiased rendering (path tracing) which is very good for getting perfect results of lighting that are always replicated from render to render. Corona uses what they call (un)bias rendering, which is a hybrid between the two forms of render calculations

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  1. Arnold looks a bit more real but takes a bit more time to render, vray is maybe a bit faster. Arnold comes free with maya also. It's just a preference. I personally use arnold because it's free and it gives a very nice render. Maybe the workflow differs a bit from one another but i don't think it's a huge difference. 5
  2. I don't know much about arnold. Back in the day we did comparison with vray and found that it can render generally with the same speed and quality as vray. I think it has some limitations to interiors, like no light cache and irradiance map. Also the way its sampling works is exponential so if you get grain you have to raise the sampling to.
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  4. Best Gpu vs Top Cpu Render War in Cinema 4D! Speed and Quality Test - Avengers Scene, Iron Man Character!PC Configuration: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 eihgt core proces..
  5. Arnold Vs Mental Ray: which is the best render engine for Maya? Posted 2 April 2017 3 November 2020 Antonio Bosi 12 Comments Posted in Render Speed Tests, Reviews and Comparisons Starting from Maya 2017 Arnold became one of the standard built-in render engines for Maya, replacing Mental Ray in its historical role
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  7. Re: little comparison between Corona, VRay and Arnold. From what I understand, it's not even a render node licence. You have to pay a complete licence or rent it, even for a node (this is a floating licence ->7.5$ a day x365 = 2740$ / or permanent licence = 1220$). So basically, this is a true sodomy as they removed the only free capable.

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In the battle of GTX 1080 Ti vs RTX 2080 Ti, the latter cuts the end render time in half. With Arnold, you want RTX, and also 8GB. At the top-end, your best value would be with the RTX 2080 Ti, while those with seriously complex projects would want to consider the much larger framebuffer of the TITAN RTX or Quadro RTX 6000 Biased vs unbiased. You might here these terms regarding render engines thrown around. In short. Unbiased render engines are brute force light calculations. Generally most unbiased render engines will have a very similar look and feel to them. So Octane, Arnold, maxwell.. etc. While biased means that the render engines cheats in order to. Vray vs Arnold. Testnick. node. Offline / Send Message. Testnick node. Aug 2017. Hello. People say Arnold would be better for CG and animations! I lately dove into Vray and found that Vray is pretty indepth and pretty well organized when it comes to light behaviour, but I didnt check out Arnold

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Depends on what you are trying to achieve and how you define quality of renders; but no, there is not a big difference in the output. All of them are ray-tracers and can be used to achieve the exactly same result. However, it is easier to get st.. Arnold. Arnold is very powerful. The physics-based ray tracing engine CPU renderer is the most stable! Of course, the CPU is not strong enough, the rendering speed is also anxious, especially the rendering of transparent objects such as glass, as well as its powerful node-like operation, so that novices love and hate it Arnold only recently started supporting gpu rendering and both Arnold and V-Ray were cpu renderers first whereas the entire architecture of Redshift was specifically designed to run on the gpu. I'd say Arnold and vray may get there but current feature support wasn't all that fledged out last I played with them (granted that was a while back)

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  1. i render all day long cause im lighting TD and we here have chosen vray 7 years ago. we have a little farm and need a lot of masking stuff. so vray was the best move. i have done smoe reavaluation in the last month. i tested arnold, mr, renderman and redshift
  2. ARNOLD Arnold is an unbiased (so it's similar to Maxwell, Octane, Cycles), physically based, ray tracing 3D rendering application created by the company Solid Angle. Arnold is an advanced Monte Carlo ray tracing render engine built for the demands of feature-length animation and visual effects
  3. Arnold vs Vray. from peter hartwig. 5 years ago. A quick explosion in fumefx 3 for maya. I set it up with the same shading settings for both arnold and vray 3.0 to compare the rendertimes. I personally like the detail of the Arnold render, as well as the speed of it. The only issue is that there is no multiple scattering going on
  4. TYPE: maya guide CATEGORY: Render Maya, Mental Ray, VRay Render, VRay vs Mental Ray Arnold Vs Mental Ray: which is the best render engine for Maya? Starting from Maya 2017 Arnold became one of the standard built-in render engines for Maya, replacing Mental Ray in its historical role
  5. Vray RT is good and getting better every year but Eevee is a great real-time render engine that really changed how people look at blender now as a 3d package. And it is a fantastic choice and an amazing alternative for the other engines especially knowing that blender is free
  6. Vray also supports GPU rendering, which can become a game changer in the future. More complex than Corona (it can be good for power-users but not for the average one). Much expensive than Corona. Corona is faster if you like the unbiased approach. It is way simpler than V-ray to set up and obtain good results

