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File Tpyes: Social App Messages, SMS, Contacts, Photos, Docs, Video, Notes, Call History. Recover Data from Disabled, Broken, Bricked, Water Damaged, OS Upgrade, Locked iPhone/iPa First, tap Select in the top right of the Photos app. In addition to tapping to choose individual pictures, you can press and drag to select multiple photos at once. Once selected, you can share, delete, or add to an album as you would with a single picture You can select multiple photos on your iPhone at once using the Select command. The Photos app has a Select command on every screen and in every folder, so you can use it anywhere. You can also.. To select all photos without having to tap individually in the photo app, all you need do is a single swipe gesture on your iPhone and all photos of your choice will be selected from your photo app easily. It is just very easy. Do you want to select and delete all Photos on iPhone (iOS 14/13/12)

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Open Photos and choose Select in the top-right corner. Now, just slide your finger left to right across the images of choice, and a blue checkmark will appear on each selected photo. If you want, after sliding sideways to initiate the gesture, you can then slide up or down to continuously select images while scrolling Select multiple files - photos in gallery | iOS 14 iPhone#iOS14 #iPhone11ProMa Here's how to use the Drag & Select Gesture to choose many photos quickly in iOS: Open the Photos app in iOS and go to any album, or the Camera Roll Tap on the Select button Now tap on the image to start, and continue to hold down while dragging elsewhere on screen to another image, lift to stop selecting image

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  1. Directly Select & Delete Multiple iPhone 7 Photos. Step 1. Open Photos app. Go to Photos tab at the bottom of iPhone screen. Step 2. You'll find that your photos are organized by Years > Collections > Moments. You should tap on Moments. Step 3. In the upper right corner, click Select
  2. When viewing a group of images or videos, tap Select. Next, find your starting point, tap on the first image, then slide to select at least one more picture — but don't take your finger off the screen. Without lifting your finger, use your other hand and tap the top of the screen
  3. Under Memories, select the memory that you want to manage. Tap the playing memory to bring up the overlay controls, then tap the circular ellipsis icon in the upper right corner of the screen...
  4. Open Apple's Files app on your iPhone or iPad and head over to any directory. Now, simply tap on any one of the files or folders that are displayed with two fingers. Now, quickly drag down, left or right without taking your fingers off the display to enter the selection menu and easily select multiple files or folders
  5. Create an album. Use albums to organize your photos. In Photos, tap the Albums tab, then tap . Choose to create a New Album or New Shared Album. Name the album, then tap Save. Choose the photos you want to add, then tap Done. To create a shared album, see Share photos with Shared Albums in iCloud
  6. Go directly to 0:33 if you want to skip the fluff...Hi, this is how to quickly select all of your photos on the iPhone.*start at the bottom right and work to..

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Go to the Albums tab. Select Recent to view your entire camera roll. Tap Select in the upper right corner. You can tap individual photos to select photos one at a time You can also select multiple photos in the Photos app and batch edit the date/time and location: Tap the Select button in the top right corner Pick the photos you want Choose the Share button..

Toggle iCloud Photos off if you want to affect only photos on your iPhone. Toggle off Shared Albums and My Photo Stream if you want the Photo app completely empty. Select photos for deletio Many apps, especially those used for messaging or image editing, automatically create albums in the Photos app on iPhone. Even after you delete a particular app, its associated picture album remains. Over time, this may clog up your phone. So it's a good idea to regularly delete photo albums on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 14 or 13 Apple's iOS 14 is full of new features, but some of the best gems are the ones in obscure places. Learn about the best hidden features in iOS 14 and how to use them on your iPhone and iPad To add pictures to widgets iOS 14, download the Widgetsmith app in your App Store. So you can add custom photo widgets to your iPhone home screen, plus you can have multiple custom photo widgets on iOS 14 in different sizes. To apply widget with your custom photos on your home screen, press your home screen in the blank area, then click the plus sign in the upper left of your screen, then.

