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100th DAY OF SCHOOL CRAFTS FOR KIDS : Here are 100th Day of School Activities, Arts and Crafts Projects, & Ideas for your Classroom's Children and Preschoolers. The 100th day of school is very special for Elementary School kids. It is a way for them to celebrate the half-way mark of that school year (although a school year is more like 180 days. The 100th Day of School (Hello Reader!, Level 2) by Angela Shelf Medearis Return to Top. 100th Day of School Theme Activities to Help Your Preschoolers Develop Their Math Skills and the Small Muscles in Their Hands! 100 Day Crowns. Materials needed: LONG strips of colored construction paper (6 different colors) Jan 20, 2020 - 100th Day of School Activities for Pre-K, Preschool, Kindergarten. See more ideas about school activities, 100th day, 100 days of school Here are 26 amazing school activities and crafts for the 100 day at school. These are 100th day of school crafts that you can make as a family or in a classroom. 1. 100th day of school Chinese abacus ~ This Chinese abacus is considered an ancient counting tool. It was made using a pretty shoe box and stringing fruit loops

Jan 5, 2020 - Are you teaching about the 100th Day of School in your classroom or homeschool? This resource has ideas, crafts, activities, and lessons for your 100th Day of School thematic unit. The book lists, bulletin board photos, pictures of kid projects and printables are great for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade 100 days of school preschool and kindergarten activities, crafts, games, and printables. 100 is a big number and the one hundredth day of school is a big deal! This month's theme is chock full of ways to celebrate this important milestone. Find songs, rhymes, literacy ideas, math activities, movement activities, recipes, and literature focusing on the number one hundred Pre-K kids can join in celebrating 100 Days of School with these age-appropriate activities. Disclosure: Amazon Affiliate links are included below.. When doing 100 Day activities with Pre-K kids, be sure to choose activities that are age appropriate.It's so easy to get caught up in doing what elementary school teachers do because it looks like fun, but remember, Pre-K children don't really. Let's Celebrate the 100th Day of School! Whether you homeschool, public school, or preschool, the 100th Day of School is a perfect excuse for a celebration! Give the kids a fun little break (but keep them learning, too!) with these 100 free (yep, totally FREE!) printable activities, games, and worksheet

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11. Read Stories About 100th Day . Like these examples! 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler, Rocket's 100th Day of School by Tad Hills, and 100th Day of School From the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler. 12. Read Stories With 100 in the Title . Like these examples The students spend 20-25 minutes at each center. Sometimes, our 100th Day of School activities spill over to the next day but that's okay, since there is plenty of learning taking place! 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL PREP. My kiddos have so much fun on the 100th Day of School! It takes barely any prep to get all of the activities ready Our 100th day of school was this past Friday and I thought I would participate with a 100th day art project for the first time ever. If your 100th day of school has already passed, this might be a project you want to pin and save for next year! I handed out a grid sheet I had drawn with 100 squares on it. Each square is 1 inch by 1 inch Make art with 100 dot stickers.(Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas) Play a few 100 cup challenges. (Busy Kids Happy Mom) Make a list of 100 things kids wish they had and 100 things they don't want. (Doodle Bugs Teaching) Whip up a batch of 100th day trail mix with the free printable mats!. Have the class work together to donate 100 cans of food to the local food bank Kids can make a craft or piece of art with 100 objects for the 100th day of school. This colorful fingerprint craft is an easy project for younger kids to celebrate the 100th day of school. Use one hundred skittles to create a rainbow for a colorful piece of artwork for the 100th day of school. Melt 100 crayon for the 100th day of school

Add ten new words each day, leading up to the 100th day. Write 100 Words for the 100th Day of School. (for older students - using verbs, adjectives, etc.) Work to think of and write 100 Homophones (50 Homophone Pairs). Sequence pictures and then write a short story about what is happening. Use just 100 words to tell your story This 100th Day of School Theme Pack is 131 pages long with TONS of activities perfect for preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten! Use the activities for center time, morning times, small groups, whole group, etc.Included are activities for:alphabet (identifying and writing letters)numbers 0-100colors10 5. 100th Day of School Read Alouds. Another one of my favorite in-person or virtual 100th day of school activities is a good read aloud. You can plan an excellent interactive read aloud lesson in three simple steps and integrate the 100th day of school. Some of my favorites are 100th Day of School Crafts. Check out our collection of 100th day of school crafts for kids. Reaching their one hundredth day in school is a special occasion for kids and they will love to celebrate with these fun crafts. We have a nice variety of crafts to choose from so just click on any of the 100th day crafts below to view the details and.