Arnold is said to have the most realistic renderings but theres probably a bigger learning curve also renders take a lot longer as it dosnt cheat,so have a strong computer, Vray is widely used and gives great results and should have most documentation , Rendermen seems more niche but I dont know. You should ask in a movie CG forum, hardly. The ART Renderer Explained. There's a new kid on the block when it comes to comes to physically-based renderers and it comes from none other than Autodesk themselves. The Autodesk Raytracer Renderer or ART has been designed for use across several Autodesk products, including 3DS Max. You can also use it with Revit Inventor, Fusion 360. Arnold vs V-Ray. Reviewers felt that Arnold meets the needs of their business better than V-Ray. When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Arnold is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of V-Ray over Arnold Confusion regarding Arnold vs Vray shader created by MS LiveLink. Please see the different shaders that MS Live Link created for me, Arnold on the left and Vray on the right. The light setup is the same for both renderers; an HDRI map used as Environment Map. Vray (never mind the black sphere and the missing crack on the ground, I just didn't. To avoid confusion first one is Arnold and second one is Vray. Close. 12. Posted by 7 months ago. Archived. Arnold vs Vray. Tried to match the shaders and lighting as possible as i can. To avoid confusion first one is Arnold and second one is Vray. 12 comments. share. save. hide. report. 81% Upvoted

Arnold and V-Ray shortcomings We are considering switching to V-Ray because of MR being put to rest. (RIP) Instead of asking which is better....I want to approach it in the other direction and ask what are the weaknesses of each rendering engine. Vray is the best but... It can be overly complicated and intimating for new users. However, the. I have used Vray a lot (I actually completely forgot how to use the standard render because extensive use of Vray), and while it's a super render engine as well I think the support is not very good. Taking that in account I'd go for Arnold, as they seem a lot more professional than the Vray for c4d team (sorry guys, just putting my opinion here) From my experience, it's going to be trouble all-around. From shading models to light fixtures, you're in for some considerable amount of dictionary + (il)logic work. I spent a month making a v-ray to arnold converter in max to get only half-baked results at best, and utterly different outcomes most of the time I use Json for Vray 5 and env for Redshift, it's work. If i add arnold with env, Vray disapear, if i use json to add Arnold Arnold isn't appear. If i use Json for Vray 5 AND Redshift, Vray crash when rendering. I have success befor to mak work VRAY Redshift and Arnold together. But not anymore. Pop!OS 20.10 // Houdini 18.5.408 // Vray Redshift.

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Learn more: Arnold Render News. New: Autodesk Maya 2020 and Arnold 6 are Now Available; Arnold Render 5.4 Release notes - 31 July 2019; Arnold 5.3 with Arnold GPU Public Beta - Now Available - 20 March 2019; What's New in Arnold GPU, A Sneak Peek and Beta Information - 19 March 201 Arnold Render CPU & GPU Speed Benchmark. This is Arnold Render Benchmark is probably the most accurate CPU and GPU benchmark ever created. What makes this speed benchmark different from the others is the fact that the scene is build and optimized by a professional, with a precise goal in mind: stress every single core of the modern CPUs and GPUs