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How to Favorite Your Photos & Easily Access Them on iPhone Choosing favorite photos on your iPhone similar to tapping a heart on an Instagram photo, but doing so creates a folder of all the photos you've favorited. Here's how to select your favorite images and easily access them later on your iPhone. 1. Open the Photos app. 2. Tap on a photo you want to Favorite; you'll notice a heart. With the initial release of iOS 13, Apple removed an important feature that allowed for deleting multiple items while reviewing all the photos and attachments for a conversation thread

Part 3. Mass Delete Multiple Photos from iPhone on PC at Once. Here are the steps to bulk deleting photos from iPhone on Windows computer. 1. Connect iPhone to PC using USB. 2. Go to My Computer, open it and select Apple iPhone 3. Find Internal Storage and open the DCIM folder, which stores all photos and videos of the iPhone. 4 iOS 14 comes with a revamped image picker for faster searching and selecting when accessing your photos through other apps. Long-press to Hide Alerts In the Messages app, iOS 14 adds a 'Hide Alerts' option to the quick actions menu, accessible when you long-press a pinned or unpinned conversation thread To do this, perform the following steps: Open the Messages app. Select the group message that you'd like to customize the name and photo for. Tap on the recipient photos in the top bar, then tap Info Open photos. Press and hold on the memory that the widget is showing. Select 'show less memories like this'. Keep doing that until you have a memory you like. Download the app call Photo Widget:Simple in the App Store and you can select 10 photos from your camera roll that you want to use as a slideshow

Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos on your iPhone. Switch on the toggle of iCloud Photos. Go to icloud.com, sign in with your Apple ID and passcode, and click on the Photos icon. Select the photo you want to download. If you need to download multiple photos, press and hold on the command key on the keyboard and click those photos Instagram lets you add up to 10 photos for a single post using the Select Multiple feature while choosing photos. This feature has disappeared from the Instagram app on iOS. What earlier seemed to be a deliberate removal of the feature is actually a bug in the iOS app, Instagram clarified Now, from the Style tab, scroll down to the Custom section. Here, you'll see two options: Photo, and Photos in Album. If you want to add a single photo, choose the Photo option. Tap the Selected Photo tab, and from here select the Choose Photo option. Now, browse through your library and select a photo Here's how to select your favorite images and easily access them later on your iPhone. 1. Open the Photos app. 2. Tap on a photo you want to Favorite; you'll notice a heart-shaped symbol located at the bottom. Simply tap the heart to automatically Favorite the image. 3. Tap on the back arrow. 4. Now tap on albums at the bottom of your. My assistant found a work around. Record a 1 second video. Go into your photos and select all your photos and the video send as you used to prior to IOS 14 and they will all go to the email as an attachment. Make it a really short video or it makes the file rather large

Long press a blank space on your Home Screen until you enter Jiggle mode (icons start jiggling). Tap the + button in the top left-hand corner. Scroll until you find the Photos widget. Tap on the Photos Widget. Select which size you want to have on your Home Screen. Tap the Add Widget button at the bottom. Tap Done in the top right-hand. Step 2: Navigate to the photo or video that you want to move to the Photos app. Use the back button at the top-left corner to change folders. Step 3: Touch and hold the photo or video. Select. A few iOS releases back, Apple introduced a Markup editor in the Photos app.The Markup editor can be access in the Photos app on both iPhone and iPad, and it allows you to draw on photos, highlight specific areas with callouts, add text for fun captions, and more.Here's how to get the most out of the Markup editor in the Photos app, without ever having to download a third-party app Photo Grid is a quick and simple way to turn multiple images from your iPhone's Camera Roll into a collage, and then share them quickly and easily. You simply select the images you'd like to use.

Open Photos. Gather the images and videos you wish to be include into an Album (tap Select, tap on all the images and video you want to include, tap on Add To, Tap New Album, Choose a name and Tap. On your iPhone, open Photos. Tap Search in the bottom-right corner. Type in a name or place in the search bar. You can tap See All to go through the results, or Photos will further group you pictures by moments and categories. In the top right, tap Select. Select all of the duplicates you want to delete

To select an item, click on its thumbnail. To select a range of items, select the first item and hold the shift key while clicking the last item of the desired range. To add to your selection, hold the command key while selecting new items. To select all items, use the standard ⌘+A shortcut, or the Edit menu's Select All action How to delete all the photos on your iPhone at once. 1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone. 2. Tap the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen. 3. Tap All Photos in the My Albums group. (This. 3. Also, we can transfer iPhone photos to laptop selectively with Dr.Fone. From the main page of the software, choose the Photos tab. You will see all available photos, from there just select the ones you wish to transfer photos from iPhone to a laptop. After that, click on the Export option,> then Export to PC

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In the iOS Files app, you can arrange your files in different ways—but the app doesn't make it immediately obvious how to do so. Simply drag down somewhere on the screen, and a menu will appear How to set your wallpaper in iOS 14. Open Settings. Tap Wallpaper. Tap Choose a New Wallpaper. Select Dynamic, Stills, or Live. Tap the wallpaper you wish to select. Swipe, pinch, and zoom to set.