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The hands-on activities and crafts will engage students for a week. Check out activities included below! Color by numbers are great with this 100th day of school theme. 100 dots of glue will do! 10 groups of 10 crown. cupcake layers in groups of 10. Dabbing and writing numbers to 100 More 100th Day of School Activities. Even from a distance, I hope these virtual 100th Day of School activities help make your 100th Day memorable for your students! If you are teaching in-person, your students will enjoy these 100th Day of School activities that can be completed independently or during center rotations A Dot a Day. Math meets art in 100th Day of School projects. Give each student a sheet of construction paper and several strips of dot stickers (available at office-supply stores) to celebrate 100 great days of school! Kids can create any image that comes to mind from floral motifs to abstract designs. The only catch

568. $5.00. PDF. This resource contains math and literacy centers that are perfect for the 100th day of school in Kindergarten. There are 3 literacy, 3 math, and 6 extra no-prep activities that are sure to make your 100th day fun and filled with learning. Activities are hands-on, interactive, engaging, and perfect f A short, printable book about the 100th Day of School for early readers. It has pages for the student to cut out, short phrases to write and answer, and pictures to draw. Make a Necklace with 100 Cheerios. Have each student count out 100 Cheerios (or other doughnut-shaped cereal) and string them onto a short length of yarn or string How to make the 100 days activities to celebrate the first 100 days of school. These 100th day of school crafts include 100th day crown, 100th day glasses, worksheets, snack, 100s day printables, school projects, and coloring pages. Tip Junkie has 1671 Activities for Kids and tutorials all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make Jake's 100th Day of School / 100 Snowmen / 100 Days of School (Math is Fun) / 100th Day Worries / 100 Days of Cool / The Night Before the 100th Day of School / Centipede's 100 Shoes / 100 School Days. Oh, and if you celebrate the 120th Day of School rather than the 100th, I have some of these activities available in a 120 version

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Use the number of the day activities to make the 100th day of school fun and memorable. More Activities and Games - Counting to 100 is fun with the right tools and resources. The lessons, activities, and games in this counting to 100 unit helps kids practice numbers 1-100 in preparation for 100 days of school The 100 Days of School Mini Activity Book template makes a fun booklet of activities for students to complete on their 100th day of school. Activities in the booklet include: Students finding the number 100 in a group of numbers. Students creating their very own crazy creature. Students completing 100 different workouts

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Have you wondered what are the BEST ways to celebrate the 100th day of school?Here are 45 fantastic ways to have 100th day fun with activities, free hundredth day printables, party ideas, math, science and writing!. Mid to late January is when most primary grades celebrate 100 days in the classroom, finding it a fun way to tie math into an entire day of learning Dear Parents, Our 100th day of school is on Friday, February 9th. It is a kindergarten tradition to celebrate it in grand syle. I have many hands-on activities planned for the students to engage in on this special day. To begin the 100th day of school, I have the students present their 100's creations to the class Free teaching ideas. All the time.So you can have more time. We find and feature creative,free teaching ideas and activitiesfor kindergarten through fifth grade.You get back alittle more time to yourself. What do you need? Activities Freebies Bright Ideas Featured Browse by grade level Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade Or search for what you need What's new See. Find free Preschool Arts Lesson Plan Templates on Visual Arts. Whether you're celebrating the 100th day of school or introducing hundred charts to your students, these printable activities are sure to engage your... Earth Day Coloring Pages Collection. ABCmouse . Updated: 2021. 5 Other 100th Day of School Activities. Choose another fun and educational activity to keep your kids busy. We have 100th Day of School coloring pages, connect the dots, crossword puzzles, maze worksheets, pattern worksheets, sudoku puzzles, word decoders, word scrambles, and word searches to try