Arnold vs. V-Ray (significant difference) The Arnold render took 1min 41 secs and V-Ray 11min 38sec. Also note: I am a lighting TD and have been working with V-Ray for over 3 years in production. I have V-Ray in the DMC workflow using QMC GI with 3 bounces and 8 subdivs (default). Arnold is also at 3 diffuse bounces. Posted by DBailey at 9:16 PM Before I share my opinion, let me start by saying, am no rendering wiz. Yes I do have some knowledge of colour theory, light, PBR and ray tracing but then, that's just necessary foundation knowledge. My primary focus is learning 3d animation. Ever.. Render Engine Comparison: Cycles vs The Rest. Cycles has come a long way since we first saw that super cool train demo from Brecht back in 2011, but how does it compare to other path tracing renderers available today? Well in this post, I put cycles to the test against 5 other render engines that can be used with Blender: LuxRender. Maxwell Jira AC-80 Vray Override Material to Arnold Ray Switch Shader. Jira AC-75 Vray EdgeTex to Arnold Rounded corner shader. Jira AC- Legacy Checker to OSL Checker. Jira AC-84 New unique map added - Reoiented Normal Map, blending normals like a BOSS. This blender is a superior constuct, handle with care by Rob Williams on July 6, 2020 in Graphics & Displays. Over the past couple of weeks, we've taken a look at current performance for a couple of CUDA-only renderers, V-Ray and Redshift. For this article, we're going to group a trio of others together, and bring is up-to-date on current CUDA and OptiX rendering with Autodesk Arnold, Luxion KeyShot, as well as OTOY Octane

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Redshift Rendering Technologies Inc was founded in early 2012 in California with the goal of developing a production-quality, GPU-accelerated renderer with support for the biased global illumination techniques that until now have remained squarely in the CPU-only domain. Redshift is now part of the Maxon family and is quickly becoming the go-to render engine for the motion design community NVidia Mental Ray VS Arnold. Hello, I have used mental ray since I started using 3ds Max and few years ago. I am on 3ds Max 2014 now. I am upgrading the computer and going to the leased version of 3ds max 2021. I have repeat clients that will want to have the same look for their indoor architectural renderings, so I am worried about the switch

Autodesk Arnold 6 In an example of two projects not scaling exactly the same, the advantage of the RTX 3090 over the RTX 3080 in the E-Type test was more pronounced than it was in the Sophie one. As mentioned before, though, the best comparison to the RTX 3090 is the TITAN RTX from last-gen, which also offered 24GB of memory, and compared to. Arnold is an advanced Monte Carlo ray tracing renderer built for the demands of feature-length animation and visual effects. 28 Jan 2021. Introducing Arnold 6.2. read more... Introducing Arnold 6.2. 28 Oct 2020. Arnold 6.1 Mental Ray VS Arnold. In the CG industry, Mental Ray is known to be an advanced render engine.It has been utilized for the creation of box-office breaking Hollywood movies and its capabilities and power can be testified by everyone who has comes in contact with it Arnold is best known for being the built-in renderer for Autodesk 3D applications. It's also been used in film production for over fifteen years. This renderer has been built around rock-solid features and uncompromised quality. Compatibility - CPU: Mac/PC GPU: PC and Nvidia GPUs only. Annual Price - $360 (locked) via Toolfarm FurryBall vs Vray, FurryBall vs Arnold, FurryBall vs Mental Ray, FurryBall vs Renderman. Speed compare for biased rendering (No GI, No raytracing, if renderer support) Speed compare 1 - unbiased rendering, physically based full global illumination with 3 light bounces

02 vray for c4d. vray应该是我接触的第三个渲染器,第一个C4D标准第二个keyshot(早年的同学应该知道我教keyshot来渲染),第三个就是vray。15年那时候想追求渲染更加真实的渲染器。还写了一本vray渲染手册,大概印刷了几百本吧。 Arnold 阿诺德优势 :. The state of rendering - part 2. In Part 1 of The State of Rendering, we looked at the latest trends in the visual effects industry including the move to physically plausible shading and lighting. Part 2 explores the major players in the current VFX and animation rendering markets and also looks at the future of rendering tech Solution: The native 3ds Max 2017-2020 Scene Converter feature does not include a preset to convert Chaos Group V-Ray materials to Arnold-compatible materials, such as the Physical or Standard Surface material types. However, there are several ways to convert V-Ray materials to other material types within 3ds Max, both manually and through the use of free and commercial plug-ins Blender Cycles vs V-Ray - Which one is better? V-Ray is so far the most popular rendering software, and thanks to Andrei Izrantciev also known as bdancer, you can use for free a seperate Blender build prepared especially for V-Ray Standalone. About V-Ray for Cycles users 半小时建筑全流程出图 11:从SketchUp建模VRay渲染全流程出图(KG) 止于建築. 3.5万 播放 · 132 弹幕 C4D+Arnold材质节点入门讲解+附RedShift渲染器.

