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  1. You can use the Xbox 360 Hard Drive transfer cable to transfer content, including achievements to a new console. This is used for migrating your content from the old xbox to a new one and will be very handy if you're completely moving consoles. Aside from having the transfer cable, you must also have the latest console software on your consoles
  2. It is designed for copying the contents of one HDD to another and it also works with a PC. So, connect the Xbox 360 hard disk case to the transfer cable and plug the USB cable into your PC. FATXplorer should then detect the device to read the Xbox 360 files on Windows. Click to see full answe
  3. Connect the old hard drive to the destination Xbox console using the Xbox 360 hard drive transfer cable. Turn on the system. You will receive a message that asks if you want to transfer data. You need to click Yes to continue
  4. You can use a third-party USB memory stick by plugging it into one of the Xbox 360's USB ports. Though the Xbox 360 can only use a maximum of 32GB and 512MB will be allocated for system use. And..
  5. Follow the steps below to use Transfer Content Wizard to transfer content: 1. Plug the USB flash drive to the Xbox 360 console. 2. On the console, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings. 3. Select Memory. 4. Select the storage device that contains the content you want to copy, move, or delete. 5. Press Y to activate the transfer option. 6
  6. You will need: 1. A 12v Switching Power supply capable of 1A. 2. A power plug that fits said power supply 3. A piece of wire (about 3.5 long) 4. An Xbox data transfer cable 5. A full size SATA hard drive 6. A hot glue gun with a stick of glue ready 7. tin snips or pair of heavy duty scissors 8. A little time 9. (optional) patienc
  7. g corrupt. Since your console isn't seeing it, then your cable is a dud. Don't use unofficial cables. If you're that hard up for money, buy a used cable

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Use a memory card, and transfer the data to that first, then put it in the other 360, and put them there. Thats the easiest one. You can always try and get the data on a pc first, then over to the.. Now, let's see how to transfer Xbox 360 to Xbox One. Step 1. Open the Xbox 360 dashboard and click on Settings at the upper right corner. Step 2. Select the System > Storage from the System Settings window. Step 3. Select the Hard Drive that stores your Xbox 360 games. Step 4. Select Games and Apps from the hard drive

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Overview of Data Transfer from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. Since Microsoft has announced the compatibility for previous-generation games, users are allowed to play Xbox 360 games and use their old save files on Microsoft's newer console, Xbox One (Check Xbox backward compatibility list).To do so, users are required to move games and data from Xbox 360 to Xbox One The 360 hard drive transfer cable is just that, it transfers data from one 360 hard drive to another. At this time the only way to transfer 360 data to an Xbox One is through the cloud so you will need to find a friend that has a 360 that you can borrow to upload your game saves to the cloud So, connect the Xbox 360 hard disk case to the transfer cable and plug the USB cable into your PC. FATXplorer should then detect the device to read the Xbox 360 files on Windows. If you don't want to use the official transfer cable (or similar devices) you can try a DIY solution. However, you need to remove the hard drive from your Xbox 360 first Hey guys! So this video is going to show you how to transfer Xbox 360 Hard Drive Data to another Hard Drive. Make sure you follow my Twitter page for updates..

With the Xbox off, remove the old drive and put the new one in the Xbox. Hook the old drive up via this cable to the Xbox USB port. Turn the Xbox on and it will see this device and prompt you to transfer everything from the old to the new drive. You can pick individual things or just do everything The Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable helps you transfer all your original data from the Xbox 360 hard drive to the next. Apart from transferring HD movies, preloaded games, music, and player profiles, you can also transfer your complete game backup installed on your Xbox hard drive to any other data storage device Transfer Xbox 360 HDD data to Xbox One without cloud I got the red ring of death on my Xbox 360 S meaning I can't save my game data on there to the cloud. I tried using my transfer cable but the Xbox One didn't read the 360 HDD The transfer cable showed up as a usb (no id or text beside it, just a picture of a grey usb). The only way to get it to work was to configure the device as a compatible xbox 360 usb using the Configure Now option. DON'T DO THIS, IT WILL FORMAT YOUR HARD DRIVE LEAVING YOU WITH AN UNDETECTABLE HARD DRIVE