10 Activities. 1. Find 100 objects and place them into a bag. The cheapest and smallest items are M&M's, Skittles, Cheerios, pennies, or cotton balls. This is a fun Math activity for the younger children. 2. Make a 100th-day pair of sunglasses. Draw the number 100 in bubble letters. Cut out the middle of the zeros 100th Day Trail Mix: One of my most favorite 100th day of school activities is the 100th day trail mix. What makes this trail mix 100th day worthy, you ask? It has 100 pieces. Students count out 10 of each of the 10 ingredients to make a 100 day snack. If you have parent volunteers, this is a great activity for them to help with. Trail Mix. 100th Day Activities. Here's a few 100th day of school ideas that require little to no prep. Be sure to grab your freebie at the end. 100th Day of School Ideas for Stem Activities: Build a tower using 100 paper or plastic cups. Put together a 100 piece puzzle. Make a structure using 100 toothpicks and marshmallows The 100th Day Celebration seasonal pages will provide you with resources and activities to celebrate your first 100 days of school. Ideas within this section include: writing activities, games, craft ideas, lesson plans, and internet resources. Your creativity can help other teachers. Submit your 100th Day Celebration activity today Activity for the 100th day of school! Preschool and pre-k. Article by The Teaching Texan. 2.6k. 100th Day Of School Crafts 100 Day Of School Project First Day Of School Activities Pre K Activities Kindergarten Activities Kindergarten Classroom Classroom Ideas 100th Day Project Ideas First Day At School

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  1. Not only is this a fun way to mark the one hundredth day of school, but it also is a good review for children learning to count to one hundred using multiples of ten. Thursday, November 21, 2019. All Kids Network. 683 Visits. Kindergarten (5,392) Preschool (4,416) 100th Day of School (22) Craft (773) 9
  2. 100 Day Of School Project. Saved by Tami Hansen. 2. 100 Day Of School Project 100 Days Of School School Fun School Projects Math School School Stuff Preschool Arts And Crafts Preschool Ideas Classroom Activities
  3. A special day calls for special stations and that's just what we did on this 100th Day of School. I love small group work and 100th Day is no exception. I gathered together 8 of my most favorite activities for this year's celebration
  4. 100th Day of School. Sawyer and his Kindergarten class celebrated their 100th Day of School the other day. The teacher sent home a foam visor hat with the assignment of adding 100 of something to it. We chose googly eyes and it turned out awesome! Sawyer counted out the eyes in 10 groups of 10 while I carefully glued them on with hot glue (not.


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Ready, Freddy! The 100th Day of School! The 100th day of school is approaching, and to mark the occasion, Freddy and his classmates must each collect and bring to school 100 of something. Freddy is overwhelmed by the thought, then he has a great idea to collect 100 shark trading cards. But he only has 21 cards The 100th day of school is one of the most exciting days of the year! I love planning and implementing fun activities to get the kids excited about counting to 100. I have some fantastic ideas to celebrate the day, one of which is an adorable cut and paste 100th day writing craft Feb 2, 2017 - 100th Day of School Worksheets and Activities No PrepThe contents of this packet can be used in the classroom with the whole class, in centers or with small groups, as early finisher work or as homework.The worksheets and activities included in this unit are:1. Coloring page (can be used as a cover.

It occurred to me today that our 100th Day of School is Wednesday. Well, I was talking to my teammates and outside of one of us, the rest of us had not come up with anything. We all want to do a few things, but if you guys are anything like my team, you know you also have at least 20 to 30 standards to cover every week Happy 100th day of school! Love, Miss Boerner's class. Mrs. Birge's K students make 100 by sorting their counting collection into groups of 10. Mrs. Birge's K students make 100 by sorting their counting collection into groups of 10. Mrs. Birge's K students make 100 by sorting their counting collection into groups of 50

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It's the 100th day of kindergarten and time to celebrate! Let's make some 100th day of school headband crowns to mark the special school day. If you're like me, then we can marvel at how far our kinders come in the span of 100 school days. It's fun to add in special 100-themed things throughout the day to mark the occasion. We count how many days of school during calendar time to work on daily. 100th Day Activities 100 lipstick kisses, make a 100 stamp book, estimate time it takes to do 100 things, and other creative & fun ideas for the 100th day of school. By: Sandi M. Reyes Orginally posted on the A to Z Teacher.. 100th Day of School STEM Activities: The free download at the end of this post actually includes 2 different STEM challenges for grades K-6. The first challenge is to design a structure out of 100 LEGO bricks. The printable is geared more towards K-3, though you could certainly do this with older students. The second challenge is to create a.