Arnold for 3DS Max User Guide; Tutorials. Learning Scenes. The scenes on this page are to be used as a learning guide for the various components that make up Arnold. Some of the scenes are from some of the other tutorials here and therefore you should visit those tutorials for more information about the contents of the scenes. Feel free to. VRAY Sales vs. its Competitors Q4 2020. Comparing the results to its competitors, Viewray Inc reported Total Revenue increase in the 4 quarter 2020 by 12.07 % year on year. The revenue growth was below Viewray Inc 's competitors average revenue growth of 12.07 %, recorded in the same quarter. 12.07 %. 12.07 % vray vs arnold. January 16, 2021 by Filed under Uncategorized. Leave a comment.

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Jun 8, 2017 - ***UPDATED 11/16/2013*** Link to scene files at the bottom of the article! Today we settle once and for all which render engine will reign supreme over the world of non traditional particle rendere.. Example Arnold for Maya settings: velocity version version control vertex vertices vex vfx video view view-port viewer viewport vignette visibility visual visualization visual studio viz volume volume grid volumetric volumetrics vr vray vrayblendmtl vrayfur vray hair vrayhair3mtl vraymtlhair3 vraysun vs warning water weave weight white. Interior Scenes. The following tutorials cover how to render interior room scenes using MAXtoA. Converting an Interior Scene to MAXtoA. Rendering a Bathroom Scene with MAXtoA. A tutorial that covers how to convert a Revit interior scene and render it with MAXtoA can be found here. No labels

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  1. ation. The most similar render for compare the speed and quality is CPU render, Arnold, because it uses also Path tracing
  2. For the first time, monthly, annual, and 3-year single-user subscriptions of Arnold are available on the Autodesk e-store. Arnold GPU is also available to try with a free 30-day trial of Arnold 6. Arnold GPU is available in all supported plug-ins for Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Houdini, Cinema 4D, and Katana
  3. Oct 19, 2015 - RenderMan vs Arnold, winner take all! Just kidding. Today we are comparing Pixar's RenderMan and SolidAngle's Arnold Renderer in Maya. We will be covering..
  4. آموزش Substance Painter 2021 . در این آموزش Substance Painter 2021 از هنرمند Sean Fowler، با اصول دادن تکسچر به کاراکترهای سه بعدی برای هر سطحی آشنا خواهید شد. اگر تا به حال از Substance Painter استفاده نکرده اید یا حتی اگر در حد متوسط از این برنامه.
  5. Compare Autodesk Arnold and V-Ray head-to-head across pricing, user satisfaction, and features, using data from actual users

Maxim S. With 17 years of experience as a 3D visualizer, Maxim has mastered many programs and has the ability to complete a multitude of project types with a professionalism that exceeds your expectations. He has a background in Architecture and has expert knowledge of AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, Vray and. Algorithmically, V-Ray RT and iray are unidirectional path tracers (paths always start from the camera); bunkspeed uses iray so same thing; Maxwell is a bidirectional path tracer (paths start both from the camera and the lights and are connected in some suitable way). The production V-Ray itself can work in many ways depending on the settings. Basically, dimly lit interior scenes are your worst nightmare in noise reduction. That's why other renderers like Vray and Mental ray have non-brute force secondary tracing methods to fake/smooth the noise-free effect. Arnold doesn't do this though, it's a 100% brute force path tracer and is physically accurate