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  1. Just use an external drive, transfer the contents of your Xbox to it (games and stuff, saves if you want to) then plug into your new Xbox and transfer them back. No need for a transfer cable like..
  2. HDD Hard Driver Disk Data Transfer Converter Adapter Cable for Fat Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Slim Xbox 360 E. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 43. $14.50. $14. . 50. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 16. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  3. On the Xbox you want to copy from, press the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide.; Go to Profile & system > Settings > System > Backup & transfer > Network transfer and check the Allow network transfer box.This makes that Xbox visible to other consoles on the same network. Once you've allowed transferring from the host Xbox, turn on the console onto which you'll be.
  4. Use it to transfer saved data and games to keep the gameplay going even as your equipment changes. Attach your Xbox 360 hard drive to a friend's, or simply migrate your data to your new console. The Xbox 360 HDD transfer cable can be used multiple times for convenient data transfer. Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable

Smays Charger Transfer Cable Compatible for Xbox 360 Slim Console - Reuse Old XBOX360 Power Adapter. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 34. $6.95. $6. . 95. Get it as soon as Mon, Mar 22. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon The data transfer kit has a USB plug on one end and a port for plugging in a hard drive on the other. The USB cable plugs into the back of your Xbox 360 and the hard drive port clips into your new. If you picked up a new Gears of War 3 console and are now wondering how to transfer your data from your previous Xbox 360 S? Well, we have a solution for you! We have a new cable (pictured) that will handle Xbox 360 S to Xbox 360 S transfers

Xbox 360 transfer cable as general use USB to SATA cable? Has anyone successfully used the Xbox 360 transfer cable (the one with the SATA interface) to mount a hard drive to your PC? I was hoping this would be as effortless as connecting a thumb drive but it does not appear to be working on my system Another way that seemed to work more often is. 1.) Turn on XBOX. 2.) As Soon as I see the green swoosh, plug in usb part of transfer cable. 3.) Wait as long as possible but plug in the big part to the HDD before XBOX 360 logo disappears. 4.) If it takes a little bit to log-in, it maybe be detecting it (50/50 chance) I then swaped the drives to the spare 20 gig (which had my data backed up on it) and used the transfer cable. When it was done. everything worked i had my old data and xbox 1st gen games worked no problem. The transfer cables are free if you order them from microsoft and a spare 20 gig drive in a case is 20-30 american on ebay usually AC Power Cable. 4.4 SATA Cable—Xbox 360 Power Cable. Xbox 360 has a similar power adapter to the Xbox One. And the adapter connects with a DC power cable that directly plugs into your Xbox 360. You will also find another AC power cable that goes into the power outlet in your wall, supplying electricity to the adapter You would plug in your usb drive to the Xbox 360 and let it format it (make sure its blank or you will lose whats on the drive). Once formatted, you should be able to export/copy/move saved data from the hard drive to the usb drive. Sometimes cert..

How to Transfer Xbox 360 Saves to Xbox One By Michael Andronico 05 November 2015 If you want to keep your old saved data when playing Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, you just need to put it in the cloud In the modern day, we use data transfer cable that makes moving and copying files a snap. The leading type of cable is the USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable. Other cables exist in a variety of formats and have their own history. Transferring data is about speed and reliability. This explains why USB has won out over other transfer technology Xbox I haven't got two Xboxes to test, but they should autoconfigure with link-local addresses (in the 169.254.*.* range) in cases without a dhcp server. Also, most modern Ethernet controllers support Auto MDI-X , meaning special cross-over cables aren't necessary any more How to Connect Usb broadband dongle to Xbox 360. First, connect your desktop computer or laptop to internet with USB broadband dongle. Connect your computer and Xbox with the Ethernet cable. (don't ask me how) Take Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center > Manage Network Connections. Enable sharing on your internet connection (the one you.