100th Day Idea. At my son's school on the 100th day, each child had to bring in 100 items in a bag to count together. ~Submitted by Ashley Links! 100th Day - A to Z Teacher's Stuff 100th Day of School - abcteach 100th Day of School - Enchanted Learning 100 Days of School in Pre-K - PreKinders 100th Day of School Preschool Theme - Preschool Pan I Virtual 100th Day of School Activities During a typical year on the 100th day in second grade, we work within 100 rather than counting to 100 as students did in the younger grades. We work with longer vocabulary words like centenarian, retirement, and pension Virtual 100th Day Math Activities: 1. Read a Math Picture Book. During your Zoom or Google meet class time, one of the easiest ways to celebrate is by reading a fun math picture book to your students. Here are some of my favorites to celebrate the 100th day or to learn more about counting to 100

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For Little Learners (Preschool-Kindergarten) Circle time, storytime, sing-alongs, transitions, and plenty of early childhood activities Arts & Crafts (all grades) Simple hands-on, creative projects that kids love Read, Write, & Learn (Grades 2-6) Reading and writing ideas perfect for building skills and life-long reader Survey 100 students to find out their favorite 100th-day activity. Show the results in a chart. Simply gather your class in a circle and have them count sequentially (quietly) up to 100. At the end, they shout: Happy 100th Day of School! as loud as they can. And finally, every teacher's favorite 100th-day activity Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten . Project: Have a 100th day of kindergarten party. Goal: Help students understand the value of 100 through groupings and sets of similar items. Math. Begin discussing the value of the number 100 with groupings of 10. Show students a bundle of 10 pencils and a bundle of 100 pencils Kindergarten Fun on the 100th Day of School. We just celebrated our 100th day of school this week! Throughout the week students brought in their posters with 100 items. Students only used objects from home such as stickers, q-tips, cotton balls, leaves, magazine cut outs, beads, buttons, etc. They weren't allowed to buy anything

The 100th day of school offers a day for children to learn as well as have fun. In some schools, children put together 100-piece puzzles, do counting activities or bring in special projects. Activities geared for kindergartners involve creativity and imagination Fine motor art activity! This makes a precious gift for family or friends. and these fun play dough picture cards: You can find ALL of these March activities for prek, preschool, and kindergarten, here. Filed Under: St Patty's Day « Weekly Recap 4

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten. by Joseph Slate and Ashley Wolff. Miss Bindergarten, the world's best kindergarten teacher, is getting ready for another... read more. 9 Total Resources View Text Complexity Discover Like Books. Name Pronunciation with Joseph Slate Hey there! Welcome to Preschool Plan It! I'm Cheryl, a preschool teacher of over 20 years. I KNOW, I know, you spend hours of time developing your preschool themes, activities and preschool lesson plans each week.You are commited to planning preschool themes and activities that are engaging hands-on, interactive, fun AND meet the goal of supporting each child's level of growth and development I love the Montessori hundred board. It's a great activity for any time of the year, but it's especially meaningful around the 100th day of school. Today, I want to share links to free printables that can be used to create activities that extend the hundred board as well as work for the 100th day of school. Because the 100th day of school is typically near the end of January, I'll share.

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Preschool-Kindergarten Objectives. Students will be able to estimate quantities to 100. Students will be able to count to 100 with one-to-one correspondence. Students will be able to demonstrate that ten groups of ten equal 100. Materials Neede This one is of the book, 100th Day Worries. 10. Create a 100 Piggy Bank Craft. So crafts are hard when you're learning from a distance. For this activity, students work to fill their piggy banks with either 100 cents or $100 (you choose which one best aligns with where you are in your curriculum) The 100th day of school is a huge deal in kindergarten! The students have worked hard to learn how to count to 100 and it is now time to celebrate! I have had the pleasure of throwing many 100th day of school celebrations over the years so I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas and treats. Have a surprise waiting on their desks

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Turn a number into sensory art - perfect for the 100th day of school! Go on a hunt for numbers and match it with the same number! Follow a number from start to finish in a maze. Trace numbers, really big! Little Family Fun created a parking lot with numbers. Pop! Find the number and pop it! Find and match playing cards 100th Day Of School Crafts 100 Day Of School Project First Day Of School Activities Pre K Activities 100th Day Project Ideas First Day At School 100 Days Of School Project Jennifer Downing saved to Pre-K Art . Article from ideas and station activities for celebrating the 100th Day of School in Kindergarten How to Prepare for the 100th Day of School by Time 4 Kindergarten. This post is packed full of fun ideas to create a memorable 100th day of school for your students. Yummy snacks, festive crowns, decorative necklaces bring on the fun! 100 Days of School by Mrs. Beatties's Classroom. This super-fun post rounds up some classroom-tested.