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On iOS, not so much, outside of a modest implementation in the iPhone and iPad's Today View, the neglected territory you get to by swiping right from your home or lock screen. In iOS 14. In iOS 14, if you press down the Camera Shutter button for longer than it takes to take a single shot, the software will immediately launch the video camera instead of the photo burst feature, as. Put photos on your home screen using the new iOS 14 widget system. Create as many photo widgets as you like with one or more photos per widget. If you choose more than one photo, it will change photos on a time interval (which can be customized in the settings). Each widget can have separate photos. You can also show photos from a Photos app album

Then you can see Recover Data from iOS Device is selected by default. Choose photos as the target scanning type and click Scan to scan all the pictures within your device. After scanning, all the photos will be listed out, including existed ones and deleted ones. Select the live photos you need and click Recover to get them back. Summary With iOS 14, iPhone users can customise group chats with personal photos or even emojis as the main image. Even within conversations, one will be able to see group members' profile icons more. Also, it can help you upload iPhone photos to another iPhone, or manage your iCloud photos here. Now, let's see how AnyTrans helps you transfer photos from iPhone to Dell laptop. Step 1. Free Download AnyTrans on your Dell laptop and launch it > Connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. Click Device Manager > Choose Photos from category box On your PC, open File Explorer and select Apple iPhone in the sidebar. Double-click Internal Storage > DCIM. You should then find all the photos on your iPhone categorized into monthly folders. Select an image (or multiple images while holding down the Ctrl key), and then right-click and select Copy Gone are the days of the iPhone home screen being limited to a basic grid of square apps and app folders. iOS 14 brings a whole new look and feel to the UI with home screen widgets that can be.

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Open the photo you want to edit, either through the Photos app or the Camera app. Press Edit in the upper right-hand corner.; To turn off the sound but preserve the Live Photo animation, press the. Way 1: Remove All Emails on iOS 14/13 iPhone by Multiple Selection. Although Trash All feature has been removed from your iPhone since you updating to iOS 14/13, it's still possible to delete emails in bulk from your iPhone's mail app, just do the following: Step 1: Launch Mail App on your iPhone. Step 2: Go to the Inbox or Sent or Draft.

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Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap the Chats tab. Click on the conversation that contains photos and videos you want to save. Click the image or video you need, then tap the Share icon at the bottom left of the next screen. Tap the Save option in the pop-up menu 1) Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 12 or newer. 2) Under the Photos tab, hit Select in the upper-right corner. 3) Pick one or more media items you'd like to send to someone. 4) Tap the Share button. 5) Choose Copy iCloud Link in the bottom row of icons. Send a link to a photo instead of the actual media file. A message pops up to inform you that your photos and videos are. How to Delete All Your Photos. Start by firing up the Photos app. On the Albums tab, select the All Photos folder. You'll see a stream of all your photos with the most recent images at the bottom of the screen. In the upper right corner, tap the Select option. Unfortunately, iOS11 doesn't have a Select All option

Delete one or multiple photos from the Photos pane. Launch the Photos app and select Photos in the lower-left corner.; Tap All Photos.Alternately you can tap Years, Months, or Days to isolate a. You can either keep the changed text size to the app only or apply the change to all apps on the iPhone. 14. Bulk Edit Date and Time in Photos. As we mentioned above, one can change the default date and time in a specific photo in the Photos app. You can also select multiple images in the Photos app and select the Share button at the top How to delete multiple photos directly from iPhone or iPad. There are two ways to quickly delete multiple photos at once from your iPhone. The first way has you manually select each and every picture you want to delete. The other way will be described in the next section. 1) Launch the Photos application. 2) Go to the Camera Roll

To edit the details for an existing contact in your iPhone address book: Tap the Phone app to open it and tap the Contacts icon or launch the Contacts app from the home screen. Browse your contacts or enter a name in the search bar at the top of the screen. If you don't see the search bar, pull down from the middle of the screen Now I am going to show you how to share contacts between iPhones. Step 1: Choose Setting > Contacts > Accounts > Add Account. Step 2: Click on Google and enter your Gmail account and password. Choose Next. Turn on Contacts and tap Save. Go back to click Contacts app and all your contacts will be automatically shared to Google account In the past, deleting all (or multiple) photos was not very easy and would take some time to individually tap every photo. Thanks to a special addition to iOS 10, though, deleting a ton of photos.