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Arnold is like cycles or VRay, nothing more. m9105826 (m9105826) April 25, 2018, 11:04am #6. I'll weigh in here as much as I am allowed to having had extensive conversations with an Arnold core developer in the past. Arnold doesn't do anything special per se. No more shortcuts are taken over Cycles Vray is faster, has better IPR with debug shading options and more shading features. Advantages of Vray, -Adaptive Dome Light, HDRI lighting is easier to use without the need for portals, and interiors are much faster to render. -Best IPR in the industry, with isolate select and other debug shading modes Until just a couple of weeks ago, Autodesk's Arnold Renderer had been designed entirely around rendering to the CPU, and as we've seen in previous performance reports, it scales well across the stack.With the latest release of Arnold, though, support for the GPU has been introduced, allowing designers to (potentially) render faster using their highly parallel graphics device What can be confusing is that a material is either dielectric or conductive; there is no in-between state. The term metalness, and the fact that it is a variable of 0 to 1 instead of state of 0 or 1, implies that there are different levels of metalness. In the real world, there aren't. Many users of PBR believe that controlling the.

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Comparing Pixar's RenderMan and SolidAngle's Arnold Renderer in Maya. Pixar recently released RenderMan as free for personal use, with the commercial version weighing in at an attractive $500 / license. The most recent version of RenderMan included a new RIS engine. RIS is RenderMan's a highly optimized mode for rendering global illumination Cycles Render, Radeon ProRender, and Unreal Engine 4 are probably your best bets out of the 13 options considered. GPU rendering support is the primary reason people pick Cycles Render over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision The map will either have to be regenerated with the new object scale, or compensated for by the 'Displacement Amount' setting in V-Ray, or displacement 'Height' setting in Arnold. For example: if you scaled your object up x2, then you'll have to increase the displacement amount setting x2 to compensate. Floating-Point -vs- Intege

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GPU (or Hybrid) rendering is significantly faster on Vray. It is very useful for interactive rendering. You can assign solely GPU rendering for interactive purposes, which leaves your CPU free for simultaneous editing and amendment taks. You can put Vray into a hybrid rendering mode where it will use the GPU and CPU in conjunction 3DS Max vs Lumion still rendering: In 3DS Max, it is not the program itself that does the rendering, but rather the Render Engines within 3DS Max; The newest version of 3DS Max comes with Arnold Renderer, so the real question is: Which is better,. The Arnold renderer, which is included with 3ds Max and Maya, has a GPU-based renderer included. If using Iray, you can allocate GPU usage and resources via the Hardware Resources rollout menu in the Render Setup dialog. More information on GPU Rendering with Iray can be found here Rendering Glass Surfaces with Arnold. Shading Glass and Liquid. Below are the material settings used to accurately shade the glass and water. Standard Surface - Glass. Set the base_weight to 0 and increase the specular_weight to 1. Change the IOR to that of glass (1.5)

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How to use the materials and bitmaps that come with the shared Autodesk Material Library to render with the Autodesk Ray Tracer (ART) or Arnold in 3ds Max. Some materials in the Autodesk Material library (previously based on the Nvidia mental ray renderer) are not supported natively by the 3ds Max ART or Arnold renderers. Physical Material or Arnold-specific Shaders are not being applie Usability. Both Blender and Maya are capable of creating high-quality animation for film and TV, and even video games, offering powerful CPU and GPU rendering capabilities. Maya is also preferred for tasks like UV mapping, texturing, and rendering 3D animations. With Maya's power comes a steep learning curve Decay. Arnold does not support constant light decay.However, A rnold' s Quad and Disk area lights have a Spread parameter, that when set to a low value, will give you something similar to a constant fall-off. Similarly, the Spotlight in Arnold has a Lens Radius parameter that, when set to a non-zero value, and coupled with a low angle, has the apparent effect of flattening the decay, like in a. The release of 3ds Max 2021, as well as new CPUs from Intel and AMD, it was time for a new round of hardware testing. This was also a great opportunity to begin building a new benchmark suite to test many of the common actions within 3ds Max such as modeling, simulations and rendering. There has been a lot of changes within 3ds Max as well as with CPUs in the years since our last pass, so let. Autodesk Arnold is the power user's 3D rendering application, providing production-ready tools to reliably manage complex characters, scenery and advanced lighting challenges. Arnold GPU now loads only the required texture tiles, giving creators with limited GPU memory the ability to run more texture-heavy scenes