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A preschool theme for the 100th day of school with preschool lesson plans, preschool ideas and preschool activities. Full theme at https://www.preschool-plan-it.com. Theme Topics : 100th Day. 100 Head band. Need: Paper, computer, printer. Directions: Using different types on your computer and a word processing program type 100 many times. Print. Make copies of this page. Have the children color in the 100's or around the 100's. Then cut around them. Make a headband out of construction paper, and have the.

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Incorporate a poetry lesson with this short 100th day poem. Spoiler alert: it's not just about the 100th day of school—it also has exactly 100 letters! Science. There are tons of fun STEM challenges that inspire critical thinking for your youngest learners. Many of these activities may be done at home with a little prep time 100th Day of School Printables and Ideas. Enjoy these FREE 100th Day of School Printables and Ideas that are perfect for Kindergarten through 2nd grade!! Your free printables will be available at the end of this post. Meanwhile, there are lots more FREE ideas sprinkled throughout!. No 100th day celebration is complete without dressing like 100 year old people

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The pictures even look good if you print them in black and white on your school copy machine. This is a great 100th Day of School activity, but don't limit yourself to that time of the year. Try it anytime you want to spark the imagination of your students. Looking for more 100th day activities? Check out our 100 Day Unit and/or or 100 Day Task. In this collection, you can find all kinds of unique teaching materials, including 100th day of school posters, ideas for writing activities, themed science experiments and more. When combined with fun accessories like 100th day of school pencils, bracelets and crowns, it becomes a truly exciting event for your students 100th Day of School - Intelli-Tunes. Counting by Fives (Hundredth Day Version) - Stephen Fite. Counting to One Hundred - Mary Flynn. Hundredth Day of School - Stephen Fite. Let's Get Fit (Counting to 100 by 1's) - Jack Hartmann. Zero the Hero Celebrates 100 Days of School - Jack Hartmann. Counting to One Hundred This year, our 100th day was on February 10th. The children were so excited to reach such a fun number. Many of them thought after the 100th day, school would be over. I explained many times that they still had 80 more days to go! We did many fun things throughout the day. Here is a picture of the 100th day crown we made

Planning for a fun 100th Day celebration doesn't have to mean more work for you. I designed this 100th Day of School NO PREP MEGA Bundle that has all of the resources you need to celebrate 100 days in your kindergarten or first grade classroom! Simply print and go! The pages included can be used as individual worksheets or at centers, depending on how well your students work independently 100th Day of School Freebie Printables by Mrs Jones (Nettie Curry) Here some ideas for fun activities. Parenting » Smart strategies » Kindergarten learning games and activities. Get ready for back to school with these free printable daily calendars perfect to use along or in a daily. Advancing to the beginning stages of reading and math

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Preschool Art Activities. Okula hosgeldin fikri. Saved by Betül Yılmaz. 12. Preschool Art Activities First Day Of School Activities First Day School Beginning Of The School Year Class Door Decorations Class Decoration School Gifts Kids Education Classroom Decor This article offers 100th day of school activities in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Just for Fun. There are 50 activities that focus on math, art, and physical activities related to the number 100 Ideally, this craft should be started on the first day of school and add a chain piece to each other each day of school until you reach 100. But, if you haven't started that already you can do this craft on the 100th day of school as well. So, grab the materials needed and let's get started. Check out our other 100th Day of School Crafts These fun first day of school activities for back to school will keep your new students engaged and having a blast. Included are several activities that can be used on the first day of school and beyond. 25 Best 100th Day of School Activities #100thDayofSchool #DayofSchool #kindergarten #PinMagz #SchoolActivities. Preschool Art.