Method 2. Transfer files from a computer to Xbox via network/FTP. How to Transfer Files from Computer to Original Xbox Step 1: Connect PC and Xbox with Crossover cable. Step 2: Setting up FTP with DHCP enabled on ROUTER or PC. 1. Open PC/ROUTER. 2. Open Xbox. (Make sure you have your dashboard network settings to STATIC = NO *only evox dash.) 3 Step 4 - Let your Xbox One find your saves. You are pretty much done. Try running your 360 game on your Xbox One. As long as you are logged in to the sale Xbox Live profile it will grab your data. Retailer GAME has confirmed that the Xbox 360 S will include a data transfer kit that can be used to port all your existing game saves and DLC to the new machine

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Xbox 360 sends HDD data to 360 Elite via transfer cable? P The word of an Ars Technica tipster is that Microsoft will be including some sort of transfer cable with its Elite units and. Step 1 Download Xbox 360 Hard Drive Recovery Software. From an authorized site, download Recoverit (IS) for Mac and install it on your Mac computer system. Now, using a micro USB cable, attach Xbox 360 hard drive to the computer and run the downloaded program for recovery. From the main screen of the program that appears in front of you, choose. 1. Plug the USB Flash Drive to the Xbox 360 console. 2. On the console, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings. 3. Select Memory. 4. Select the storage device that contains the content you want to copy, move, or delete. 5. Select the type of content that you want to copy, move, or delete. 6. Select the item that you want to copy, move.

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  1. Old Xbox 360 Hard Drive + Hard Drive Transfer Kit = Portable USB Hard Drive!: So... You've decided to buy the 120GB HDD for your Xbox 360. Now you have an old hard drive that you're probably not going to use anymore, as well as a useless cable. You could sell it or give it away... or put it to good use
  2. In order to transfer your files from your Xbox 360 hard drive to the new one, you will need a transfer cable and console software. Turn off both consoles and remove the drive from your console. Using a transfer cable, connect it to the hard drive and you need to plug the other end of the transfer cable into the USB port on your destination console
  3. The Xbox 360 technical specifications describe the various components of the Xbox 360 video game console. The console features a port on the top when vertical (left side when horizontal) to which a custom-housed hard disk drive unit can be attached in sizes of either 20, 60, 120, 250, 320, 500 GB; and as of April 2015 all 2.5 SATA Hard Drives up to 2 TB, the user can use the format option.
  4. How To: Use Xbox 360 USB flash drive storage How To: Use a USB flash drive for Xbox 360 storage How To: Remove a USB flash drive from your Xbox 360 How To: Transfer Xbox 360 hard drive save data to new Slim 360 How To: Connect a USB hard drive to an Xbox 360
  5. Anyway, prior to having wireless broadband I was using an ethernet cable to connect the 360 to my laptop (laptop ethernet port), the broadband connection being provided by an ADSL modem (Belkin) connected to my latop via USB. With this set up I was using WMP10+WMC to stream music and images
  6. Copy your Xbox One games and save data to the external drive. Go to Settings > System > Storage, then select the external storage device. Select all the data you want to transfer, then press.
  7. Product Title Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable. Average rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on 20 reviews 20 ratings. Current Price $29.69 $ 29. 69. Sold & shipped by.

Plug the USB stick back in the first XBox 360 and transfer the files back. Now you have your game(s), and whatever other data you copied on both XBox 360's. Steps to Move or Copy Games from one XBox 360 to another. The steps for copying and moving games, game data, profiles, etc. from one XBox 360 to another Data Sharing with Games and Apps. If you use an Xbox Live enabled game (or app through your Xbox console), Microsoft may share information with the publisher of that game or app in order to deliver your online experiences, improve the game or app, diagnose problems, provide support, and connect you with other users Figure 7: Xbox 360 HDD connected to computer Figure 7 shows the Xbox 360 HDD (satandard 2.5 SATA HDD) connected to a computer with a normal SATA cable and power cable from the Power Supply Unit (PSU). Once it is connected to the computer, power it back up and boot into Windows

The 360 and Xbox One versions are two separate games, so you'll need to purchase Rocksmith 2014 again. The Real Tone cable and your 360 DLC will all work on the Xbox One version though. To learn how to import your DLC to Xbox One, take a look here: Rocksmith 2014 -- PlayStation 4 & Xbox One FAQ. If you have any other questions, please let us know This has been a really useful gadget to transfer data from an old xbox 360 hard drive to the new consoles which don't support them. The setup was straightforwards and easy to use. The data transfer rate is not the quickest but this is based on consoles that were before USB 3 or and high speed transferring Remove the hard drive from your old Xbox 360 console. 2. Connect the transfer cable to your old hard drive as shown below. 3. Plug the other end of the transfer cable into a USB port on your new console. When both ends of the cable are connected, you are ready to transfer content. 4. Turn on your new console Connect your iPod with your XBox with the USB cable. Transfer the files from the iPod to the XBox XBox helps play AAC format as well as MPEG movies. The iPod must be connected to the portable device section. This will help you share movies, music, pictures and other data and you can even copy the downloaded data to your iPod from the Xbox still in box. brand new. $15. fir