Select the folders and files. Tap on the three small circles icon on the upper-right side of the app. This will bring up relevant task options for the items. Tap Select items.. The folders and the files in this sub-folder will have selection circles beside them. To select the files and folders you want to move, just tick on them Select the Albums tab, then scroll down to Utilities to find Recently Deleted photos. Once again, hit Select and scroll up to highlight every photo. Tap Delete in the bottom-left corner, then.

Wednesday July 14, 2021 10:06 am PDT by Juli Clover. Apple today seeded the third betas of iOS and iPadOS 15 to developers for testing purposes, with the updates coming two weeks after Apple. Here either you can select the photos that you wish to transfer selectively or select all the images at once. Now, as you want to transfer photos to an iPhone device, connect your iPhone as the Target phone and then click on the box with the export symbol > Select Export to Device. The name of your iOS device should appear Deleting iOS photos is no big challenge if you just need to remove a couple of poor images. However, if you want to delete albums from iPhone or get rid of all photos from your library, Apple might set you a series of challenges. This article demonstrates how to delete albums on iPhone - from Camera Roll or any other place, really.. Choose a place to start

Connect your iOS device via USB to iTunes on a Mac or PC. Authorize the device if prompted. Select the device in iTunes, and then click the Photos item in the Settings navigation bar. Check the. To delete synced photos from your iPhone, simply select them and press the Delete key on your keyboard. TIP: Compatible with the latest iOS, iTunes, and Windows versions; Works with the new Apple format, Click on the Apply changes button to permanently delete multiple photos from Camera Roll Select the most relevant iTunes backup according to the iPhone's name and latest backup date. After selecting a backup, hit the Start Scan button. The program will start extracting iPhone data from iTunes backup and bring them on the interface, classified by file types. Step 3: Recover data and save onto compute Finally from the next screen choose between Selected Photos, All Photos or None. If you choose the Selected Photos option, you will be able to select the certain photos or videos that you want to share with that app. Choose the photos and tap on the Done button to proceed. How To Change Photos An App Has Access to. On iOS 14 or later you can.

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The Photos app lets you select individual items, or select multiple items by sliding your finger across the thumbnails then deleting them. If you're like me and have far too many photos, neither. First, open Photos on your Mac, and then select the images you'd like to remove the Live Photos stuff from. Best. Pictures. EVER. In case you don't know, you can select multiple items by. 5. Open the Photos app and navigate to your photo. 6. Tap Select. 7. Tap the photo you want to convert. 8. Tap the share icon. 9. Tap Copy Photo. 10. Open the Files app and navigate to the folder you created previously. 11. Tap and hold on an empty space and tap Paste Editor's Note: As there is no option on iOS to select all the emails with a single tap, you can use either of the two options to select multiple emails: Folders, Search. Delete Multiple Emails in Folders on iPhone. By default, the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad will have folders like Inbox, Junk, Draft, Sent, Trash, Flagged and more. Also, if you follow the habit of organizing your emails.

9. Select 'Choose Photo' and choose a photo from your photo app. Select choose once you've cropped it to a square. 10. Click 'Add' to add your new icon to your iPhone home screen. It. General iMessage tips and tricks How to edit your name and photo in iMessage. Open the Messages app > Tap on Edit in the top left corner > Select Edit Name and Photo > Tap on 'Edit' under image to. On an iPhone, you can't attach more than one photo simultaneously, but you can send more than one photo in an email. Repeat these steps to attach multiple images. On an iPad running iPadOS 13 or later, you can select multiple images and tap x when you're done When I email photos from my iPhone, I open photos, select the ones I want to send, tap the box with the up arrow, and select email; I then fill in the email addresses I want to send the photos to, add a subject, and it send; I am then prompted to select the size I want the photo(s) to be. Once I tap on a size, the photos are sent. Here is a.