The 100th day of school is a big deal with kindergarten students! This day represents a milestone in their school year - celebrate it with them using our teaching resources on the 100th day of school! We have activities for almost any lesson, write 100 words, practice subtraction with our math worksheets, complete our 100 days of school crafts Tags / Keywords: 100th Day of School, Activities. Found in: 1st Grade • 2nd Grade • 3rd Grade • February • Kindergarten • Language Arts • Visual Arts. Related lessons: Fourteen MORE Activities for the First Days of School! Icebreakers 2000: Getting-to-Know-You Activities for the First Days of School.

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So keep that in mind as you choose a project to celebrate the 100th day of school. If you want to reinforce the skills being taught, aim for projects that group sets of numbers in fives, tens, or other 'friendly' numbers! As the parents of 3 kids, our household has finally outgrown the 100th day of school project. Despite having taught in. End of the school year scavenger hunt from. Sparkles, Smiles and Successful students via TpT. Memory cubes from Kimberly Stephens via TpT Alphabet countdown for the last 26 days of school from Joyful Learning in KC. Snuggle bags from Teacher to the Core {the best way to send work home with a student! Fun interactive printable 100th Day of School coloring pages for kids to color online. Counting by Tens Balloons color page reader. Great mouse practice for toddlers, preschool kids, and elementary students. Counting by Tens Balloons - part of the learn-to-read, read-to-me series of reading games We've created a variety of preschool printables and activities you can use during this final winter month. You'll find resources for Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Dental themes, 100th day of school and so much more! Be sure to check out our 60+ page interactive Fine Motor February Activity Pack for more hands-on. 100 Days of School SVG, 100 Days Brighter SVG, 100 Hearts SVG, 100 Days Brighter Svg, 100th Day of School Svg, Silhouette, Cricut, Cut File. PiperBeeDesigns. 5 out of 5 stars. (436) $3.00

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Happy 100 Days of School SVG, Happy 100 Days Cut File, 100th Day School Shirt Design, Teacher 100 days svg, School svg, Cricut & Silhouette. BunnyBearEtsyStudio. 5 out of 5 stars. (3,316) $2.49 A great list of books to celebrate the 100th day of school. Book descriptions and reviews for preschool and elementary reading. Use this reading list to integrate literature into your lessons for your One Hundred Days of School Unit. Activities and 100th Day Celebration Idea The Kiboomers! 100 days of school! 100th Day of School Song. Lyric video.★Get this song on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/holiday-songs-for-presch.. Later in the day we worked on our 100th Day of School posters. By counting and gathering objects in groups of 10, we made our way up to 100. We used yarn, noodles, buttons, stamps, stickers, finger prints, our name, numbers 1-10, smiles, and my favorite 5 hugs and 5 kisses (XOs)! I went around and gave them all 5 hugs and 5 kisses. They loved it

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Insects {20+ Activities} for Kindergarten. Are you looking for a factual unit to introduce insects in your kindergarten and first grade classroom? Our insect unit is just what you need! Do your students enjoy fun crafts as well as writing about what they learn And now for some freebies! I had a request to make some of my Earth Day math codes more kindergarten friendly which I thought was an awesome idea! You can get all of my Earth Day math codes for free over in my store: I also have a cute little sample from my Earth Day Math Printables just for you lovely blog readers- just click the image below Related lesson plans: Favorite 100th Day Activities Favorite 100th day activities shared at the A to Z Teacher Stuff Forums. By jentch123 I am planning to have the students bring a snack with 100 things in it. Like M&M's, Skittles, cereal, pretzels, etc 100th Day of School! (Writing FREEBIE) Students get so excited about the 100th day of school. I usually have my students bring in 100 useful items after they count them out at home. I request things like wiggly eyes, craft sticks, cotton balls, paper clips, stickers, brown paper bags, beads, and the list can go on and on 5 Activities for the 100th Day of School contributed by Sara (Sunset Park, Brooklyn) I love the 100th day of school! Each year my 1st grade team come up with 5 activities. Each teacher prepares one activity and the students rotate through all 5 activities. They love going to visit the other teacher's classrooms 100th Day of School: Lyric Page Songs For Teaching. 100th Day of School. Song for Celebrating the Hundredth Day of School. Ron Brown. This song is available on Intelli-Tunes' K-1 Math Songs. See more of our School, Hundredth Day of School and Numbers & Counting Song Lyrics. Many thanks to Ron Brown for permission to display these lyrics