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Set uP Your HeadSet Use your Xbox 360 Headset to chat with friends on Xbox LIVE. Connect Your Headset to Your Controller To connect your headset: Turn down the volume. Plug the headset connector into the controller expansion port. Put on your headset and adjust the microphone position. Page 11: Play Discs CDs If you want to upgrade your Xbox 360 to a larger internal hard drive, you can refer to the following steps. Step 1: Connect the new drive to your Xbox 360 console through an Xbox 360 hard drive transfer cable. Step 2: Use the Transfer Content option to move multiple items between storage devices Other information like Xbox 360's games date is not compatible with Xbox one, so you can not transfer or play your Xbox 360 games on Xbox one. You will only have access to those game's date that being played online like GTA online. So, data transfer between xBox 360 to Xbox one is not possible at all, the only information that matters is. item 7 Microsoft Xbox 360 Hard Drive Data Transfer Cable USB Model 1457 7 -Microsoft Xbox 360 Hard Drive Data Transfer Cable USB Model 1457. $12.00. Free shipping. See all 14. - All listings for this product Network Transfer power How to copy Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X games and apps over a local network Wirelessly transfer any Xbox One games and apps between consoles using the magic.

Step 2: Connect your Xbox 360 controller to your computer. Connect the controller to the USB port of the computer. If you have a wireless Xbox 360 controller, you can connect its wireless receiver. Some people may have to download and install drivers for connecting a wireless controller; if you are one of them, you can read: Use a Wireless Xbox. Hard Drive Transfer Cable for Xbox 360. Xbox 360 (42) Pre-Owned. $4.99 Select Condition For Availability Network Adapter for Xbox 360. Xbox 360 (56) Pre-Owned. $14.99 Select Condition For Availability HD and Analog AV Adapter for Xbox 360 (Assortment) Xbox 360 (15) Pre-Owned. $2.99 Select Condition For Availability.

The Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable was shipped in a plain cardboard box with no Microsoft/Xbox 360 logos anywhere on the exterior which, as anyone that uses a MS and/or Xbox product, is very unusual. Inside the small cardboard box were an instruction booklet, a CD and the data cable. Beyond that, the cable worked very well Even if you're using the exact Xbox Live profile tied to your old 360 Halo Reach Service Record, it isn't possible to transfer any unlocks and/or progress over to the new build Select Transfer Your User and Save Data on both consoles from the right hand side of the screen. Xbox One, Xbox 360 not mention Steam and have by doing that directly acces to all my games (and. Genuine Microsoft Xbox 360 + S Hard Drive Data Transfer Cable - Free Post. $18.49. Was: $23.11. $18.56 shipping. 5 PCS HDD Hard Drive Internal Connect Adapter Adaptor Cable For XBOX360 Phat Fat. $13.38. $2.50 shipping. Only 1 left! White Headset Converter Adapter for Microsoft Xbox 360. $5.99 If you want a lag-free gaming experience on your Xbox One, PS4 or other gaming console, then check these reviews of the best Ethernet cable for Xbox. I have mentioned the reasons to buy a gaming Ethernet cable, list of the most sought networking wires, and a guide on how you can choose the best Ethernet cable

All Xbox controllers released after the debut of Xbox One come with wireless connectivity. However, only some of them have compatible protocols that allow the transfer of data wirelessly. Hence, if you do not have a compatible controller for the wireless connection then you will need to connect it to the console using a micro-USB cable Xbox 360 Arcade to eventually be replaced by $199 new Xbox 360; data transfer cable will be $20. S but on the off-chance your Xbox 360 Hard Drive Data Migration Transfer Kit hit the dumpster. Use two different LAN cables to connect the consoles to the same network. If both devices are connected via a wireless network, you can speed up data transfer by connecting one LAN cable to two consoles. Data Transfer. 1-Connected devices must be switched on and connected to the same network. 2-Log into the same PSN account on both consoles

Official Xbox 360 AV cables cannot be used with the Cooler King as it lacks the AV port usually on the Xbox 360, so players must use third-party Component/Composite cables. This cooler also has VGA support allowing the Xbox 360 to be connected to some monitors and TVs using a VGA cable Plug the transfer cable into the old hard drive and into the USB port on the destination console where the hard drive you want to transfer to is located. Turn on the system (s) and a pop-up message appears asking if you want to transfer data. Choose Yes, transfer to console . Select Start . When the transfer is complete, disconnect the old hard.