Lumion Vs Vray Which One is Better? Published by inspirationTuts on August 21, 2020 August 21, 2020. Architects always look for software that combines ease of use, speed, and realistic renders to finish their projects. It is the last step of a hard and long process but it can be the most important one, it has to be perfect and it has to reflect. 1997 — Solid Angle Founded by Marcos Fajardo. 1998 — Arnold is born. 1998 — One of Arnold's first uses was in a short Pepe. 2001 — The first license was sold. 2004 — Sony Pictures Imageworks adopted Arnold as its main render engine. 2006 — Monster House, which used Arnold, was nominated for an Academy Award, and has been used for. Biased vs Unbiased rendering engine. Biased Render Engine actually means is pre-computing a lot of information before sending out rays from the camera. An UnBiased Render Engine take absolutely no shortcuts in its calculations of calculating rays

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Blender vs Maya vs Cinema 4D, which one is the best 3D software for animation? As the leading render farm in the CG industry, Fox Renderfarm will answer this question in a personal opinions. As we know, Blender, Maya and Cinema 4D, all are 3D production software, and they can all make 3D animation NVIDIA Iray is a state-of-the-art rendering technology that lets professionals create photorealistic imagery for interactive and batch rendering workflows by simulating the physical behavior of light and materials. Support for RTX GPUs brings real-time ray tracing and AI-accelerated denoising to leading graphics applications, giving designers and digital artists the tools they need to create. 5 min. YouTube. Mike Hermes. 137K subscribers. Subscribe. Arnold Emissive shaders vs Arnold Mesh lights in Maya 2019. Watch later. Copy link. Info Exterior Scene - Night Lighting. Lighting is one of the most important parts in 3D visualization rendering. It brings not only the look and feel for the image, but also helps to visualize the design in reality. Unlike interior lighting where you have to spend more time to make sure every detail in the room is lit perfectly, exterior lighting. San Francisco, CA (March 18, 2019) - Autodesk unveiled Arnold 5.3 with Arnold GPU in public beta today. The highly-anticipated release provides artists with a first taste of GPU rendering for a set number of features, and the flexibility to choose between rendering on the CPU or GPU without changing renderers

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Enscape is better, Twinmotion is terrible here, they use some trick that doesn't work at all, but it is in their roadmap to implement better reflection. Mirrors in Enscape aren't very good for certain angles though and, if you have two mirrors facing each other, the reflection of them will be gray Rendering is the process of taking 3D models and converting them into 2D images. 3D scene files are authored in applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and Blender. Rendering applications such as Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Arnold, Chaos Group V-Ray, and Blender Cycles produce 2D images. Sometimes single images are created from the.

MADRID & LONDON, 12 April, 2017 - SOLID ANGLE, the creator of the industry-leading Arnold global illumination ray-tracer, has officially released version 5.0 of the Arnold core rendering library and associated plugins for the main DCC tools. In addition, Autodesk today announced that 3ds Max 2018 ships with Arnold 5, replacing mental ray Tyler Furby writes: In an effort to bring industry standard tools to the free and open-source 3D computer graphics software Blender, a new add-on, Barnold, is currently in development which aims at bringing Solid Angle's unbiased, physically based, ray tracing 3D rendering application Arnold Render to Blender's tool-set The user interface of SketchUp is user-friendly, which allows you to understand how the software works rather quickly. The modeling, texturing, and rendering processes are also not that hard to learn either. On the other hand, 3Ds Max can help you reach insane levels of detail and complexity when working on video-games and VFX projects Here's a breakdown of the number of years' experience offered by Interior Designers in Arnold, MO Less than 1 year (30.0%) 2-4 years (25.0%

MentalRay vs Vray in Maya 2016 - Andrei SerghiutaUnbiased GPU Rendering - What's the Big Deal? - 3DRender Engine Comparison: Cycles vs The Rest — Blender Guru