You can do software mods to your xbox360 without buying a transfer cable or memory card. In this tutorial you will connect your Xbox 360 HDD to your computer with the SATA connectors that are already on the Xbox 360 HDD. and it is a good idea to have yourself grounded properly so you don't shock/destroy some of the data on the hard disk How to use Game Saves on the Xbox: Ensure you have the Xbox correctly networked to the PC, If you are using a hub or a switch you will need to use a standard RJ45 patch lead, if you connect the Xbox directly to a network interface card in your PC you will need to use an RJ45 crossover cable. Next boot the Xbox up into the EvoX dashboard 1. The 360 supports external hard drives. I have one that's perfect for the task, and would give me about another 30 gigs of space, more than I have now. 2. However, the Xbox 360 Transfer Cable transfers all the data at once. 3 How to format the drive FAT32: Two ways to format the drive: Let the Xbox format it. Attach the drive to the Xbox 360 and format it within settings. Go to Settings>Storage. The drive should show as unformatted. Select the drive and select format - This will erase all data so make sure that all data is backed up. Format using your operating system For more requirement for video playback on Xbox 360/One you can visit Xbox One FAQ and Xbox 360 FAQ. So far I think you will understand why when you wanna transfer some personal HD files in FLV, MTS, VOB, MKV, etc or some MP4 files to Xbox 360/One for watching via USB, the Xbox 360/One not open and read those any more

I've just got myself a 3rd party data transfer cable from ebay and the page said to download the Xport 360 software. I did this from the following... AVForums. Home Forums > Video Gaming Forums > Xbox Forums > Xbox 360 Xport Data Transfer Software for XP. Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by GiffRockInc, Apr 3, 2010. Apr 3, 2010 at 10:38 AM. How to transfer data from XBox 360 to PC. I'm able to view pics and listen to music on my 360 from data that is stored on my PC but how can I reverse this? I want to take demos and trailers that I've downloaded via XBox Live and store them on my PC to save hard disk space. I cannot find any articles on the web about how to do this Microsoft recently announced that users will be able to transfer Xbox 360 saves to Xbox Series X and S as well. And to make things easier for Xbox 360 owners, Microsoft is offering free cloud.

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Copying data via an external storage device. The next transfer method lets you port over your Xbox One games and saves to your Series X all at once. You'll need an external hard drive to do this. For all the Android users around the world, here is a way for you to connect your phone with Xbox 360 and share the internet with Xbox. You can enjoy the access to internet on your Xbox. It is recommended that you have a unlimited data-plan on your Android phone to enjoy the seamless internet browsing Ethernet cables enable high-speed wired Internet connections. Be sure the Ethernet cable that you purchase is a CAT-5, CAT-5e, or Cat-6 and the appropriate length. The cable needs to reach from the back of your console to your network port or router. Many lengths are available, so you should have no trouble finding one that meets your needs Change settings to allow media sharing with your Xbox 360. Click the arrow below the Library tab and open up the More options menu. On the Library tab, click Configure Sharing and allow file sharing for your Xbox 360 console. Click Apply and close the menu

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An official Xbox 360 hard drive is required in order to store the emulation software and saved game data for the Xbox games. Non-Microsoft hard drives will not include the emulation software. If you are buying a hard drive for your Xbox 360, make sure that it is an official hard drive Step 1: Convert ISO to Games on Demand format using Iso2God Now, we will use Iso2God to convert the .ISO to Games on Demand (GOD) format. Run Iso2God.exe and select Add ISO Select the .ISO as the Image Location and create a new folder for the Output Location. The title details will automatically be generated by the program What won't come over in the transfer is password data, unsynched trophy data and any user data that isn't linked to a PSN ID. Xbox One to Xbox One X . If you've upgraded to the Xbox One X. Hook each Xbox into the electrical outlet with a power cord. Then, hook each Xbox to a video cable so that it will play on the TV. You will need a TV and a copy of the video game you want to play for each Xbox you connect. Check on the back of the game jacket to see if the multi-player game supports Xbox system link Connect the Xbox 360 hard drive to the computer using the Xbox 360 data transfer cable. (The cable connects to the PC via USB and to the Xbox 360 hard drive via a proprietary connection.) Open the Start Menu, right-click Computer or My Computer, then click Manage to open Computer Management

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X-Transfer is a content transfer & backup application used for transferring the user's data, such as personal information and multimedia content, from one device to another. Use cases: The App caters use cases such as transferring content to a new device; backing up, restoring and syncing content to a computer for security or archival reasons Okay, I will be covering two separate topics in this article, both of which involve Xbox 360 game saves. For both topics, you will need a Windows (XP or greater) program called Horizon, which can be downloaded from my Xbox page.Before I continue, I am going to assume you know how to transfer game saves between your Xbox 360 and computer using a USB drive, and that said USB drive is already.

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To import save games on the Xbox 360, the game must be played on the hard drive the saved game was completed on, since it is not possible to transfer the file that Mass Effect 2 imports using the Xbox 360's file management tools (although it is possible when transferring the entire contents of the drive using a transfer cable) Preparing to Factory Reset Xbox 360 . Resetting an Xbox 360 to factory settings isn't difficult, but it's a serious process that can't be undone. To reset your Xbox 360, you'll first need to back up your games, profile, themes, and other data to an external drive, then format the Xbox 360's hard drive 2. 1. ChocolateMooose. Destiny 1 Xbox 360 to Xbox One Transfer. I have a friend who recently got Destiny 1 and asked me to join them, i tried to transfer my xbox 360 data to Xbox one and it wont let me. I know its late and not really thought about but now i've tried to do it, its bugged me..


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1. A transfer device to connect the HDD to your computer. This is the best one to use. 2. A brand new Xbox 360 HDD. Your unformatted drive cannot be fixed, so we will need to copy your data to a new one. Can I get my data off of the HDD and transfer it to a new one? Yes! Effective June 30, 2014, a fee is now associated with this type of support While you can transfer a PS3 character to the Xbox One or a Xbox 360 character to PS4, bear in mind that purchased in-game money that hasn't been spent will only transfer within a console family Use a crossover cable, set the IPs as Kevin explained. If you can find a switch or even a hub, use that with 2 normal cables, but still give both a static ip in the same range (e.g. 192.168..1 + 192.168..2 s/m I do have an old switch laying around. My PC is at least 5 years old. I'm still running XP

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If you use your character on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 after you've transfer it to PC, then all progress gained will stay on that console and will not carryover to the PC version. In short. Transfer the data from the memory unit to your PC. Plug the MU into the USB cable that comes with the transfer kit. Open the Xchange 360 software that comes with the transfer kit. Click on the 360 memory card blade, and backup your memory card. Using Xbox 360 Downloadable Content While Offlin

I would do that, but i don't want to have to use a xbox 360 controller (i only have two, the first one's broken, and the second one is gone (plus the feel of an xbox one controller is much better)). I also don't want to have to use the computer, becuase seeing two screens of the same game gets me distracted when I'm on a difficult fight If you play Xbox Live on an installed mobile broadband connection, you may need to monitor your data use closely. Unless you have unlimited 4G LTE, your carrier will throttle your speeds or slap you with overage fees if you exceed your plan's data limit during the month.Luckily, you can see exactly how much data you use playing Xbox One in your console's Network settings Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 will work with external storage of up to 32GB, in the FAT32 file system. For this reason, we would recommend using a USB thumb drive, instead of an external hard drive with. This is a simple step by step guide for people looking to transfer movie, photo or music files onto their PlayStation 3. Find out what formats in terms of pictures, audio and video files are supported by the PS3. You can also follow the simple guide to using USB for watching movies on your PS3 USB 3.0 cable; Quick start guide; Rescue Data Recovery Services; 1 Average game size is 35-50GB. Quantitative usage examples are for illustrative purposes. 2 Game titles available on Game Pass vary slightly per region and are updated monthly. 3 Formatting may be required. Xbox 360 accepts up to 2TB of external storage. Xbox 360 users should.